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Dear Ground Crew:


Let’s see, you are feeling the energies, last week during the full moon many of you were challenged with not being able to sleep, dark emotions to clear, general malaise, inability to accomplish things, etc. and you feel like the planet is a strange place? Could any of this apply to you?


The planet seems to be getting stranger and stranger. Just look around you. Does it appear to you that you are in some place on another world? This is the feeling I had today as I looked around the city where I live. “Who are all of these people and where did they come from?” I asked myself. What am I doing here? Am I supposed to be some place else?


Perhaps we are supposed to be in a higher dimension by now. Maybe we are long over due for our’s and the Earth’s ascension. Are we working overtime now to bring forth the shift? Are you finding your self getting wearier and wearier of the 3D games?


As time continues to speed up and we integrate the fourth dimensional energies into our physical bodies, it could become even stranger here. Maybe we are truly strangers in a strange land on an important mission. This is when we need to reach out for help from our friends—those in the Light Realms who are ever so close—and our space brothers and sisters. All are waiting to serve.


Have you noticed that you are going through monumental changes in your life? I have been grieving the old. Earlier this year I left the place where I had my office for eight years. For most of those years it was a wonderful place to serve. I helped many people. When I left I was in grief for the old. I still find those feelings come up sometimes. We are leaving our old world behind and it does not feel like it is a strong footing yet for the next world.


While processing my feelings about this grief I read an article written by Joan Borysenko, a medical scientist, psychologist and author of a new book with her husband, Gordon Dveirin. The book is called “Saying Yes to Change; Essential Wisdom for Your Journey.”

The article points out there three stages of transformation: stage one is separation, which is where the journey begins when we are separated from what was; stage two is dwelling at the threshold, surrendering to the unknown, and is where we are at the threshold of new potential; stage three is the return, transformation and rebirth, where we die to the false self with its fears, attachments, and need to control. This is where staying faithful to the certainty that we live in a spiritually meaningful reality and are called by change to authentic trust and surrender.


When going through change it is easy to want to hang onto what was familiar in the past. When that is no longer a reality we can experience many different thoughts and emotions. Sometimes it can be so intense that you can feel overwhelmed. Then it gets back to your thoughts again. We need to learn how important these thoughts are in terms of our manifestations. In the book “The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the far East,” Volume 5,by Baird Spalding, they discuss the importance of calling up the divinity within you, asking it to come forth and be the dominating factor in your life, and by saying:

I now have let go and now put out of my life all adverse thoughts. I am grateful that Divinity is fully established throughout my being. It is imperative to keep these thoughts constantly in mind.


It seems to me if we can hold these thoughts we will remember our mastery. This could give us the strong foothold we need to proceed courageously through the many changes that are occurring in our lives and on the planet.


One thing is for certain; nothing is the way that it was. We probably would not want it to be, either; it is simply that we do not like change. This is the paradox. We have been waiting and waiting for these transformative times, but we want them to not change our lives too much. We want life to improve on the planet but we don’t want to be inconvenienced in anyway. Right?


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by Valerie Donner


As we step our toes

Into the ocean of change,

It feels like water is rushing

And safety is out of range.


Our ground is moving.

Our skies are not clear.

Our minds get all foggy

With doubt and fear.


We need a hand to hold onto.

We need security in a pack.

Herd us together.

Support our backs.


Change is uncertain.

We can become unglued.

Forget the familiar.

We have not got a clue.


Our minds run like sieves

Through the cross current thoughts.

Our comfort zones are stretched.

Peace can’t be bought.


As we are shaken loose

From one end to the other.

Can’t we just go home

Back to our father and mother?


Well, yes you can go home.

You can pack up your gear.

Your Father Mother God is waiting

To hold you dear.



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A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council

Through Valerie Donner

October 2, 2007




I am Mira. Here we are in your skies, close to your hearts. You are also close to our hearts otherwise I would not be interested in communicating with you. You are the ones who listen and care. You are the ones who look to the sky perhaps waiting for a sign of us. Have you noticed that we are closer than ever?


We have clusters of ships located in strategic locations around the Earth. Some are stationed at “hot spots”. These are places where the planet is in serious need of our assistance. Sometimes she puts out distress calls and we answer them. Some of you put out distress calls too and we answer them. You might do this by sending prayers and energy to certain places. Most of you now are calling for changes.


If you find yourself in a “hot spot” you can cool them down with some Pleiadian Light. We are happy to provide it. If you look in your skies you may also see use strobing you with various colors of Light and moving around in your skies. We cannot get too close nor can we take you on our ships but many of you visit us in the dream state. We are getting to know you this way and you are getting to know us better.


We are in preparation for the days when our coming and going with become common place. In the higher dimensions it is an every day fact. Some of you will travel to various places with us. We will show you sites unseen on the Earth.


You are progressing beautifully in anticipation of the Earth’s ascension. As you remain focused you will be content to know that we are nearby.


You are now in a clean up time on all levels on the planet and in your lives. Sometimes you appear like little ants scurrying around to fulfill your many duties. You don’t like being disturbed either. Have you noticed how you might be feeling jumpy when you have to stop what you are doing? This is because you know that you must press forward with your business to accomplish what is at hand.


This fact can alter the way that you live your lives. You are questioning life in the deepest sense of it. What was important to you could be feeling dull. Maybe your most important charge is simply to manage through the day so that you can return to sleep and rest from the commotion.


Right now the Earth is in a significant state of flux. The energies are too chaotic to remain stable or to predict. They are changing with every breath. This is also why you must remain alert and on guard to any predicaments that could arise. You will have to respond quickly and wisely. You will need to remain well connected to the inner resources and outer resources to guide you through the turbulence.


Some of the forces of darkness on the Earth are contributing to the destabilization process. They function as catalysts for upheaval, which you of course, are working to reverse. This also explains why some of you find it strange because the energies of change have their own natural place and when they are combined with interfering agencies then it requires substantial efforts to realign.


Remember that everything is seeking to find balance right now. The dark, the Light, the neutral, the Earth, and all of you are feeling this need. Your bodies and the Earth’s bodies are of the same. You are experiencing each other’s growth, pain, change, cleansing, loss, upgrading, and improvements. You cannot have one without the other.


Are we a team? Yes, we are a team. Are you being supported? Of course, you have the utmost support. Are you excited about the new that is occurring? Are you trusting that all is in the hands of Prime source? Staying affirmative is the key to maneuvering through these changing times. We are one with you and the Earth.


I am Mira from the Pleiadian High council.

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Just Wondering


Are any of you having trouble getting your e-mails to go through or in receiving certain e-mails? Since I had to buy a new computer in March with the Vista operating system, I continue to have challenges getting certain e-mails. Many of mine have had to do with business situations. Recently a man who wanted a session with me was guided to call me because he sent me an e-mail and had not heard back. I checked everywhere and never received the e-mail. So please, if you need to get in touch with me and do not hear back, please give me a call at: 925-287-8976. You can also mail me the old way at: P.O. Box 5705, Walnut Creek, CA 94596-5705.


I am also interested in any suggestions some of you technically competent people have about how this problem might alleviated.



Classes and Teleconferences Classes

It is still my intention to create teleconference classes for the ground crew. Since meditation is so important and healing, I want to start doing ground crew meditations. I have been meditating twice a day for over 30 years and have taught hundreds of meditation classes. I need to know if there is interest in this class and what would be the best time for it. Would 7:00PM Pacific Time work for most of you? I am in California so you can adjust for your time accordingly. If you are interested I will set a date and time. This is also another way that we can connect with each other. Please let me know.


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In Conclusion


We are on an accelerated path of change. Although it is uncomfortable at times, it is what we have intended. We are ready, willing and eager to participate. Right, ground crew?

We clearly do not live in a vacuum. We are part of a magnificent team that is the most qualified ever of any team to assist with a planet’s ascension.


Right now things feel like they are out of control and they are. Yet, if we stay focused on where we are going we will use our expertise to make it.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner



Valerie Donner is the founder of the ground crew website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, channel, teacher, speaker and writer. She works with the Masters and many of the Archangels, and other healers to provide profound healings at the soul level. You may read more information about her work on this site in the Valerie Donner Section. She is available for phone sessions or personal sessions for those in the San Francisco bay area.
P.O. Box 5705,
Walnut Creek, CA 94596,

Correction from September 7, 2007 Update


In my last update I mentioned having read on the Internet about the Earth’s axis shifting 26%. I received several responses from readers about this who said it is untrue. I know that the axis shifted after the tsunami in Indonesia due to the power of the earthquake that triggered the tsunami, so I am simply stand corrected if the percentage reported in the last update is untrue.

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Cool Book Reminders


Please check out our little web store at the front of our website for the wonderful books that we offer to you. Maurice Osborn, who prepared, “The Essence of the Notes,” A summary of notes written by Eduard “Billy” Meier of his contacts with extraterrestrial human beings, based on translations from German published by Wendelle Stevens, did us a great service with this book. I am learning amazing information that I would never have known about the Plejarens, our history of religions and the Earth’s history, different races of ET’s, Atlantis, science and technology, etc. It is hard to put down once you start reading it.


We have the Matthew Ward books, written by his mother Suzanne Ward, and Louise Jones’ books about Telos, the city underneath Mt. Shasta that is left over from Lemuria. Her new book on the Seven Sacred Flames is beautiful and a high vibration to help shift your consciousness.


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