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Dear Ground Crew:

It is already the 10th of January 2008 and so how are you doing? Did it seem like 2007 flew by and that even this first ten days of January is only a blink of the eye? Did you feel resistance to getting into the “Holiday Spirit” of consumerism and craziness? Did it feel to you that perhaps that old way of celebrating is becoming passé? Can you feel the building energies for a simpler way of celebrating?

According to numerology this is a one-year meaning there will be new beginnings. What is it that you want to create anew?

This year will bring forth some amazing changes on all levels. In the U.S. we have elections and this time people have many choices. It is a rollicking good time for the candidates with each one needing to respond with every passing new vote or lack thereof. Who will win? How about making changes in your personal life?

Some of you may know that I cut the corporate umbilical cord about 15 years ago. I spent 20 years in allopathic medicine as a hospital administrator and health care consultant. I had what I call cumulative corporate wounding to the soul. I understand the challenges that one must undertake in order to find one’s purpose and destiny. I could never reconcile how I could do what I love and make money for it.  It took me a lot of work and re-programming to be self-employed for these 15 years. I had to face many fears especially regarding finances. I now only can do what has heart, passion, interest and meaning. I can’t do anything just for money. It becomes a distraction.

With the changing economic environment I believe it will open up opportunities for people to find more of their true purpose if they are willing to face their fears. After all of these years I know that the Creator is my source. When I am aligned with my purpose all is provided. This is the way it was intended to be. We are supposed to live like the rest of life in divine flow. Source is the only security that we have.

One of the biggest travesties on the planet is that most people are not doing what they came here to do. They are doing things just for money. Granted, we need to meet our financial responsibilities, yet as Lightworkers we also have divine purpose that we agreed to do.

Last night I channeled Jason, the Ascended Master of Finance. I want to share some of what was said because it might help you. He was discussing the economy and all of the widespread fear that is being conveyed in the media. What I am writing is from the class interaction.


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A Channeled Message From Jason, The Ascended Master of Finance

Through Valerie Donner

January 9, 2008

. . . Are you thinking in the box? Are you in the box? Or are you not quite in the box? ‘You have to be totally trusting to get out of the box.’

You have all been inculcated from the time you were in the crib to think in the box.
How do you think you got out of the box? ‘Your soul feels like it is being pinched.’ ‘The soul tells you.’ ‘The soul wants to be free.’ ‘The soul says put me in a place where I can be me.’ Beautiful.

‘I can’t not follow my hearts biddings now.’ ‘I have to be free. It hurts too much to be in this confined situation. Anything less is unacceptable.’

So the more that you step out of the box what do you have time to do?

To live, be, think, feel, and observe what is going on around you with people in the box. To observe the programming, to slow down enough to what you feel and what you think, find out new things, read new books, meet new people who are out of the box. To explore, to have enough time to tune into Spirit, to meditate, to ponder yourself, to ponder life, to look at the big picture, to do the inner work to embrace the fears and clear them out. To bring in love. It can be a time of the ah hahs—by saying, “Now I see how this works.” “I see how this is run.” “I see people who are learning to make choices for themselves.” You have time to expand your horizons, to get a little weird. ‘You find there is beauty in the simplicity of life. You get simple, even if it is going about your daily life just feeding the plants, being with the living things, getting closer to the Earth.’ You can go out and look at the sky instead of keeping your nose in front of you. You can slow down a bit.

By taking time to listen to your own guidance and thinking for yourself gets you out of the box. Everyone here is doing that. Being more soul connected, connected to your Creator, reading channeled information of higher messages that our Creator wants us to know about. We are talking about higher finances, higher vibrational frequency finances. There is a lot to be said for thinking out of the box. Knowing that you don’t have to go along with the crowd, watching the same television programs, not letting someone else create your reality for you, jumping on all of the latest trends are ways you can stray from the box . . .

You don’t have follow the trends. Do you think that you have been different all along? Have you always gone along with the crowd?

Parental and societal imprinting is how you get into the box. From the get go most Lightworkers were never really in the box even if you thought you fit in. You never felt like you really belonged on the planet. You have all done your best to fit in. You are not the misfits—but the outfits. In the corporate world you get brainwashed with certain schools of thinking, certain ways that you think things should be with so many rules that you have to follow. Much of your autonomy is taken away from you. When you are out of the box you have your own schedule. You are told you need all of those benefits to compensate for the lack of freedom that you have in the corporate world.

What are the real bells and whistle of being out of the box?

‘Doing what I came here to do.’ ‘I am helping to anchor in the world that is coming in and it is an absolute joy and privilege to be doing it.’ When you speak words like these you can shatter the boxes around you . . . you can be a shatterbox not a chatterbox.

So you see that finances embrace all of these matters. Do you still think it is all crunching numbers?

You don’t have to go around in society and say that you are out of the box. They already know it because you are different.

As the constructs with which you have been so confined in the box begin to crumble, the box starts breaking down. People start peeking over the edge of the box. They might ask you how you are doing so well with all of these changes? Why are you so loving and happy? Why do you have such a big smile on your face? Why aren’t you calling every hour about your clients wondering where they are? Why do you have that big smirk on your face? They’ll start wanting what you have, which is your soul. It is all about your soul.

Because this whole focus on money has created a prison for the soul. How can you tell when your soul is shutting down? ‘Stress, anxiety, fatigue, feeling imprisoned, taking pills, depression, very painful life, a lot of difficulties, are some of the signs.’ Most people don’t think they can survive without the corporation because the corporation has programmed themselves into your consciousness. People think they must have that corporation in order to survive.

Higher finances are soul connected. The organization or corporation does not own your soul. You own your soul through your direct connection with the Creator and through your direct expression of your soul. Stepping out of the box is about re-educating your self about what it is that you really came here to do. 

How does one shut down one’s soul? How does it happen? ‘Over work, over fatigue, imbalance, not enough time with family and friends, too much work, poor nutrition, not enough time to eat well, no exercise, fear, being all consumed with work 24/7, stress, drinking alcohol or doing other drugs, identification with the title, money and organization—a gilded cage at work that holds you in.’ Shutting down the soul means you are totally focused on work—workaholism, very easy and rewarded by society, taught not to listen to self, handing away your power to others to make all of the decisions; they tell you how you are supposed to live, loss of boundaries, loss of sense of self, self esteem, being traumatized and terrorized, trauma and abuse in the corporate world, the same kinds of things that many people grow up with at home.

There is a process of reclaiming your self. Take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you now to do this if necessary. You are Lightworkers. You carry the Light and cannot let fear stop you from your work.

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Reclaim Your Self

by Valerie Donner


Reclaim your self.
Do it now.
Don’t let your fears
Stop you from finding out how.

Think of who you are
And what you came to do.
Are you right on track?
Or do you need to make changes too?

Is your soul happy and free?
Are you dancing with joy?
Or are you all stressed out
Because of your employ?

Find your self
By looking within.
Prayer and meditation
Are a way to begin.

Get out your pens.
Write a lot.
Create a new theme
For your earthly plot.

Why are you here?
Not just to take up space.
You are here
To find your place.

Listen to your heart.
Is it speaking to you?
Are you walking Lightly
In your pair of shoes?

If you will do
These simple things
You will be reclaiming your self
Before 2009 rings.

© 2008 The Ground Crew



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A Request for Prayers 

A wonderful ground crew member in New York City, volunteers at the United Nations. Recently she made me aware of a report from the Tibetan Women’s Association. The report was called “Implementation of General Assembly Resolution 60/252 of 15 march 2006 entitled ‘Human Rights Council.’” The web site is

According to the report there is a grave situation with Tibetan women who are discriminated against by China due to their race and gender. Young girls and even married women are being taken out of Tibet and placed in situations where they are forced into prostitution in Lhasa.  They are being imprisoned and are subjected to gender-specific crimes, including reproductive rights violations, etc.

Since we are a powerful group, I ask for your prayers for these women. Please see healing for this situation so that all becomes balanced, aligned and made whole as our Creator intended it to be.


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Aside from having lots of rain and water in all forms here in California, many of us continue to have wonderful results with our Water Wands. My skin continues to improve, elimination is great, (Hydration helps clear out toxins from the joints, tissues, liver and colon.) and wrinkles look as if they are still lessening. Goodie, goodie.

One of my students has been on a weight loss program for several months, and she noticed that her weight loss accelerated with the use of the Water Wand. Another client who used to have frequent urination is much improved. We are experiencing good things for our bodies.

Lori, another ground crew member e-mailed me the following:

“Dear Valerie:

Thank you so much for your info and updates/messages. I enjoy them. I am so glad you talked up the water wand in your November message. As I read what you had to say about it I knew I had to have one before I even finished reading the first sentence.

I just received it and it is THE BEST THING EVER almost. I ordered it for my sister to
give as a Christmas present. I JUST LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Thank you for your love, healing, and messages and now for a great product that is an answer to something I have been searching for some time.”

If you are interested in a Water Wand please go to Market Place on our web site and read about it.


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In Conclusion

As ground crew, we can take the high road when it comes to life’s situations. We can focus on higher finances and in seeing the divine plan working out perfectly for all involved. As we rise above fear and the mass consciousness programming we will reclaim our selves and our pathways and purpose. Isn’t this what we came here to do?

The old patterns and systems are breaking down in favor of the new. Let us welcome in 2008 as a year of great improvements for all of life on the planet. Hold the goodness in your heart and let’s fly!

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

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Valerie Donner is the founder of the ground crew web site. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, channel, teacher, speaker and writer. She works with the Masters and many of the Archangels, and other healers to provide profound healings at the soul level. You may read more information about her work on this site in the Valerie Donner Section. She is available for phone sessions or personal sessions for those in the San Francisco bay area.
P.O. Box 5705,
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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