Message from Valerie Donner - August 27, 2008
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Dear Ground Crew:

by Valerie Donner -

Let’s see if we can get a pulse on what is happening with you right now. Some things that might be occurring are: difficulty sleeping, wild emotions, more sensitivity, greater awareness, changes in likes and dislikes in food, boredom with the third dimension, the feeling that something big is about to happen, disdain for lies, the sense that limitation should be over by now, the wonder of how much longer we will still need money as a means of exchange, feelings of loneliness, the ability to see more through the veil, the ability to know the truth about what is really happening, the increased ability to be telepathic, desire for community, etc.

You might also be aware of changing values, that you are letting go of the old, cleaning closets and drawers, letting go of the old and things and people with whom you no longer resonate. You may be letting go of relationships that are not serving you. You may need for much more sleep, feel lazy, like not wanting to do anything or go anywhere. There could be a sense of purposelessness, the need for greater expression and creativity. You might have the feeling that the days of politics and war should be over.

After all, this is the thirteenth rise of the Earth, the thirteenth time that the Earth has tried to make her ascension. Most of us have probably been here for many of these rises. The last one was Atlantis and we know what happened then. Will the Earth make it this time? Isn’t that the reason that so many beautiful Lightworkers decided to come lend their energy? We all love the Earth so much that we chose to be here during this time of change.

There appears to be chaos everywhere. I have noticed it with the animals not just people. The other night I awakened to a lot of noise in my back yard. I looked outside and there were three raccoons, a mommy, daddy and a baby raccoon that were playing on my grass. It looked like they were turning summersaults, running all over and having a picnic. Like a silly person, I got my big flashlight and shined it out there thinking I could see what was happening only to see the baby raccoon’s face right in my bedroom window.

We also have an influx of wild turkeys. One left me a big feather in my back yard. I was delighted until the next day I realized it was probably a “Thank you” for letting him eat my Impatience flowers on the front porch. They are taking liberties these days but providing messages and surprises that we may or may not like.

Have you noticed how wild the energies are and how people are not handling them very well? Have you watched how some people drive crazily? We have a new law in California that makes it illegal to drive and use a cell phone with your hands. You need a Blue Tooth earpiece or something like that, so it is difficult to see if the crazy driving is from a cell phone or a cellular disruption in the human brain behind the wheel. One must be cautious when driving everywhere, I imagine.

Have you been spinning out, feeling ungrounded, losing things, wanting to escape on the closest space ship? Have you noticed how busy the skies are with ships all over the place? A couple of my friends, who are non-believers, have recently seen ships in the daylight. One even got a picture of the ship she saw through her sunroof with her cell phone. Amazing.

I feel that we are close to having direct contact with our space brothers and sisters. Are any of you feeling similarly? Someone has even channeled that there will be contact on October 14 but we will have to see. Pinning down dates or locations for such events can create disappointment. I will continue to hold the exciting energy that our friends will be here in divine right timing. How about you?

My friend Roger brought to my attention that many of us have a challenging time when we are in a state of contraction. By that we mean when we are not necessarily being productive or creative. In our society in the U.S. most of learn to be human doings, not human beings. We are distracted often and focused on our lists of shoulds. We talked about how life is about expansion and contraction. We need to pull our energy back at times to prepare for the next level of creativity or newness. This is a time when rest and renewal are most important. My friend even said that he created a mantra “ I am doing nothing today.” He slept and rested for about two days and bounced back with renewed energies to do something creative again. Some of us could use this mantra, don’t you think? Thank you, Roger.

Some people are experiencing contracted finances. Can you relate? Even if you don’t have this problem you may be picking up on the mass media fear about it. The truth is that our recent financial abundance when the housing market was booming and the stock market was rising was only funny money any way. It was not even real. Now things are readjusting to something that is more sustainable and livable for the majority of people. Even the higher gas prices are causing us to find new means of transportation like bicycles. This can be about fun, fitness and health.

We have been living in an illusion. Archangel Gabriel, (Benu through Karen Cook, recently said, “Anything that is not a living organism is an illusion.” I like to remember this saying when I get caught up in external circumstances that feel so real at times. Using the phrase “There is only one presence and one power in the universe, God,” is also an excellent reminder when you are embroiled in the illusion. “This too shall pass.” Will also help you to free yourself.

Don’t get caught up in the mass consciousness and hype. This will keep you thinking in the box and will pull you back into 3D. Most of the ground crew probably think out of the box or else they would not be reading this information.

More people are waking up. The other day I had a client who was a Pentecostal minister. This lovely man had an accident about a year ago and was in a coma for three days. He awakened as a changed man. He said he now knows so much. He is tuned into what we know and is opening more and more. He finds himself in bliss much of the time. He tries to tell his other minister friends, family or others about what is happening; more of the truth, but many dispel what he knows.

Wonderful people such as this man are becoming aware of spiritual truths that are a variant from what they were taught. This must be the Creator’s way of bringing the new teachers forward to help others when their old reality is threatened. These teachers will have the compassion to assist others to find the truth. This is exciting.


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Strip Away The Old Reality

by Valerie Donner


The old reality is being stripped away
The Creator is ready to have His/Her way.

Whether it is religion, government,
Business or finance,
Health care, the FDA, education,
Or the relationship dance,
The old reality is being stripped away.

Freedom is coming.
There will be a new day.

The dawn of truth,
The silence of lies,
What is best for all–
Will be a part of the rise.

Animals will love people.
They will all talk.
They won’t need a leash
When you walk around the block.

The rule of new reason
Will make bold headlines.
Let go of the old sketchy truth.
You will be reading between the lines.

The time of service to self
Is coming to a close.
If you are not in integrity
You will wear the Emperor’s new clothes.

Service to others
Will be emblazed upon your heart.
What really matters-
Will have a new start.

The old reality is shifting fast.
It is tired and leaving at last.


© 2008 The Ground Crew


A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council

Channeled From Valerie Donner

On August 26, 2008


I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. It is with honor and respect that I greet you at this time. We are pleased that more of you are asking us to come and that you are noticing our presence in the sky. We have always been with you and are walking with you on the surface of the Earth. We are strategically located all around your planet doing our various tasks in assisting humanity and the Earth with the earth changes. We watch over the planet. We are at your service with love.

For all too long our presence has been kept secret. Some of you have known of us or have been drawn to The Seven Sisters in the sky. You have felt our energies in your DNA and in your hearts. You vowed that you would meet us again. In your loneliness at times you wished that we would come whisk you away on one of our ships. We are making ourselves more available to you. In the future there will be many more sightings. As humanity learns the truth we will have interaction that we have long awaited. The truth will not be able to be held back. Those who have done this will be losing power. Their strength has been in fear and control, which will become things of the past.

You are moving into the present moment. This presence is what slows you down so that you can breathe and be aware of what is going on around you. You will marvel at what you see when you slow down and look at the sky. You will feel our energy and our consciousness. You may even get us to display some of our special ways of acknowledging you. You will find joy and excitement with our exchange.

Powerful forces are at play on the Earth at this time. You are a part of this power. We are linked with you in the Light Forces for the upliftment of consciousness and the planet. You must remember where the true power is—it is not in the energy of fear or darkness. Even though it may falsely appear to be a deterrent to our arrival, we want you to know that these energies cannot stand up to the power of the Light and the love that is at its strongest point now in the evolution of the Earth.

On the 08-08-08 much happened to re-direct the entries and focus on the Earth and elsewhere. If you remember the feelings of peace and love right after the opening of this gateway, you will get a sense of where the planet is headed. Some of the chaos that you are feeling right now on the planet has to do with this new energy and the impact of the higher level of love and consciousness that is coming through. It takes some time to adapt to these higher energies. You will enjoy them as they continue to influence you. They can almost lull you out of the third dimension, which is part of their mission. They are not to take you away but to relieve you of the harshness of the third dimension.

As these softer energies influence you there will be some who find them uncomfortable. They will resist and find this a challenge for themselves. They may vacillate between wanting to remain in the old harsh feelings and a curiosity of the new. It will be interesting and some may choose to stay in a fall back position on the Earth or even leave their physical incarnations. Quite a few may choose to leave.

You are the stronghold of our ground crew team. You are our mainstay that helps us to bounce energies, ideas and emotions off of you. We are a team even if you are unaware of how you interact with us. You have jobs to do. You have memories and old issues to release. You have ascending to do and we are with you in this process.

Proceed as directed will be the word of the day. We will direct you as you find the inner direction to make the emotional choices for your new work and consciousness. Releasing will become easier. There is an orchestration to this plan so everyone will know what to do when the time is right.

We will not be coming to take over. We will be a part of your communities and families. We will delight in all that we have to share with you and you will with us. You will learn how to use new technologies. We are certain you will prefer our gas free forms of transportation. We will educate mutually in lovely ways to live to help clean up the Earth and life on the planet.

We have some work to do, don’t you think? The time has come to proceed with greater speed so that the Earth and life on the Earth can survive.

More big changes are coming. You will be supported and protected all the way. Let go of the fear and allow for the Creator’s plan to unfold.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. We love you and are with you.

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In Conclusion

The lines of communication are opening wider and wider into our multi-dimensional consciousness. You will begin to see that the veils are lifting. You will know and experience exciting levels of communication with all levels of life that were previously unavailable to you. You are beginning to receive greater clarity and awareness than ever before. These are amazing and exciting times to be on the Earth.

Each Lightworker has a special job to do. Your energy and Light are of great importance to the divine plan that is unfolding. As you release your past and old issues and realize that you are a powerful being of Light, you will become Lighter and Lighter. You cannot take fear and these old issues into the higher dimensions. The energies now are conducive to release. Go with the flow and let go.

Thank you for being a part of the ground crew. Let us all work together in service to the Light.

Blessings, love and Light,


Copyright © 2008 The Ground Crew -

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