Message from Valerie Donner - January 30, 2008
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"The Breath of God" by Valerie Donner
A Message from Mira Jan. 30 | Water
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Dear Ground Crew:

How are these current energies affecting you? It feels like the quiet before the storm to me. I don’t think it is all attributable to Mercury in Retrograde (started January 26). Mars just went direct which means more will get done but this creates a push pull with Mercury retrograde. There is a solar eclipse on February 6 and a Lunar eclipse on February 20. This should shake a few things up. These astrological events play into some of what we are feeling and so does the collective consciousness.

Some of my friends are losing elderly parents.  A few of my clients are forced to clearly face issues with their jobs like having to move on in an empowered way. I have also noticed in the past month that some people who are imbalanced are challenged with the energies. This has put some of them in precarious situations. There seems to be a battle for the soul that especially forces those of us who are sensitive Lightworkers to make new choices. The soul is crying out for expression. Truth is the order of the day.

If you are feeling stuck in the mud a bit, wondering which way to turn, frustrated, with the overall feeling of needing new direction, perhaps the answer is to take some inner direction. The inner direction is always available to us. If you don’t meditate perhaps that would be a good start (If you need to learn how you can order my Welcome in the Light beginning meditation CD.). If you already meditate you might need to do it more often. When Mercury goes retrograde it is a good time to get organized. Communication with the outside world can slow down and make way for the divine communication. You might be one who journals (highly recommended these days), or use cards like the Tarot, or angel cards, the I Ching, no matter what it is that you do to get answers this is the time to listen.

On the 25th of January, I went an Annual Astrological Forecast given by a local astrologer named Georgia Stathis. What I learned from this is that Pluto just entered Capricorn on the 25th and will remain there for 15 years until 2024 (except for a short backpedaling from June to November 28 when it goes back to Capricorn). Georgia said that “we will have lots of new attitudes, thoughts and changes like details, balance sheets, cost analysis, healthier foods, cleaner environments, fuel efficient cars, smaller families new gender roles, etc”. “It means that for the last 13 years of world expansion and global trade we will begin doing our own thing in the U.S.  Like the last time Pluto entered Capricorn during the American Revolution . . . 2008 will be a topsy turvey year as people get a little uncomfortable with the current state of affairs. . . We in the U.S. will no longer just buy for buying sake. We will pay more for quality goods and set aside the cheap and poorly manufactured items. The next 16 years is about returning to a place of self-respect and honor as well as empowerment for all of the people in the U.S. . ."

We have a lot of attention on the U.S. Presidential race. I hope that no matter whom you prefer for your candidate that you will send your love, Light and blessings. Hold the Light for the highest good for all. See how much positive energy you can send to your preferences. We are the ones who are here to make change. It is time for our empowerment.

My friend Da Vid, MD, has a ballot measure for San Francisco to convert Alcatraz Island, a place of pain and suffering, into a ‘Jewel of Light’. He got the vision 30 years ago that this island that housed the most hard-core criminals could become a Global Peace Center. The vote is for the City of San Francisco to support and facilitate the acquisition of Alcatraz Island for the express purpose of transforming Alcatraz Island into “The Global Peace Center. According to Da Vid, Alcatraz is left over from Lemuria and is a galactic portal. This island is sacred to the Native American People and is under jurisdiction of the Federal Department of the interior. You can go to see the beautiful architectural design that would include a harmonium with sound, light and color, art, music, a healing pyramid, and a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. The vote will be next Tuesday, February 5.

What is your vision for your life and that of the Earth? Are we all waving the flag of ascension? This is our mission, ground crew. We are here to usher in the new Earth and the new age of enlightenment. What are the next steps that you can take to bring your vision into manifestation?

I recently had a couple of astounding experiences with the Light. I believe that our Lightwork and connection with the multidimensional realms is opening up wider and in exciting ways. In my channeling class with Mira we are beginning to have some new experiences, which I am pleased to be facilitating. Some of us walked outside after the last channeling and saw two ships fly over us interdimensionally. I also had an interesting experience when I was taking one of my students in the Gateway of Healing. The two of us were probably  in meditation for 30 to 40 minutes (It’s easy to lose track of time when you are in a gateway.). My client had a double lung transplant about three years ago. While in the gateway someone to my right that I could not see breathed very deeply. After the meditation, I shared my experience with her and she said that the same thing happened to her on her right side. We wondered if it was her donor. I also wondered if it was the breath of God.



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The Breath of God

by Valerie Donner


How could it be
That the breath of God
Is here for us to see?
Could it be here for us to feel?
Could it be here for us to hear?
Could it be here for us to heal?
Do we remember when we last heard that breath?
Was it when we separated from all the rest?
Was it when our souls divided
And took flight
Into these human bodies
So that we could experience life?
In physical form
We inherited breath.
This most natural process
Came from the best.
It is from the Divine
That breath was implanted.
It is the thing we take most for granted.
If our breath comes from God,
The Creator of all,
Isn’t it time
That we make the call.
Call it “Home” or whatever you like,
Just let the Creator know
That you are grateful
For the breath of life.
Don’t take your breath for granted
Or the Creator either.
For if you forget one or the other
You will begin to wither.
Yet if you remember the breath
And merge with Source
Your Light energy
Will be uplifted, of course.
Your vibration will rise,
Your step will be Lighter.
Then everyone’s ascension
Will be brighter.

© 2008 The Ground Crew


A Channeled Message From Mira, Of the Pleiadian High Council

Through Valerie Donner

January 30, 2008

Greetings, I am Mira. I am pleased to be speaking with you today. It is an honor to communicate with this group who call themselves the ground crew. Yes, you are strategic to our operation. We work together with you on many different levels to assist the Earth in this process of ascension.

The Earth is in a precarious position at the moment. This situation can only progress with your assistance, love and Light. There is much energy that is flowing together at once which can create an imbalance. This means that the imbalance can be felt within all life forms. Sometimes the only remedy is to breathe and that is what we suggest you do. It is a way that we work with the Earth too in the in and out breaths as she struggles to find balance while at the center of the chaos.

This is a time of ridding the Earth of the old negative energies, which will eventually be replaced as Light filaments. This is the best analogy that we can provide. The infiltration of the Light into the dark smoldering embers will purify and transmute the stronghold of the dark. This is a natural process something like changing a light bulb. It has to take place in order for the Earth to survive.

We have technological capabilities to build upon the Light that is flooding life on the Earth now. Some might be finding the Light delightful and others might find it discomforting. This depends upon one’s connection to the Higher Realms and the soul’s readiness to change.

As you can see there is quite a struggle within the world governments. Many are in upheveal, as you can see. We stand by to assist if situations get too out of control, as some are apt to become. You might consider this a time when masses of people are choosing whether or not remain on the Earth. There is much preparation that has been made in the Light Realms for a large influx of new arrivals that will be coming. You see, many have completed their earthly lessons. They gave their lifetime of struggle its best run and are now feeling free to take it easier on the other side. They will observe you with awe as they view your Light and accomplishments. They will wonder why they did not see you more clearly while in their embodiments.

For those who are remaining on the Earth there will be delightful surprises. Many of you who work for the Light can’t wait to see us and to come on board our ships. You are in great anticipation about working with us (all of your space family not just Pleiadians). You are in for some fun times because what will be occurring has been long promised. Humanity needs to know they are not alone. Soon your governments will not be able to cover up our presence. They will have some explaining to do.

There are many details that have to take place before we can come en mass to greet you. The way has to be opened first to acknowledge our presence. You already are aware of this fact. Little by little our connection will be known. Those in power will have to step aside for us. They will need our assistance. At first it might appear like frenzy but this will not be the case. They will want you to be afraid and deny our existence. It is they way the planet has been run for far too long now. Decisions have been made that have not been for the well being of most life on the Earth and this need to be changed. These old powers have denied your existence and have tried to prevent you from having many of your God-given rights.

This is the time when this will be rectified. You will have your day. You will find your connection with us to be enjoyable and gratifying. We will feel the same. Only those who are of the Light will be working the most closely with us at the onset. Then you will be the ones who will help enlighten the masses. Are you ready for the job?

Your planet is currently surrounded with a huge fleet of space ships from many different star systems. Our operation with the Earth is of the utmost importance for, as you know the Earth is the lynchpin for the solar system and galaxy. Your well-being is integral to the balance of life far beyond the Earth. Do you begin to understand how important your Light work is to this process? That is why we communicate with you this way through various channels as well as in the skies.

If you would only look to the skies you will see accelerated activity. Much is abuzz with the shifting of power and energies right now. A balance is what is desired.

Please feel free to join in our attempts at communicating with you in the night skies. We are there and enjoy our connections with those who can feel and see our energy.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.




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We are still having massive amounts of rain here in California and the San Francisco Bay Area. Today in the San Francisco Chronicle, it said cleanup workers in the San Mateo County coastline returned yesterday to pick up oil and tar that reappeared on beaches following the latest round of storms . . . Many beaches were closed to visitors because of pollution from oil and sewage runoff from the storms. There was some speculation that the oil came from the November 7, 2007 accident in the San Francisco Bay. This is the situation that we all worked to clear before and it worked. Therefore, I am asking you to please go deeper this time and see all of the sticky oil and tar in our waters that has been coming up again be cleared and transmuted back into the Light. Let’s do this for another 10 days until February 10.

The Water Wands are still doing a great job in hydrating the body and improving blood oxygen. All you have to do is put the Water Wand into water for 20 seconds. I like to stir mine. I find that I am breathing easier while I sleep and wake up feeling more rested. This helps too when I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

You can use the Water Wand in liquids up to 270 degrees. I put mine in my green drink that I make every day. It helps the body to absorb this good nutrition. One of my clients used her wand in her “Top Ramen” and she said it made it taste better. You can try it in your wine, tea, coffee or whatever you drink and see how it improves the taste. Just keep using it and you will see continual improvements in your health. For more information you can go to the Market Place on our website (

If you are interested in a Water Wand please go to Market Place on our web site and read about it.


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In Conclusion

Life is full with many gifts and much beauty. All that we need to experience our ascension is being given to us. New visions are coming forth for all of us to participate in uplifting the Earth and ourselves. Our spiritual gifts and abilities are being enhanced. The Light Realms are closer than ever. We as ground crew are perched in our positions waiting for our expanded roles in this ascension process.

If we use our tools like prayer, meditation, health enhancing supplements, water, music, art, nature, positive thoughts along with the assistance that we are being given, we will reach our goals. This is our destiny. We are the ground crew here to assist the Earth with her ascension.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

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Valerie Donner is the founder of the ground crew web site. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, channel, teacher, speaker and writer. She works with the Masters and many of the Archangels, and other healers to provide profound healings at the soul level. You may read more information about her work on this site in the Valerie Donner Section. She is available for phone sessions or personal sessions for those in the San Francisco bay area.
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