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Dear Ground Crew:

How are you doing during these wild and chaotic times?  Since my last update the earth changes have accelerated with the cyclone in Myanmar and the 8.0 three minute-long earthquake in China. Millions of people continue to be affected and are in need of housing and many basic necessities. I watched a video of Schewan Province where circular rainbow clouds appeared above the area one hour before the quake. Ten minutes before the quake there were brilliant rainbow colored sundogs (another cloud shape with powerful energies). Could these have something to do with ships? They were working with energies there for certain. It was also reported that there was a big influx of frogs in the province before the earthquake so the animal kingdom were trying to warn the people. The animals are connected to the Earth and they pay attention. Various people in the U.S. have observed that the birds are quickly emptying their birdfeeders. Could they be telling us something? Are they mirroring our fears of survival? Why have the salmon left their normal waters here in Northern California? Did you know that the beehives have plummeted by one million here in the U.S.?

With these major events and signs we find our lives effected in many different ways. According to Archangel Gabriel (Benu through channel Karen Cook, we are only 19 percent complete with the earth changes so we still have a long way to go with Mother Earth’s cleansing. Have you noticed that more people are starting to wake up? They are also dealing with intense changes in their lives.

This is all the more reason to be in the present moment. We need to deal with our issues, fears, concerns, and unfinished business. I find it important to play and find joy as much as possible. It is necessary to rest, meditate and laugh.

The veils are beginning to lift. The blessings are unfolding. Our hearts are opening and we are sending help and relief even if it is just our prayers wherever it is needed. Our gifts and abilities are opening. It is possible to be in higher states of consciousness and even in bliss as the old energies leave and the new arrive.

Speaking of new arrivals, a friend sent me the following information from her friend on June 2, 2008, that was channeled by a man named Jeshua Ben Ekara, from Holland.  He channeled Solarya, and she said that she doesn't pass on information unless it really it rings true. It felt right to me too so here it is:

     She said that within the last few days in Asia (China) the first true child of the New World was born.  She is a new breed coming from the Great Central Sun and these children will be called Children of the Sun.  They were the children of Lemuria who left and never incarnated again on the earth and went directly back to the Great Central Sun to wait for this moment in time to come back, They come in without the veil in any way shape, or form and their brain is neutral. They can't create thought patterns like us. They have difficulty communicating like us, because they don't need the voice to speak. They have Unity consciousness in their cells so there is no separation between them and us. So she said, the remarkable thing is that being 5th dimensional beings (so to speak), are connected to every human being, just like an ascended master but in human form.

     Therefore when this baby is fed she feeds the whole world.  If she connects to one flower she connects to all. It's like the Pleiadians always said, “All things in the Cosmos are right here on Earth.” So these children can transmute all life and even death. This new baby doesn't sleep or cry and Solarya says she only breathes so her mother doesn't freak out, and her mother knows she is a Golden One.   Every 2 to 3 hours, another one is being born on this planet.  In 1-2 weeks the first one will be born in United States.   And as they connect with all mankind we will be given the ability to also do as they do.

  I know this sounds strange, but those of us holding the vision of a world with no hunger, no pain, no suffering didn't know how it would come about, but this makes sense.  So the next time you eat visualize what it would be like if your bite of food would also be feeding all those who have none.  Connect with these New Children in your meditations or prayers. I knew the answers for our new reality would come from the children but I had no idea how beautifully it would manifest, THIS is what we have been waiting for. I will give you more info as I find out. 

On June 4, 2008 it was announced that Barack Obama is the Democratic presidential candidate here in the U.S.  This is a first in this country when an African American will run for president. Obama’s message feels like a new energy here especially when compared with the Mc Cain energy. You can feel it if you read into their energy.

As I continued my voracious consumption of information this month, I attended a meeting with a Native American chief, Chief Black Horse. He is of the Lakota lineage with Cherokee heritage. He said that this is the time the ancestors have been talking about for a long time. He said that 2012 is now and that we need to be about our “original medicine.” By this term he means we need to be doing our life purpose, what we came here to do. We need to be living from the heart. We need to be close to the Earth and to respect the Earth. We need to see the animals as our teachers. We need to start coming together in communities to help each other. We need to learn to make fire and to live off the land. We need to listen to the ancestors.

Chief Black Horse was powerful. His words and energy were healing and motivating. They touched my heart. The only thing I know about making fire is perhaps rubbing two sticks together or two rocks together to create a spark. I don’t that that will get me very far. Maybe if I used a magnifying glass on a sunny day that would work. I am going to find out a better means to create fire. I am calling forth my greater knowledge for survival and living closer to the Earth. What are you doing?

Even more information came to me when I went to a friend’s house to watch the movie “2012 The Odyssey” by Sacred Mysteries Productions. I recommend watching this movie. Greg Bradden talked about “Burning the bridges to the past through empowerment.” John Major Jenkins discussed the Mayan Calendar and the wobble of the Earth every 26,000years. He said that we are in the process of a galactic alignment on Dec. 21, 2012 and that every person is aware of it inside. Our magnetic fields fall; there will be greater solar influence and a shift of magnetic fields and transformation of consciousness. There is an alchemical process going on where we are going from the Iron Age of materialism to the Golden Age of higher consciousness in December 2012.  This reminded me of what Eckart Tolle is teaching about letting go of the ego. It is all about this inner evolution and not the external evolutionary focus.

The movie pointed out how we are working on dissolving attachments. We need to remember that things are not going to be the way they were. The time will come when we will have a massive kundalini rising experience where we will be in ecstasy and will be the end of the ego.

There were some Inca people in the film who were traveling around telling people of their 2012 prophecies. They are giving transmissions to help us align. The word “homoluminous” was used to describe what we are becoming. They said the reason we are surrounded with so many possessions is because we are not connected to each other. At this time it is important that we learn to love each other.

We need to learn to love each other as Christ taught us. He wants us to love the children of the Earth as he loved the children of the Earth. This is what he told me when I channeled him not too long ago.

We have had strange weather patterns here in the San Francisco bay area. It has been a cool spring with lots of cloudy days. One day when I was looking around at all of the beautiful flowers, the blue sky and feeling the weather, I had a feeling that this was what it felt like to be in Lemuria. It seemed familiar. For many of us we have forgotten our Lemurian ancestry since it was such a lovely civilization and far more spiritual than Atlantis. The first time I remembered it was during a channeling on Mt. Shasta with my friend Louise Jones, author of the three books on Telos (Available on the Marketplace on this website), the city left over from Lemuria that is located underneath Mt. Shasta. My heart opened up and I started to cry when she channeled Adama, the high priest of Telos. The Lemurians have been holding the energy for the Christing of the planet ever since Lemuria fell.

We have an abundance of assistance from our Creator, all of creation, the inner Earth and the outer Earth. We have amassed the most gifted bearers of Light—YOU—to assist the Earth and all of life at this time with her ascension. Please understand, ground crew, that in the days to come you will be called upon to bring peace and to be the peace amidst rampant changes. From all indications we are in for something big this year and that means we need to be ready to take our places and do our work. There is no longer any time to wait. It is here.



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The Time is Now

by Valerie Donner


The time is now
Where are you?
Are you doing your work
Or are you sleeping ‘til 2222? 

The time is now.
Are you ready to be
An example of peace, love,
And tranquility. 

The time is now.
Isn’t that enough to say?
Life as you have known it
Has gone away.

The winds of change
Are blowing hard.
They are here and there
And in your back yard.

The time is now
To let down your sword:
Take new position.
It won’t be hard. 

Just open your heart
As the Earth does the same.
The rewards will be many
In this heavenly game. 

The ways of old
 Are of the past.
The Golden Era
Will last and last.


© 2008 The Ground Crew

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A Message From Mira, From the Pleiadian High Council

Through Valerie Donner

On June 5, 2008


I am Mira. In the rise and fall of things the tide is turning on the Earth. Your planet is experiencing a huge shift that everyone living on the Earth is aware of at some level. We guarantee you that this shift will become increasingly obvious. The ramifications of past unbalanced energies upon the planet will be felt immediately. Watch your thoughts. See how quickly they manifest.

We want you to know that you are protected. We are in the wake of the turning tide and observe the changes and awakenings. The recent events are shaking the planet’s axis and each living beings internal axis. This makes for the possibility for major upsets as many individuals try to regain a life they used to have and try to find their own internal balance. They are beginning to see that they are living in a whole new arena on the Earth. The mortal ways of life on the Earth are showing signs of no longer being. The dimensional shifts are happening so quickly that in a blink of your eye your life can shift. It may not appear as a cozy feeling to many. They may have a tendency to scamper a bit but you must remain steady on your feet.

If you find yourself doing a quick dance back into the past it could feel slippery. You won’t have the same structure anywhere in your life to hold onto. You must let go and stand in the truth and the light of your own presence knowing that you are being assisted on every level to follow a secure and certain path. Know that on every level your own personal power and personal energy are becoming so powerful that at some point the need to depend on third dimensional means for power and energy will not be necessary. Details will be coming later but we assume that you get the gist of what we are trying to tell you.

Little by little, and sometimes bigger by bigger, the erosion of a false third dimensional world will find its way into a new reality. This reality is building and is bringing some enlightening experiences. New realities and awareness are opening in the human brain that is metamorphosing as we speak. You will find this increased functioning capacity in the brain to solve many of your problems as they are placed in front of you. The brain is realizing its connection with the Oneness of all so that your diminished sense of your self and your power is shifting.

We ask that you remember the insight that we provide for you as you let go of the third dimensional stronghold. The biggest hold that it has on you is for survival and the fears that surround that issue. You will begin to realize that trust in the Oneness that is opening to the human consciousness, even if it is not fully acknowledged, is the ticket to the ride. It is becoming an exciting ride with the need for faith and assistance at every level possible. 

Your space brothers and sisters join with you in creating a new reality. Your thoughts are shifting monumentally and your galactic allies and friends support you in the creation. We hold the energy and the “space” for this to occur. We know your needs and we won’t let you down.

A purposeful life is one that is on track with something higher than the third dimensional needs and physicality. It is one of service and this is the only way that one can find purpose and fulfillment. We stand in support of each of you discovering a more purposeful life. If this is your intention we assure you that you will find ample opportunity to express this purpose. The heart openings that are a part of the Earth changes will be enough to shatter your world. You will look at the purpose of life far differently from in the past. A happy heart is one that will know it has been tending to its flock. You will need to tend to those whose help is needed. You will share what you have in love and comfort. The days of competition and greed are coming to an end.

There is a great cosmic Light that is shining upon you. It is brightening with each new day. It is filling the cells of the body with love and healing that can be enhanced if you allow your selves some sunlight. This will be of assistance in the assimilation of the energies. The Earth’s heart is vibrating at an all time high. She is receiving the energies from the Creator and becomes super charged with each breath so that she can continue to give birth to the new. With each breath there is a sigh of relief that permits her expansion and clearing. Breathing in and out, the Earth is progressing with her ascension.

Because your lives are accelerated you will find that your old reality of time falls short of your expectations. Try to get something done in the same amount of time in linear terms as you used to even a year ago is almost unattainable. Have you noticed? We see you stressed and scrambling around to accomplish your daily tasks. It makes it challenging to get the best of your tasks done. We would like to suggest to you that you try getting the best of 3D instead of letting 3D get the best of you. This might be a prescription for success during these awkward times.

We have worked with many ascending planets. It is part of our role. We want you to know this is a textbook case for the most complex and challenging of all ascensions that we have seen. You are remarkable beings doing remarkable work. We align with you in this process and as you proceed we will continue to be with you. Please know that we love you and stand with you every step of the way.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


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New Teleconference Class With Valerie Donner

Moving into the Light

Tools to assist you during these times of change

Monday, June 23 from 7:00PM-8: 30 PM, Pacific Daylight Savings Time (California time)

It is Valerie’s desire to assist others with what she knows will support and help them to work with the Light and the energies that are now coming to the Earth.  She has found that many of her clients need this assistance so she is offering it to you in a teleconference class. It will provide:

  • Information about what is going on energetically with the Earth
  • Specific meditation techniques to assimilate more of the Light
  • Protection and manifestation methods
  • Grounding methods to stay connected to the Earth
  • Energetic clearings, healings
  • Group meditation
  • Depending on the class size individual messages may be channeled

If there is sufficient interest this may become an ongoing class.

The price of the class is $33 and is payable through PayPal in the Donation Section on this website or via credit cards by calling 925-287-8976 or via e-mail, After you sign up the teleconference number and access code will be provided. 

Heart of the Mountain Retreat to Mt. Shasta
Image: Heart of the Mountain Spiritual Retreat to Mt. Shasta; Mount Shasta; Mountain

My annual retreat to Mt. Shasta will be from July 17 - 20, 2008.  We always have multi-dimensional experiences when we gather for this sacred time at Mt. Shasta. Aurelia Louise Jones who writes the Telos books (available on this website) channels Adama from Telos (The city left over from Lemuria that resides one mile underneath the mountain.) and I channel Rosalea, an elder from Telos. We have experiences in nature together that heal and inspire. Last year I found heart shaped rocks for everyone at Squaw Creek by simply intentioning that everyone in the group be gifted one. I channeled St. Germain in Panther Meadows (It was named after him because he was seen there with two black panthers, one on each side.) to the delight of the group. He is funny and inspiring and gives us a message that stays with us for a long time.

 Whether you attend to meet wonderful new people or spend time in nature with the Masters and others, this retreat is an opportunity that you won’t ever forget. If you want more information and to sign up please go to our website:
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I want to thank all of you who ordered the wands last month. I trust that you are feeling the benefits of greater hydration. As a healer I am always looking for ways to improve our health and this one has worked well for me for over six months.

We are getting repeated reports of people seeing wrinkles disappear, softer hair on cats, improved animals health, and improved human health such as no longer being constipated or having to urinate frequently. The Water Wands permit body hydration by reason that with only 20 seconds of stirring before drinking your water the molecular structure changes from a cluster of molecules to a single molecule that your body can absorb. Since the body protects itself by surrounding cellular toxins with fat, if you hydrate the cells the body can release toxins and you can loose weight. Toxins age the body and make one feel sluggish and tired. When the body detoxifies you have more energy and can feel younger. In the recent research on the use of the Water Wand there is an 18 percent reduction of toxins after 90 days of drinking the water. It is suggested that most people should drink half of their weight in ounces of water daily.

More information on the Water Wand is available on this website in the MarketPlace

If you are interested in a Water Wand please go to Market Place on our web site and read about it.


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In Conclusion

There are many changes occurring right now on the planet. It is necessary they occur so that we can move into the new energies. Profound things are happening that are exiting indicators of the new. This is an exciting time to be alive.

It is important for us to join together in the Oneness whenever we can as we each participate in ushering in the energies of higher consciousness. This website is here to keep you informed and to assist you during these changing times.


I want to congratulate Linda Baulne, our Webmaster, on her upcoming marriage to Bert on June 22. Linda and I have been working together on this site for over 10 years now. She is a wonderful, loyal Webmaster and I appreciate and thank her very much for all that she does. I hope that she and Bert will be very happy.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


From Linda: You are very welcome ... and ... Thank you SO much!

Copyright 2008 The Ground Crew

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