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Dear Ground Crew:


How are you enjoying the latest energies on the planet? I find them interesting, sometimes challenging and exciting all at once. Have any of you felt a little “off” the past couple of days? I wonder if we were picking up on the energies of the collapsed bridge accident in Minneapolis, Minnesota? It also feels like a dreamy time, almost as if we are in another dimension. Have you had any more noticeable dreams or even more dreams than usual? It can feel like your feet are on unstable ground and that what used to be predictable is no longer. It requires us to be flexible, creative and resourceful. If we can’t count on things to be the way they always have been what can we count on?


We can anticipate constant change. We can count on our selves and our Creator. Faith that our Creator is in charge will get us through the challenging times. Our resourcefulness and imagination will carry us into the beautiful new energies. We can count on increasing truths being revealed on a planetary basis. We can count on revelations and expansion of opportunities.



20th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence


A couple of days ago I realized that we are approaching the 20th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, which is August 16-17. I even found a journal I had saved that was dedicated to the Harmonic Convergence. It is called “EroSpirit.” It was published in June 1987, in which Jose Arguelles, anthropologist and a decoder of the Mayan calendar, called for the 144,000 rainbow humans to come together on August 16-17, 1987. It reads as follows:


"144,000 humans were called upon to create a complete field of trust by surrendering themselves to the planet and to the higher galactic intelligences which guide and monitor the planet. At that time the higher galactic intelligences will be transmitting a collective planetary vision as well as messages of personal destiny to and through these people, the rainbow humans."


"These dates, August 16, 17, 1987, represent a window of galactic synchronization. The testing and release of atomic radiation into the atmosphere on July 16, 1945 set off a signal, which drew the immediate attention of the higher galactic intelligences. The manifestation since that time of the higher galactic intelligences, which humans refer to as UFO's, has never been officially acknowledged in a positive public manner by the governments of the Earth. These messages of the higher galactic intelligences have been benign and compassionate, yet the dominant governments have chosen to use this information as a further instrument of fear. All that the higher galactic intelligences have wished for humans to learn on a planetary scale is this: the only way to break the cycle of fear and destruction to which they have made themselves hostage is by creating a complete planetary field of trust. The only acknowledgement the higher galactic intelligences wish from the humans is the creation of a complete planetary field of trust."


“The optimum time for the creation of this complete planetary alignment is August 16-17, 1987. The minimum number required to create this field of trust and be with each other in conscious acknowledgement of their common act of surrender to the Earth is the 144,000. By their coming together, wherever they may be, beginning at the dawn of August 16, 1987, these 144,000 will establish a receptacle of galactic transmission. This will create a signal more powerful than the atomic signal at Los Alamos in 1945. In response, the higher galactic intelligences will stream communications in high frequency beams to and through these 144,000 rainbow humans, catalyzing the mental field of the planet. The integrity maintained by these 144,000 humans over the two day period will be felt by virtually every other human being on the planet in one way or another. Everyone will know, and depending on their own mental and spiritual development, will respond accordingly."


"The opportunity represented by these dates, August 16-17, is unprecedented. The vision of the Earth will be collective and common once again. Peace will come."


According to the “Erospirit” journal, the dates August 16-17, 1987, were long prophesized as a critical turning point for the planet. The Hopi and other Indians prophesized that on August 17, 1987, “144,000 Sun Dance Enlightened Teachers will totally awaken in their dream-mind bodies . . . and the rainbow lights will be seen all around the world, and the Rainbow Lights will awaken the rest of humanity.” The Aztec calendar ended on August 17, 1987, and according to the ancient Maya, the dates August 16-17, 1987 are “precise calibrations points in a harmonic scale that marked the moment, which the process of global civilization climaxes,” says anthropologist José Arguelles. He dubbed the event the Harmonic Convergence.


The other night some of us were talking about how we participated in the Harmonic Convergence. I remember that some people went to the Unity Church to meditate at 4:00AM. The best I could do was to awaken then and meditate in my bed. I felt powerful energies coming in as I participated. This was a time before the Internet yet many Lightworkers were called to awaken and change their purpose and destiny. After that my life completely changed. I got divorced, and in a few years quit the corporate world, and for the last 15 years have been only doing what has heart, passion, meaning and interest for me. 


Think about how many things have changed on our planet in the last 20 years. We have no more BerlinWall. We became friends with Russia. We are computerized and cell-phonized. We are outsourcing and downsizing. We are a global society. We are speeding up in time.   Humanity’s consciousness has awakened somewhat since then even though we have not reached the desired critical mass. You can make your list of changes. The list is huge when you stop to think about it.



20 Years
by Valerie Donner

In 20 years what have you done?

Have you taken up Spirit?

Have you become one?

Have you drifted and shifted,

Shouted and yelled,

That our planet must change

Or we will go to ----?


In 20 years what have you done?

Are you following your path?

Or have you gone on the run?

Are you focused on 3D or

Are you in the Light?

Are you doing your work?

To help make things right?


In 20 years what have you done?

Have you faced your challenges?

Do you gaze at the sun?

Have you created a vision?

For what you want done?


In 20 years what has converged?

Is it your body, mind and soul

That have merged?

Do you pray and meditate,

Send love and Light,

To the forces of darkness

That rule with fright.


In 20 years what have you done?

Are you in harmony?

Do you have more fun?

Have you taken up a cause

Or run out of steam

In co-creating our galactic dream?


In 20 years where are you now?

Are you full of knowledge?

And raising your brow?

Are you positive or negative?

Or in between?

Are you one who is to be seen?


In 20 years a lot has changed.

Are you amazed

Or do you feel deranged?

Let it go.

Be one in the Light

For in the next 20 years

We will get it right.

© 2007 The Ground Crew


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A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner, August 2, 2007

Greetings, I am Mira. I come to you today with what you call “ wearing rose colored glasses” for I see your planet with a rosy hue. I come with love from the Pleiades for you and the Earth. Even though things may appear to the contrary we are optimistic about your planet. We have good reason for our optimism. There are events transpiring on the Earth that show progress. What you see and hear for the most part is controlled news. We get the complete picture and there is much that is positive so we thought we would tell you.


First, we are pleased that humans are beginning to recognize that the Earth is in jeopardy due to what is called “global warming.” What it is in actuality is earth changes but whatever it is called it is getting peoples’ attention. There is pressure for people to be more respectful of the Earth and her resources. The wake up call is being heard. We have been waiting for this to happen for a very long time since we could see the direction that the Earth was taking. We monitor it closely.


There are certain governments on your planet that are beginning to reveal the presence of extraterrestrial life. They are beginning to rebuff those who have insisted this knowledge be kept from the people. We have been around since the beginning. Our DNA is within yours. We observe with interst how the other governments are addressing this issue. They are beginning to lose control of this important information.


We love the Earth and lend a hand wherever it is needed. Our technology is being used already to help clean up the earth including the nuclear disaster from the recent earthquake that occurred in Japan. It is most important that all of the resources available are used to improve this harmful situation. We are doing this with other space brothers and sisters. I am sorry to say this unfortunate event was unavoidable but it is a catalyst to curtail the expansion of the use of this type of energy.


There are some enlightened beings that are now moving into some of the governments of the world. More will come. You will begin to see some progress in the areas of human dignity and resources in certain countries. Greater balance and distribution of resources is on the horizon.


The telltale signs of corruption and deceit are creeping out into your media with regularity. These are warning signs to those who also participate in this behavior that all is becoming known and their days of such practices are numbered.


The population of certain countries is beginning to become more empowered. As the polarities swing open you will begin to see people taking their power back and speaking up for what they want. Many countries will have shifts with their politicians and new leaders who want to represent the people will step into place.


The American health care system is being exposed. This information will become increasingly significant for the people. They are beginning to awaken to the truths about the systems that are not serving the people.


We are optimistic about the future of the Earth. She is gladly moving toward her fully conscious ascended state. She is pleased that humanity is awakening for she has long endured their lack of regard. She wants to be free from war and negativity. That is why you will see the continual release of these energies in the form of earth changes. She regrets the loss of life that ensues but appreciates all those souls who have chosen to participate in these departures as they are serving the great awakening.


Every step that you take as bringers of the Light is appreciated by the whole planetary system, the Creator and the universe. You are working hard toward our long mutually desired end of the destruction and chaos of the Earth. You are the bringers of love on the planet. Your Light has sustained the Earth and is what we use too to make the right connections energetically that are necessary for our work. It is a co-creative experience.


You have been anchoring in the possibility of ascension for the planet for many years. You commitment to this cause is unstoppable even though we know that you get tired and discouraged at times. You are our steadfast workers of the Light.


There are many positive advancements in the right direction. We want to steer you into the awareness that what you are being asked to focus upon is intended to discourage you and hold you back. When this happens simply remember that the Light will not fail. That the Earth will make her ascension and so will you.


We love and appreciate all of you so much. You stand in the ranks of creation as top notch. When you look to the skies at night search out our ships. We will send you signals of flashing lights and energy to let you know that we are around you. You are not alone in this endeavor. Look to the Seven Sisters (the Pleiades) as your home away from home. Know that love for you is there and that your family is cheering you on.


We are fully engaged in this process along with you. We love and cherish you. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

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New Books & New Ways to Support this Web site


Ground crew, I need to speak a truth to you. I have been sharing with you on this website for nearly 10 years. I have not asked for contributions from you for a long time. I simply contribute to you as part of my work. However, I would appreciate your support of my work should you choose to have a session or take a class. I now am offering teleconference classes to continue to share with you energies and information that will help you along your path. I know that many of you are isolated and cannot avail yourselves of these types of classes so I offer them to you now. All you have to do is call and we can learn and share together. I am also open to different times that you might need for a class and topics that you would be interested in learning about.


I also have some new books on our shopping cart that you might like. My friend Louise Jones has a new book out that I love. It is called “The Seven Sacred Flames.” It is hardbound, with beautiful pictures of the Masters. It is loaded with information from the Masters about ascension. It is a high vibration book. It provides you with many steps that will assist you with your ascension and enlightenment. She also has two companion booklets “Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames,” and “The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortality.” I think you would enjoy them greatly.


Please check into the Robert Schwartz’ book called “Courageous Souls.” This is a fine book that discusses soul contracts that we make prior to our incarnations. It explains a lot about why we do certain things in our lifetimes. We come to experience and learn.


It always helps to hear from you and if you feel so inclined I would appreciate financial contributions. Writing and working without appreciation or acknowledgment is not the way that angels work—they need appreciation. 


I appreciate all of you. Thanks to those of you who do write to me. You are a great group of Lightworkers.


In Conclusion


We are on our ascension course. Things are moving quickly. We are progressing with every breath we take and every new thought we make. We have come a long way in the last 20 years. In the next 20 years we will have our New Earth and all of the blessings that go along with what we have created.

Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner



Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, teacher, channel, writer and poet. She works deeply at the heart and soul level with the Masters like Christ, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Djwal Khul, and Kuthumi, along with the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and Rafael. She may be reached at:
P.O. Box 5705,
Walnut Creek, CA 94596,

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