Message from Valerie Donner - July 8, 2007
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Dear Ground Crew:


How are you doing? Are you feeling stressed out? Are things intensifying in your life? Are you finding the third dimension is loosing even more of its appeal? Are you getting bored with the food that you eat? Are you having trouble sleeping? Are many of the people that you know or come into contact with having major things happening in their lives? Do you feel like you have an unstable foot in this world but lack a sense of what is next?


If you answered, “Yes,” to many of these questions you are on the quest for your increased enlightenment. You are on the pathway of ascension. Hold on though, 2012 is still a few years ahead of us. One of my students has a countdown clock. Yesterday he told me that his clock, which is programmed to count down to December 21, 2012, is less that 2000 days away. In fact it is a little over five years away according to my calculator.


As we progress on this countdown there is little that we can count on except rampant change. Our lives on Mother Earth are galloping ahead at breakneck speed. Sometimes it feels as if the horse is out of the running gate and that we are not even on the horse. As we move along and try to stay in the hastened pace we need to keep our eyes on where we are going and not look back. It is too easy to lean back on the past and wish that those old comfortable times that felt so secure, known and safe were still true. However, they are in the past. We need to lean toward the future and stay in the now. Trusting the process will get us where we want to go but it still remains a mystery.


What can you count on when everything known and certain seems to be falling away?


  • You and count on yourself.
  • You can count on your Creator.
  • You can count on your God Self.
  • You can count on the Light
  • You can count on the Light Realms.
  • You can count on the Lightworkers.
  • You can count on your Earth.
  • You can count on your Divine Guidance.
  • You can count on the Divine Mystery.
  • You can count on the Higher Dimensions.
  • You can count on your increased consciousness.
  • If you have one, you can count on your spiritual practice.
  • If you don’t have one you can bet that you need to create one.
  • You can count on all of the assistance from all of Creation to take you into the next dimension.
  • You can count on being flexible and fluid.
  • You can count on your ability to manifest.
  • You can count on prayers and meditation.
  • You can count on your Divine Protection.
  • You can count on your own magnificence.
  • You can count on Divine Flow.
  • You can count on your ability to make the right choices for you based on your Divine Truth.
  • You can count on increasing more of your divine gifts and abilities.
  • You can count on finding what is truly important to you and in making these things your priorities.
  • You can count on the unlimited instead of the limited.
  • You can count on increased assistance from those on the Earth for the guidance that you need to see you through.


Wow! There is more to this list than what I just described. I think we need to make a list of count-on’s as we track the countdowns. So the message is “Don’t let the count downs get you down; focus on the count-on’s, let go and JUST DO IT!” Do what you can count on and with this expansion you will reach the desired destination of 2012 with the most ease and grace.


Yesterday was the 7-7-7. It was a powerful energy day and also the Live Earth Concerts that played in major cities and were televised for the whole world. We had lots of assistance here in the San Francisco bay area from the winds. They helped clear the old energies and spread the love and Light that many of us Lightworkers brought forth in group meditations and visions. It is clearly time to find our soul’s resonance and to bring it into peace and love. It is time for us to keep our eyes on the prize—our beautiful New Earth.


New Energies
by Valerie Donner

New energies of love

New energies of peace,

Were anchored on the 7-7-7

For the Earth to please.


It is time of the Light

The releasing of the hold,

As the darkness fades

We will create a new mold.


Much focus of Live Earth,

Much brighter Light,

Were transmitted fully

With pure delight.


As the music played

The heartstrings were touched.

People are thinking more

About our Earth’s needs so much.


We are a family.

We are all one.

What is the Highest Good for all

Needs to be considered and done.


Let’s change the old program.

Let’s pull all stops.

Let’s get with each other.

Let’s make the Earth tops.


Remember the importance

Of love and Light.

With this in progress

Our future is bright.

© 2007 The Ground Crew

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New Teleconference Classes!


I see the importance of Lightworker gatherings now. Whether it is in person or through the Internet, we can expand our Light in exponential ways by coming together in our divine focus. This is why I am now offering Teleconference Classes for The Ground Crew. For many years that I have been doing this work, I have talked with numerous other Lightworkers from around the world who feel so alone in their work. They live in places where their way of thinking and being is unacceptable. They have to walk hidden in the ranks and hold the Light in whatever way they can. If any of you want to talk with other Lightworkers and join my upcoming classes I welcome you. The first three classes are:


“How to Work With the Angels,” Wednesday, July 18 from 5:00–6:30PM Pacific Time. This is a popular class where you can learn more about the Angels, how to feel their energy, and where you may receive a personal message from the Angels.

(I will channel the angelic messages but you may receive them on your own too.)


“How to Work With the Masters,” Wednesday, July 25 from 5:00-6:30PM Pacific Time. In this experiential class you will learn about the Masters, how to feel their different energies and I will channel some messages from them. Some of the Masters are Mother Mary, St. Germain, Djwal Khul, Kuthumi, and Sanat Kumara. Perhaps you will be sharing the messages that you receive too.


“Preparing for the New Earth,” Wednesday, August 15 from 5:00-6:30 PM. This is a new class that I am teaching just for you. It will include information and tools that you can use on your pathway of ascension. This will be another interactive class.


Each class is $30 and you can pay through a credit card or by PayPal through this website.
Please see the “Valerie’s Classes” section on our website.


New Blog for the Ground Crew

If you haven't checked out our new Blog then Please Do So! Find us on Facebook!

A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner, July 8, 2007

Greetings. I am Mira. I am speaking with you today about the opening of a planetary gateway that will allow us greater communication with you. It is a necessary opening to allow participation with the other Earth Councils that are overseeing the unfolding events upon your planet. This gateway is one that has been closed for a long time. It was not until the right point of access, which occurred on your time of 7-7-7 that it was permitted to be opened. This time in your calendar was a powerful one that triggered the energetic opening.


We appreciate all of the Light work that was done on this date. Your work facilitated this gateway of communication and healing. Much healing was accomplished with the work that you did. It opens the way for improved technology to come through and because the vibrations of the planet expanded to the point of opening we are now able to give you much more.


Many of you have come to the point of your incarnation on the Earth that you are making new choices for your purpose and destiny. Some of you are so dulled by the third dimensional ways that you have felt discouraged. We want to acknowledge these feelings yet we also want you put them aside as much as possible. Please understand the importance of your work. Simply by what you facilitated yesterday you helped change the course. You do not realize how powerful you are. The more that you do the more that we can do. There is much that is waiting in the wings for our continual improvement of the earthly condition.


We in the Pleiadian High Council have been ready to amplify the accelerated energies with you. We have had obstacles in the way but want to assure you that much has been cleared as a result of what you have done. You are at the forefront of change with more to come. That is why we acknowledge and honor you. Without you our work would be more challenging. It is a team effort from all of the Realms of Light and is a co-creation with all of life.


The Earth also wants to thank you for your energy and for the opening that was created yesterday. She is in a more relaxed place. She is freer to breathe and all of your work was like being a midwife in her birthing process. Take a breath for your selves.


In our Council meetings we see that times of trouble are speeding up for Earth. There will be many changes that some will not like. We know that humans are resistant to change but know that we will be with you in the process. It is best to keep breathing in union with the Earth and to continue your Light work with each other. Please understand that these changes are necessary for the continuation of the planet and for the energetic shifts that must occur. The old ways are not serving most life on the Earth.


There will be a calling for many of you who work with the Light to make unanticipated moves. This could be from where you now work, live or it could be in relationships. You are needed energetically in certain places. Trust the inner guidance that you receive and know that this openness and flexibility are an important part of the future of the Earth.


There is always more that I would like to tell you but at this writing we simply want you to know that are successful and needed to the divine plan. Keep yourselves positive and know that your brothers and sisters of the space family are with you and supporting you in all ways.


I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

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New Books


We have a new book called “Courageous Souls, Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?  by Robert Schwartz. In this amazing book you will see how 10 people planned their pre-birth challenges before birth. This was determined by working with four gifted mediums and channels that tuned into pre-birth planning sessions in which souls discuss their plans for upcoming life times.


We will also be having a new book from Louise Jones, author of the Telos books. It is called “The Seven Sacred Flames,” and is a 280 page hardbound book, all in color with 16 beautiful graphics. The cost is $39 plus shipping and California tax if you live in California.
Louise also has two new booklets: “The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortality” and “Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames,” both for $7 plus shipping. We will have them in our shopping cart soon.
The shipping cost for the 3 books shipped Priority Mail is the $5 flat rate in the U.S. otherwise the cost is $3 for the Media Mail. Foreign rates are at minimum of $10 each.

In Conclusion


We are moving forward with the Realms of Light for the ascension process and the creation of our New Earth. Even though we are being asked to go through a lot of personal transformation and change, we have all of the support that we need both here and in the Higher Realms. It is time for us to realize who we are and more of our divine purpose. We can do it.    We are the ground crew.


It is my intention that through our new ground crew blog (Check it out.) and through my new teleconference classes that we may create greater connections with each other. It is time.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, teacher, channel, writer and poet. She works deeply at the heart and soul level with the Masters like Christ, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Djwal Khul, and Kuthumi, along with the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and Rafael. She may be reached at:
P.O. Box 5705,
Walnut Creek, CA 94596,

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