Message from Valerie Donner - May 31, 2007 
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Dear Ground Crew:


How are all of you doing? All I can say is that things are very challenging right now for many of us. We are in the process of clearing out our closets, letting go of the old, whatever is no longer serving us, and aligning everything in our lives. Wherever we have skeletons in the closet, unfinished business, are working or living in situations where we are not aligned with others, we will find ourselves in the process of change.

Some people are describing this process like “Going through the eye of the needle,” “The feeling like you are getting slammed,” “Like being in the middle of a centrifuge,” and “Feeling out of that old comfort zone.” You may want the comfort zone to come back but it does not appear that we can go back. We are moving forward at breakneck speed with our expansion. Anything that limits this expansion must go. That is why you might also feel like you are living on the edge of slippery precipices.

The elders are calling it the “great cleanse” where the Earth is cleansing, along with us. Then there is the “internal cleansing” and this is where the re-alignment comes with everything that is not our truth is being re-aligned. This can produce powerful challenges as the soul clears and cleans up whatever is overdue and longstanding. This makes sense too because this realignment will make it free and clear for us to be totally in the Light without anything holding us back. It can be a lot of work but it will be well worth it. One of my friends described her situation like a “summer project.” Does this apply to you?

It is all for the good but while you are going through these massive changes, they can be quite stressful. It is important to affirm the positive like: I am not going to embrace fear. I am not going to embrace anxiety. I am not going to get caught up in the illusion. I am embracing balance and enlightenment. I trust God. I am in divine flow. I am transmuting this situation to bring about health, happiness, wholeness and happiness.

I cannot remember ever having such an intense year. Everything seems to be coming at us in such a rapid pace. From one day to the next you may think that things will calm down but they seem to be accelerating. When I asked some of my meditation students how they were doing they seemed to be less impacted than what many others, I know, are feeling. Perhaps it is because we are at the front line. We get to go through things before the rest. Isn’t that what we signed up for as Lightworkers?

Some of this has to do with the planets. Barbara Hand Clow wrote an astrological report on the Taurus New Moon: May 16, 2007. In it she discusses how the lunar cycle in which we are now entering is about transformation and bringing about world peace. She discussed how people could be having major financial and legal issues. It is all coming up for transmutation. Her website is so you might want to read what she has to say. It is all in the stars and who is in charge of the stars, ground crew?

We are clearly in a period of rapid change. It is like we have stepped on the accelerator and we are out of control. How much fun is that? I think it is happening because at the soul level we as great masters are ridding ourselves of the stronghold of the third dimension. As we align with the third dimension we simply walk through the process of it knowing that there is something much more real and satisfying.

Time is continuing to speed up adding to this acceleration. Can you believe that this year is almost half over?

As we bring in the new energies we make room for expansion in our lives and our work. How much longer do you want to be living in limitation? Remember that we are bringing back our true divine selves. As divine begins we are unlimited so that we can rise above any situation. We bring Light to it and illumine the way for others to do the same

All of these energies are helping us to feel at peace with the third dimension. As disdainful as it may seem there is still a reason that we are here in this density. We are here as the change agents to transmute whatever we can and to add Light to whatever we can. We came to gain the understanding from these challenging times so that we will be knowledgeable and compassionate with others. In the long run we will find ourselves much wiser than we could have imagined. We will be the ones who can guide others through their tumultuous times.

It is so interesting how the divine plan is unfolding. There is no turning back. You must simply go with the flow and call forth the greatest good as it is flowing. This divine flow also leads us into powerful manifestations. As we bounce back and forth and play with the higher dimensional energies, we can begin masterfully manifest whatever we want and need. It is simply a time of remembering how to do it.

One of the great blessings is to see the support that is coming to us now. We don’t have to do anything alone. Ask and you shall receive. You will be given support from the Light Realms and from the third dimension. Look at it all as a gift and blessings.

Where are We Going?
by Valerie Donner

Where are we going?

What are we doing?

We are cleaning out the closets.

We are getting things moving.


We are letting go of what won’t last.

We are headed for the New Earth

Where 3d is past.


Where are we going?

Why is it so fast?

What are we doing

Holding on to the past?


The energies say, “Let go,”

“Time to move on.”

“Throw things out.”

“Be done and be gone.”


Bless each change

As rapid as it is.

This life on Earth

Is simply a fizz.


For we are heading

To places unknown,

Exciting new expansions,

To destinations of

Our Heavenly Home.


Why should we think?

That what we know is old and true

Will serve us later

When we are in the new?


We need to let go,

To let go and let God.

Let the new energies help us

So we don’t have to plod.


The old times of struggle

Are out of the way.

It is time for us

 To let love have its stay.

© 2007 The Ground Crew

A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner, May 31, 2007

Greetings I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. We are with you and watch over you and your planet.

There is much that is occurring on the Earth today. If you could see the energies the way that we do you would probably want to join us on one of our ships. The turmoil that we see is something like we have never seen before. It is powerful and can explain why you might be feeling out of sorts at times.

Our entire galaxy is energized and moving. We are all going through extreme shifts but nothing can compare with what is going on with the Earth. On other planets there is unity of purpose. On the Earth each one seems to have their own purpose separate from the others. Those in power are attempting to maintain and to even strengthen their strong hold. They know they are slipping yet they refuse to believe it.

We would like them to know that their time of control is short. They have been told this before but they continue to live in the old ways, which are rapidly ceasing to work the way they did in the past. This is why you see such a rapid desire on their part for chaos, fear and control. Their power is not going to serve them in the direction that the Earth is moving.

We wish that we could tell you that things would be smooth for you, but they won’t. You are in the rapid growth time. The Earth does not have much time left for her survival so that the earth changes and system breakdowns must proceed rapidly. They are on target. You know that life as you have known it is changing. The best advice that we can give you about this fact is to stay connected to the Creator, to yourself and to the Earth.

Keep your heart clear and open. Don’t let the negativity distract you from your purpose and mission. If you are seeking to know more of your purpose it is time that you find it. Your old models of living will be getting re-vamped too so the direct connection with your Creator is most important.

Find new ways of healing yourself and the Earth. Elevate your consciousness about the environment and do something in your own way to make a difference. This is a small step but if everyone were to do something it would help the Earth a great deal.

We have been participating in some inter-galactic interventions that could have brought disaster to your planet. Suffice to say, the Creator is directing these interventions because they would have brought great harm. Some in power seem to think that they can do whatever they want to the Earth and that it will not faze them. They are misguided, misaligned and misdirected.

We want only the best for you and for the Earth. This is our highest intention. We will cooperate with everyone both on and off the planet to assure you that this will be the outcome.

Please know that we are your friends. We stand by with you and for you.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

New Blog for the Ground Crew

Our wonderful webmaster, Linda Baulne, just installed a blog for us. As soon as I can get through each step I will write in the blog. We invite you to do the same. We can put it to good purpose, be interactive with it and stay more closely connected.

I would like to say that for our blog, I created what blog stands for –Beloved Lightworkers On Guard! How do you like that acronym?

Yes, ground crew, we are on guard for where our prayers, love and Light are needed. They are needed more than ever before so please let us know on the blog where our energies can be directed to do the most good for the planet. If you know of global meditations that we can participate in this might be a good place to post it too. Make it work for you and for the ground crew.

Much thanks to Linda for making our site more alive!

In Conclusion


We are all being moved and put through the test. The eye of the needle is narrow and straight. The path of the heart is straight. The path of the Earth is straight. We just stay on our path, go with the flow, let go and trust God that all is on divine purpose so that we will navigate through these times with ease and grace.

There is also an updated picture of me and new information about my work on the site. You might want to check it out.

We look forward to greater communication with you. We send you blessings on your pathway of enlightenment and healing.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, teacher, channel, writer and poet. She works deeply at the heart and soul level with the Masters like Christ, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Djwal Khul, and Kuthumi, along with the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and Rafael. She may be reached at:
P.O. Box 5705,
Walnut Creek, CA 94596,

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