Message from Valerie Donner - April 3, 2008
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Dear Ground Crew:

How are you doing in these wild and expanding times? The energies these past few days are wild. Have any of you noticed anger coming up from you or directed towards you?

Have you felt a little “off”? Do you feel any sadness or depression? It feels like those who are not doing their spiritual work are at the mercy of these times. You might find them impatient or short tempered. You might wonder where it is coming from. Is it about you or about them? Is there something that you might need to review within your self?

We cannot get away with much these days. The mirrors are big and whatever needs resolution is there in front of you. This is happening on all levels. It is important to stay in integrity with your words, thoughts and deeds. Things are so open and transparent now that it is simple to read between the lines. You seem to “know” what is truth. It is indisputable.

Last night the beloved Master Djwal Khul spoke with us in my Monthly Meeting With the Masters Class. We felt his strength and his love. He talked about the importance of being silent. He said that the energies now are much like “The Beauty and the Beast.” He suggested we pay attention to our thoughts and the opportunity to be of service. He told us “A lot of strange things are going to be happening.”. . . “Let nature speak to you. It is restoring balance,” he said.

Things are moving quickly on all levels. Our spiritual journeys are stepped up and we are part of the Light brigade. Have you noticed the many miracles favoring the Light that are occurring daily? If you rise above the media hype and see the goodness around you the Light will be even more apparent.

For some of you who are participating in Oprah’s class on “The New Earth” with Eckhart Tolle, you might see a miracle. At least 2 million people from all around the world are tuning into this free Internet class. It concerns consciousness and awakening. The class and book can add to your spiritual growth. Never before has anything for the enlightenment of humanity been presented to the masses on such a wide scale over the Internet. If this is not part of the Divine Plan I don’t know what is. It is amazing to watch and listen to the questions people are asking about their own lives and religions. In my opinion this material is making people think.

We need to focus on these wondrous efforts on the part of those who are bringing awareness and healing to many. Eckhart talks about focusing “contributing to and enriching the lives of untold numbers of people.” This brings to mind the important fact that we as Lightworkers (I believe that Oprah and Eckart fit in this category.) are doing this even in our own small way. If we heal issues within ourselves we are not doing it just for ourselves but exponentially we are affecting many others with similar issues. We are healing our past, present and future generations in our family lineage. This is why we came here. We are here now to participate in the upliftment of humanity and the Earth. This is part of our service as Lightworkers.

Look at our political race in the U.S. We have Barack Obama who is a frontrunner in Democratic nomination for President. He is giving people hope and seems to be different from the normal candidates espousing the same old platforms. It has also been reported that people are receiving healings from Barack’s touch.  If anything, he is providing a unifying affect for many in the U.S. as well as globally. We need to have leadership that is uplifting and inspiring. Barack even gave a speech on racisim that is bound to stand out in history.

Wherever you look the secrets are being revealed. The injustices are getting big press. Change is happening that is life altering. People are beginning to realize that maybe what they thought their lives were about might not be what they are really about. I recently had a client who was in the high tech industry. He was laid off from his job. This gave him the opportunity to go back to school and now he is becoming an life coach. Many people who were in real estate or the mortgage business are changing careers. Some might be altering their life styles because they have to and others because they choose to. Maybe some people are beginning to realize that they cannot count on their money or things to bring them their true purpose and identity. They have to go within.

Over the years it has been obvious to me that sometimes the way our Creator gets our attention is through our financial challenges. I have had my share of these challenges over the last 15 years of being self-employed. Having been in the corporate world for most of my life, I found it challenging to not know where my next money was coming from. Now I realize that it all comes from our Creator and that the Creator knows what I need and provides it for me. This is the natural way of life. The animals always know they will be fed. Humans have been programmed otherwise. Call forth your divine flow and that all of your needs will be met beyond your expectations. Exclaim: There is only one power and one presence in the universe-God! You can use this saying whenever you have a challenge financially or in any other way. Make the bold and strong statement and feel the energy shift.

The common threads that seem to be woven into our spiritual pathways these day are truth, divine flow, spiritual focus, rising above the chaos, reading through the lines, letting go of fear, bringing in love and Light, and staying focused our spiritual paths. Look at the opportunities that you have to express your self in many creative endeavors. Find the peace within and spread the peace that passes all understanding to others.

We need to be compassionate with our selves first and then with the rest of humanity. We know how much we all love change (ha, ha) yet we had better embrace this change because we are in it. There is a divine plan at work that will bring opportunities for our bliss and our New Earth. Much of the third dimension is imploding upon itself and the fourth, fifth and higher dimension stand ready for our embrace.

On March 19 I attended the funeral of my friend Shelley’s 26-year old son, Gabriel Guzman who died on March 8 in Afghanistan. After the funeral I wrote this poem:


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The Look on Her Face

by Valerie Donner


I’ll never forget the look on my friend’s face
As the U.S. Military honored her son’s place. 

He was a hero in Airborne 82,
A paratrooper who at 26
Hit a mine in Afghanistan and that was it.

A mother’s grief---
Pain such as never seen,
Filled that room that was bursting at the seam.

From the woman general she received flag upon flag.
One draped over the casket,
Others for his sisters and daughter to wag.

There was a Gold Star and Purple Heart.
The three gun salute created quite a start. 

But no-thing can ever replace
The loss of a son,
Or the look on her face.

No thing can bring him back,
Whether its from Afghanistan or Iraq. 

I’ll aim to think that this young man,
All others and mothers too,
Are making us realize
That war should be taboo.

© 2008 The Ground Crew

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A Message From Mira, From the Pleiadian High Council

Through Valerie Donner

April 2, 2008

Greetings, I am Mira:

I greet you today from the Pleiadian High Council. We are busy in our skies as well as yours. Much is happening. We are looking for ways to assist you with creating peace. The turmoil that is occurring on your planet is bringing great disturbances throughout space. There is such a battle between the Light and the dark. Please remember that there are more of you than there are of the dark ones and that you will find peace. What happens on the Earth affects us too. We are one.

If you were to weigh things on the Earth right now you would see they are out of balance. The Earth is trying to restore balance and will continue to do this through the earth changes. Some of these changes will bring a hasty settlement and resolution to the imbalances but they are all necessary. It is remarkable that the Earth is doing as well as she is considering the condition or her body. The lack of caring and respect for the Earth are creating far-reaching ramifications.

Still much of humanity remains asleep. There will be a greater awakening for them later this year with something with a rather large impact. Even the economic environment on the planet needs balance. We are still waiting for humanity to realize the false premises upon which they have been standing. Things are shaky on many levels.

You might say that your inner and outer environments are stressed. As you resolve one issue another seems to pop up. Do you know that your issues and energies affect the Earth? The Earth does not only have to respond to her own birthing pains but to yours as well. The more that you can do to create some internal peace the better all will fare.

There is a lot of confusion on the Earth right now. We observe many lost souls and too much suffering. We see another factor that is impacting you and this is procrastination. In our realms we have clarity and decisiveness and this makes our system a functional one. The issue of procrastination is one that is intrinsic to the Earth. We ask that you become aware of this within your life and see if you can progress away from it. This choice and new behavior will have a favorable impact in your own functioning.

We always enjoy communicating with the ground crew. We love you very much. Our commanders come back and report interesting stories about you. They appreciate it when you delight in knowing our presence and even more when you see us in the sky.

We enjoy your laughter and your yearning to come on board our ships. We like it when you want to know more about life in the Pleiades and on our ships.

Even during these unsettled times we are calm and with you. We need our ground crew to be the steady ones as anchors of the Light and instruments of peace. In due time our paths with unfold into closer interaction with you and the Earth. We are all making the necessary steps toward this direction.

You can consider us your stellar family playing roles that will allow our mutual mission to be accomplished. We are going for the same purpose—for the uplifitment of the Earth and life upon the Earth. We are your ascension advocates. We will help you rise to greater heights and higher levels of life.

The process in which you find yourselves currently is pre-ordained. It is the destiny of the Earth to rise in consciousness. Help is available from all levels to assure you that this is accomplished. Pay attention to everything that you see around you and what you feel. We give you insight and messages to help you along the way. If you are receptive and listen it is helpful to us.

Our group participation in the process is a necessity. That means that we will rely upon the ground crew more and more. As you awaken you will find new roles and ways of being in service coming to you. That is why we ask you to stand by.

During the times of transition you may be required to act quickly. We have said that the Earth is moving quickly so you might even have to step out of the way. Whatever you are required to do know that we appreciate you. You are pivotal to our overall mission for the Earth.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.



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Water Wands 

I have used my Water Wand for nearly six months now. By stirring the wand in water for 20 seconds the water is reduced from a cluster of molecules to a single molecule, therefore allowing your body to increase its hydration. Recently a friend remarked that I looked younger. I believe it is due to the improved hydration of my cells.

According to scientists our bodies are comprised of anywhere from 70% to 90% water. As we age our body’s hydration decreases to as little as 65% per physicist, Beverly Rubik, PhD. Think of a grape becoming a raisin and you can see why people age. Many people are dehydrated. Drinking soft drinks dehydrates the body even more due to all of the chemicals included in these drinks. A holistic dentist friend of mine once told me that if you drink one soda you need 30 glasses of water to re-hydrate the body.

The good news is that in a new yet to be published study by Finestra Labs, showed that there is an 18% release of toxins after the 90 days for those who drink the water wanded water. This improvement depends upon people’s toxicity levels. The smaller molecular water can go into the joints and tissue and pull out the toxins. It is toxins that slow us down, make us age, and put weight on the body. Release toxins and there are many improvements in your health. If you have already purchased a Water Wand, please continue to use it and let the benefits build.

Most people only absorb about 3-6% of the water they drink. With the Water Wands the rate goes up an average of 28.5% along with a blood oxygen rate of 10.3%. If you are interested in purchasing a wand you can go to our MarketPlace on this website. Please let me know if you have problems getting through your order with PayPal. A few people reported this recently and I am investigating it. You can e-mail me at: or call me at: 925-287-8976 and I will assist you.

If you are interested in a Water Wand please go to Market Place on our web site and read about it.


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In Conclusion

As we go up and down with all that is going around, if we can see the bigger picture we can see that our lives are blessed. We are fortunate to be living during these times of change. These are unanticipated changes that are bringing profound shifts in our lives.

As members of the ground crew we signed on for this time. It is what we have been waiting for.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

Copyright 2008 The Ground Crew

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Valerie Donner is the founder of the ground crew web site. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, channel, teacher and writer. She works internationally as a channel for such beings as Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, and Rosalea an elder from Telos (The city underneath Mt. Shasta that is left over from Lemuria.). She may be reached at:
925-287-8976 (In the U.S.)
P.O. Box 5705
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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