Message from Valerie Donner - December 11, 2007
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"What are the Signs? " by Valerie Donner
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Dear Ground Crew:

We are living during most exciting and wondrous times! Every time I see or hear about the Holmes Comet I get chills all over my body. Do you know that this comet is the equivalent to the Star of Bethlehem? As I shared in my last update, this comet, which I believe is now at least five times the size of our sun, portends the Second Coming of the Christ!

Just think what this means to our planet. Think about how much our Creator loves us to give us this sign. It is my understanding that Christ, will appear all over the planet in ways in which every culture can recognize him. He is multi-dimensional and can do this so we don’t have to figure it all out.

The other Masters like Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, St. Germain, Kuthumi, etc. are coming along with him. The Apostles will be coming too and some may be here all ready. For all we know they may be walking among us.

The Holmes Comet is one of seven signs lighting the way of the Second Coming and our ascension. Too bad the media is not telling people about this fact. They would rather have us caught up in continual fear and consumption. I want you to know about what this means because some Lightworkers are only looking at the downside of life now on the planet. Some are discouraged and can’t see the beautiful signs of change upon us. What are some of the other changes that we are experiencing right now?

  • The speeding up of time. If this has not been the fastest year in your life please let me know.
  • For some of us the gradual disinterest in 3D and in massive consumption for holidays like Christmas.
  • The changes in one’s desire for certain foods.
  • The powerful energies that pour through our bodies in meditation.
  • Clear and lucid dreams.
  • The coming of full circle events in our lives presenting opportunities for closure from the past. This means we are being tested on whether or not we got our lessons.
  • Deep need for self-reflection and contemplation.
  • The inner discovery is more important than the outer discovery.
  • Expanded and renewed gifts and abilities.
  • Breakthroughs in your life, meaning that you might be finally "getting it."
  • Many people around you who are choosing to leave the planet.
  • The most powerful feelings of love for our selves, our families and friends and for the Earth.
  • Increased synchronicity.
  • The coming together of loved ones from past lives.
  • Expanded intuition and knowingness.
  • The gathering of community of like-minded people.
  • A greater sense of purpose.
  • The use of the Light for healing the planet and people.
  • Increased telepathy with plants and animals (Have any of you heard your cat or dog make a few comments lately?)
  • A greater awareness of the beauty of the Earth.
  • A deepening sense of the oneness of life.
  • A prevailing interest in peace.
  • Increased need for sleep.
  • The breakdown of systems like the financial systems, organizations and businesses that are not in integrity, or that are greedy and uncaring about the effects they make on their employees, customers, or the Earth.
  • The ability to see through the lies and untruths that politicians or others present.
  • You “know” that things are off.
  • Boredom with violence anywhere.
  • Gifted children.
  • New technology and forms of alternative healing.
  • A lot of moving to new locations and personal changes in peoples’ lives.
  • Instant manifesting abilities.
  • The rapid return from our thoughts.
  • The need to be increasingly positive.
  • Laughter and joy.

As I write this list I am finding myself becoming increasingly positive. I know for certain that we are in the midst of gigantic change. There are numerous signs that we are moving toward our new age and our new Earth.



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What are the signs?

by Valerie Donner


What are the signs?
What do we care?
If our Earth is transforming
Through mid air?

What do we care?
If the old fades away.
It has served until now
But won’t today.

The waves of change
Are crashing to the ground.
A stable footing
Is not to be found.

The White Star in the East
Is getting so bright.
Some will be afraid
And run in fright.

How could you receive
Such manifold love,
When the Creator presents
The Light from above?

Why fear the changes
That we face right now?
If the old is not serving
We deserve some thing better and how.

If there are cracks in the Earth,
Or flames in the sky
As our hearts open up
We will begin to fly.

Our tears will flow
Into streams and rivers.
There will be oceans of love
For each precious giver.

These are some
Of the signs of change.
Hold them dear.
They are in your range.

For this is the time
Of love not fear.
The truth is taking over.
That is real clear.

Go with the flow.
Bask in the Light.
Get rid of what is over.
Help the Earth be bright.

© 2007 The Ground Crew



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A Message From Mother Mary

Through Valerie Donner

December 11, 2007

Greetings, I am Mary. I come to you to bring my love and peace. We in the Light Realms are releasing so much love and protection to you right now. We are with you constantly. We are as close to you as your breathing. We live in you, in your hearts and in your souls. We gather you and protect you with our angels. You are our flocks, our keepers of the Light.

We want you to know that the currents of change are running swiftly. You will see many new changes in the next few years. You will be at the forefront of change. You will be the ones that others will look to for strength and healing. You will be the harbingers of peace and courage. You will be in the know for we will see that this is so.

You are living in times of the grandest metamorphosis ever created. You are transforming into your true nature. You will begin to see how beautiful and gifted you are. You are swimming in a sea of change.

With every heartbeat you and the Earth are becoming in more sync. You are made for these times. You will find your hearts opening beyond your current abilities. Your hearts are actually encoded to be awakening now. You will have the biggest explosions in your hearts as you parallel the explosions within and upon the Earth.

If you consider your hearts the key to the kingdom, we are telling you that the kingdom is going to become yours. What does is matter if you have all of the material possessions of the Earth and have yet to open your heart?

You will want to open your heart. You will want to be in touch with what is going in there. This is the manger that we spoke about 2,000 years ago. The heart is the manger where the Christ within lies. You are becoming the Christed Ones who are carrying the loving energies that were set in place when my son Jeshua walked the Earth.

When you look to the Light in the East let your reconnection to Christ and the Family of Light be your beacon to the goodness that is unfolding. Let the teachings and the principles of love be your pathway.

For too long you have been living in separation and duality. You believed the lies and untruths. Now you are seeing through the darkness and becoming clear. It is your destiny to guide and enlighten those who have been living in the shadows.

Many rewards will be coming to those of the Light. You have earned these rewards. They are yours because your time is now. It is the time of the Light for you to have everything. You have had many obstacles to your desires. Most of you have had challenging lives. Whatever has burdened you, beloveds, I ask that you give them to me so that I can purify your hearts and make them whole again.

In this process of purification you will find your transcendence. You will become free. You will find that your lives will flow with ease and grace. Your hearts will become one with all of us.

As my children, I ask you to love the children of the Earth as my son and I have loved the children of the Earth. Release yourself from judgments and embrace the hearts of the many. We showed you how to do this 2,000 years ago. You can do as we did and this is what we need of you.

You are on your pathway home. Delight in the duties that you will be assigned. It is why you are part of the Family of Light and why you are here now.

I am Mother Mary. I love you.


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I am still elated with the Lightworker Water Experiment that we did for ten days last month after the San Francisco Bay oil spill. Thank you all so much for sending your healing and cleansing energy. It worked! I am sure this is only the beginning of projects that we can do together to be of service to the Earth.

Many of my clients and I continue to realize wonderful results from using our Water Wands. Due to the fact that the Water Wand reduces the molecular structure of the water into a single molecule, the body becomes more hydrated (see The Market Place on this web site.). I notice improved digestion (My tongue feels smoother.), hydrated skin (Creams stick to the skin’s surface and take longer to absorb because the skin is so hydrated), some wrinkles on my face look like they are lessening, less trips to the bathroom, and more relaxed sleep because of increased blood oxygen (The lungs don’t have to work as hard due to increased blood oxygen.)

One of my clients bought six of the wands because he “thinks they’re the best thing in the world.” He can feel the change in the atomic structure of the water. It doesn’t matter if you can feel or taste the change of the water because it is still hydrating the body.

In Conclusion


We are living during the best of times. These are the times for which we have been waiting. This is the return of the Light.

As you Light your candles this year during the Holiday Season, please let them have special meaning to you. Know they represent the Light within you, in your heart. Let your heart be filled with love.

Focus on the love and Light. Let the importance of the material possessions take second place to the love and Light that are within.

The other day I came up with this saying: “Who I am is not what I have. What I have is who I AM.” Our I AM presence is our beingness and our connection to the heart of our Creator. This is what we take with us when we leave our incarnations. Our possessions will be in the past. Our future is the I AM.

Have a most blessed, loving and well lit Holiday Season.

Valerie Donner



Valerie Donner is the founder of the ground crew web site. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, channel, teacher, speaker and writer. She works with the Masters and many of the Archangels, and other healers to provide profound healings at the soul level. You may read more information about her work on this site in the Valerie Donner Section. She is available for phone sessions or personal sessions for those in the San Francisco bay area.
P.O. Box 5705,
Walnut Creek, CA 94596,


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