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Dear Ground Crew:

There is much that I want to say in this update because in the last month, which almost seems like a year and then again a minute, I have learned plenty and experienced a lot in the process. I imagine this is the case for many of you too. In a recent channeling one of the Masters said that in the next few years we are going to learn more than we have in our entire lifetime. I believe this to be true.

For some of us Lightworkers last week was strange. We felt the energies were so heavy that we could cut them with a knife. Some felt an unusual period of impenetrable depression. Was it ours, the Earth’s or others? Fatigue was a symptom and the inability to accomplish what is usually simple prevailed.

In a Mother Mary Channeling on April 28, she acknowledged our feelings and explained that even though it may feel like we are doing nothing we are actually working in the Higher Realms. Mother Mary told us that many people are choosing whether or not to remain in their incarnations and that some of that depression is attributable to them. With the energies that are coming in now we also need integration time.  As Lightworkers, please remember that even if you think you may have had enough of 3D leaving will not get you off the hook. Escaping will only result in a quick turnaround because we have contracted to accomplish our life purpose and to help the Earth and humanity. Hanging in is advisable.

We are living during the most exciting time on the Earth. The opportunities for healing abound. In the last month I attended a couple of powerful workshops created by Alison Armstrong (  She has been studying men for 17 years, has interviewed thousands of men and has been teaching women how to understand men. She helps us to overcome some of the ingrained cultural patterns with which we have lived.  Her organization, PAX, Inc. is committed to helping achieve peace on the planet by teaching men and women how to have healing relationships.

It is true that men and women communicate differently. What women try to do is to “Make men hairy versions of women,” and this is off the mark. When women learn to communicate with men (We don’t communicate the same way that men do.) you will find that your relationships with all men change. Before I attended the workshop my son told me that he didn’t think that I listened to him. Since the workshop we have had some of the best conversations ever.

Part of my life purpose is about transformation. I am passionate about assisting others to transform their lives and I love it when the work of others does the same for me. The work of healing the rift between men and women will contribute to the unity of the Earth. We have lived long enough in separation-whether it is from the sexes, religions, politics, and our connection with Source. We have learned what good relationships are not, what good parenting is not, what good teaching is not, what good bosses are not, what it is to have abundance or not, etc. The polarity equation is powerful and we have just about mastered it, don’t you think? The new paradigm will be unity and all that goes along with unity consciousness. We are moving into unconditional love for our selves and others.

In the last month I had several Lightworker clients experiencing fear that actually made them ill. In the past I have not seen such serious manifestations of fear. I have decided to create a teleconference class helping others use the tools of the Light to transcend fear and other issues. I will teach how to use energy to anchor in more of the Light. I am interested in knowing if any of you would take this class called “Light Energy Healing Tools to Transcend These Times of Change”. Please let me know what times might work best for you. I envision it to be a series of weekly classes. I would appreciate your suggestions on how I could tailor this to your needs. You may e-mail me at:

This past weekend I attended the New Living Expo in San Francisco. I don’t usually spend much time there but I wanted to hear David Schneider who produces the Water Wands along with Xavier Phoenix the mastermind behind these amazingly healing devices. I will tell you some points that I learned about the Water Wands at the end of this update. I also heard Mellen-Thomas Benedict speak. He spoke about his life and how 21 years ago he had a near death experience. According to researchers he is the first person with a NDE who can actually go back to the Light. He has interesting information from the Light:

  • “War is going to be outlawed on the Earth.”
  • We are moving from making a living to creating a life.
  • We will be focused on our passion rather than getting a job.  He explained that the current job loss situation is leading us into this direction.
  • He assured us that “It’s all going to work out.”
  • Mellen-Thomas is currently writing a book and his website is:

There was also a panel on Life after 2012 with Dr. Norman Shealy, Dannion Brinkley, David Wilcock, Jelalia Star, Sean David Morton, and Dr. Raymond Moody. Each presented their opinion about what will happen after 2012. Some major points that I remember are:

  • We are moving through a galactic equator during 2012.
  • It only takes 3% of humanity to change the consciousness.
  • We are moving into personal responsibility.
  • We will be able to manifest things 30,000 times faster in 2012 so we need to dump it here and now.
  •  In 2010 we will have the largest amount of solar flares ever.
  • We are the ones who are making a difference.
  • The Mayan Calendar and the Greeks also dovetail with this 2012 time frame in the great shift.
  • The Mayans new about Neptune and Pluto way before we did.
  •  A lot is going to happen this year before November and especially something big between August 15-August 30, 2008, the time of the Olympics. There will be some energies coming from China to rebalance the world.
  • There will be a new Harmonic Convergence from May 27, 28 and 29, 2010. This will begin a new 60-year cycle.

Right now my head is spinning after re-reading the information I just presented. Many of you know that I can’t help but be a voracious consumer and disseminator of information. It’s part of my passion. If you like information please stick with me.



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Stick With Me

by Valerie Donner


My head is spinning.
My eyes are crossed.
My brain is striving
For information to not be lost.

It is simple.
It is clear.
If you stick with me
There is much more to hear.

I love the bells.
I invite the whistles.
I won’t get caught
In the weeds and thistles.

Stick with me.
We will melt like butter.
As 3D goes
It will clear out the clutter.

 I jump with joy
With what I learn.
I am ready to let
All get their turn.

 Crank up the speakers
Show us the visuals.
My heart is beating
For learning vittles.

 The web of knowledge
Spreads real fast.
The opportunity to learn
Is quite vast.

 Stick with me.
We will dance in delight.
Our brains will work overtime
Into the night.

 I ponder what more
There is to digest
As we proceed
Along on our learning quest.


© 2008 The Ground Crew

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A Channeled Message From Mira, From the Pleiadian High Council

Through Valerie Donner

April 29, 2008


I am Mira. I speak to you from the Pleiadian High Council. You might be curious about our mission as well as yours. I want to tell you a little about this today.

Our mission is to oversee the Pleiades. We are advisors. We interpret rules and make decisions that affect the lives and the existence of our planetary system. We come to the honor of being in this council through having been involved in various governmental organizations in our system. We also have experience in other planetary systems such as the Earth. Right now our focal point is to serve the Pleiades as well as to advise and assist the Earth.

Since we are a part of the Earth we care deeply about what is happening. We love and care about all of life on Earth. We relish the day when we can stand beside you and rejoice and share the wisdom that was learned from the third dimensional vantage point. The Earth happens to be the focal point of creation. The way the Earth goes impacts the rest of us. The Earth is a wellspring of resources far beyond what you know already. The knowledge that is stored within the Earth in the libraries is more that what you would call phenomenal. The living libraries within the human bodies and the human DNA make any scientific experiment that has been completed in the 3rd dimension obsolete. You are walking, living, and breathing holograms of creative significance far beyond your brains’ capacities to understand.

We hope that you understand the significance of the impact that each of you has on a universal scale. The consciousness that you possess is activated in some and will be triggered in many more in the next few years of earthly time. The dynamics are in place for a magnificent capture of Source material that will impact all of Creation. The Earth is the melting pot for 250 different root races. The DNA within the human body is intelligence that is communicated to the central core of intelligence. Yet, as humans many of you have been taught throughout lifetimes that you are insignificant and worthless.

As this news impacts you I want you to know that the Earth is such a powerful soul that she amplifies all that we are speaking about. She wraps it up in what you call a perfect package so that future generations and new planetary systems can learn from what has happened on the Earth. Minute by minute and day-by-day you are illuminating creation and life by participating in this amazing unfolding and transformation. What is holding you up right now is a complex system of intelligence that feeds into the shift that you are making while you feed into it.

This complex intelligence is packed with power. It is a spiritual Source power that is self-sustaining and self-generating. If you allow yourself to breathe in these energies in a meditative state you will be amplifying what we are telling you and will be able to generate even more of this power source within you. This is again transmitted to the Creative Source because you act like batteries that keep creation moving.

Regulations are in place that hold this process together. The foundation is of the Light crystals and formations that are programmed to receive and amplify the Light intelligence. Although Source material is pure and cannot be tampered with, we want to remind you of the importance that you play in the development of new structures. There are some who would like to interfere with progress and that is why you must keep your thoughts clear and positive. Your words need to be the same.

The foundation of Source material is love. For too long the Earth’s loving energy field has been tampered with and seduced into believing in fear. Now you are in the process of shedding fear and clearing this lower vibratory focus for much of humanity. You will see there is a new generation of beings on the planet who have no fear. This might be hard for some of you to imagine but they are already on the Earth. They will teach how to go about life in a fearless way. They are love based and service oriented. They have great psychic abilities and come from planetary systems where fear is non-existent. They are having a powerful impact on the Earth. They are infiltrating your governments, businesses, organizations, educational systems, etc. and are strategically placed to assist in unifying the planet. Like you, as Lightworkers, they are different from the majority of humanity. Like you they stand out and only you have had to fit in even if you felt you did not belong.

The longing to free the Earth and the cry for assistance has been heard throughout all of creation. It is our joy to see what we can accomplish together to uplift life on the Earth and to transform it into a planet of peace and unity.

I am Mira and I send our love and support to you. Keep up the excellent work and know that we are behind you 100 percent.




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Heart of the Mountain Retreat to Mt. Shasta
Image: Heart of the Mountain Spiritual Retreat to Mt. Shasta; Mount Shasta; Mountain

My annual retreat to Mt. Shasta will be from July 17 - 20, 2008.  We always have multi-dimensional experiences when we gather for this sacred time at Mt. Shasta. Aurelia Louise Jones who writes the Telos books (available on this website) channels Adama from Telos (The city left over from Lemuria that resides one mile underneath the mountain.) and I channel Rosalea, an elder from Telos. We have experiences in nature together that heal and inspire. Last year I found heart shaped rocks for everyone at Squaw Creek by simply intentioning that everyone in the group be gifted one. I channeled St. Germain in Panther Meadows (It was named after him because he was seen there with two black panthers, one on each side.) to the delight of the group. He is funny and inspiring and gives us a message that stays with us for a long time.

 Whether you attend to meet wonderful new people or spend time in nature with the Masters and others, this retreat is an opportunity that you won’t ever forget. If you want more information and to sign up please go to our website:
If you sign up before June 15, 2008 you will receive a 10% discount.

Water Wand

The first thing I want to tell you is that due to rising prices of plastic (They use the highest quality of plastic that there is to make the molds for these wands.) the price of the Water Wands will go up from $65 each to $80 beginning June 1, 2008. If you have been thinking about purchasing a wand this is the time to do it before the price increase.

Scientifically, the Nobel Prize in 2003 was for the discovery of auaporin and the ion channels that reveal how the human cell hydrates one water molecule at a time. So when the water changes from a cluster to a single molecule by using the Water Wand, it enables the water channel to receive the water and to hydrate the body.

After meeting the scientist, Xavier Phoenix, I can see how these devices work on the quantum energy level. Some people don’t feel the energies but if you were to hold the different wands (There are seven colors with different frequencies.) you would probably feel it. I felt the energies shift the first time I used the Water Wand but this is not necessary for it to work.

According the David Schneider, a cattle rancher in New Mexico has been putting the water wands in the trough for her cattle and each time she has another shipment of cattle there is a higher quality of premium beef. Horses hoofs are healthier from drinking the water from the wand. If this is helping the animals hydrate what do you think it can do for us?  Mr. Easy, my kitty, loves the water and I have never seen him drink so much of it.

If you are interested in a Water Wand please go to Market Place on our web site and read about it.


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In Conclusion

The energies now are challenging and powerful. Our consciousness is shifting and we are working diligently on all levels to adjust and adapt to the intense changes. Information is coming to us and impacting us profoundly. It is an exciting time to be here and we have a fabulous future ahead of us as we approach 2012 and our New Earth.

Stick with me and we will have a great time in our process. If you need personal assistance I am available for individual sessions.  I do intuitive healings/ readings, energy work, soul level healing, teaching, channeling of many of the Masters, Mira and Rosalea, We can all help you as you go through these changes. It is why we are here

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

Copyright 2008 The Ground Crew

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Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, channel, teacher and writer. She works internationally as a channel for such beings as Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, and Rosalea an elder from Telos (The city underneath Mt. Shasta that is left over from Lemuria.). She may be reached at:
925-287-8976 (In the U.S.)
P.O. Box 5705
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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