Message from Valerie Donner - November 5, 2008
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Dear Ground Crew:

by Valerie Donner -

Happy, happy, happy is what I feel after the historical elections that took place yesterday here in the U.S.  Yesterday morning when I was out in my backyard petting my kitty, Mr. Easy, gazing at the sun and saying my prayers, I could feel people praying all around the planet. It was amazing.

We can thank George W. Bush for instilling the need for people to empower themselves to vote by believing that their vote would matter, and it did. Barack Obama won in a landslide victory. Democracy is still alive. This is truly a pivotal point in the history of this country and the planet. There was a huge energetic shift that has not been felt before. It is one of empowerment.

I believe that our job as ground crew, Lightworkers, has begun in earnest. Obama has a monumental task ahead of him. He needs our love, Light, support, prayers and protection. In his past life he was Abraham Lincoln. For those of you who do not know American history, Lincoln was the one who freed the slaves. John Wilkes Booth shot him. I could feel the energies of JFK and Martin Luther King in Obama’s acceptance speech. I know that he is being divinely guided to change the course of our planet. (Some of you may not feel the same way about Obama. I am expressing my opinions and those of the Hopi’s, and Mira, so if you disagree, I honor your choice. I pray that you will be served with the new changes in a way that will add to your life.)


This morning at 8:00AM I received a phone call from Kymberlee Ruff with another Hopi Prophecy.
This is as follows:

The Election and the Hopi Prophecy

Me and Grandfather

Dear Valerie and friends,
I had a dream that it is time to share with the world why this election was so very important according to what the Hopi Prophecy says.

My name is Kymberlee Ruff, MFT. I am Cherokee by ethnicity. I have also been adopted into the Hopi Tribe. I have had the blessing of having been taught what the Hopi/Tibetan Prophecy says. I have been initiated as a Hopi/Tibetan Prophecy Carrier and part of my responsibility is to share with the world what is supposed to happen right now in history.

Last night's victory with Barack Obama elected as the 44th President of the United States was very important according to what the Hopi Prophecy Rock tells us. I really believe that Obama defeating McCain may have literally saved the world as we know it.

The reason is not about the economy or even global warming.
It is about a topic that was rarely even mentioned during the two year campaigning: Nuclear War.

John McCain has said that he believed in a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Iran.
According to what the Hopi Prophecy Rock tells us, nuclear war is the biggest issue of all.

Barack Obama believes in negotiation.

The Hopi Prophecy Rock is a pictograph drawn on a large rock on the Hopi Reservation.
There are two lines that are drawn on this rock that depict the two potential outcomes of WWIII: one nuclear and one non-nuclear. The Hopi say that we are in "The Time of Purification". The rock shows two paths. The line that is drawn on the top is the one of the "Two-Hearted" which leads to nuclear war and destruction and the end of the world as we know it.

The drawing of the line beneath it on the Prophecy Rock is the path of "The One Heart" which leads us out of the war and into the Fifth World.

It is also interesting that McCain is from Arizona where the Hopi Reservation is. McCain is reportedly one of the people that supports the Peabody Coal Mine which is responsible for the genocide of the Hopi and Navaho civilization.

Image: Hopi Prophecy RockObama has the support of many Tribal Elders. He has the potential to lead us safely into that important day on Winter Solstice in 2012.

Today is a very good day for Mother Earth and her children.

Here is a picture that we took of Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma explaining the Hopi Prophecy Rock.



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Yesterday I channeled Mira and this is what she said:

A Channeled Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council

Through Valerie Donner

On November 4, 2008

Greetings, I am Mira.

This is the beginning of a new day for the Earth. It is the Election Day in the United States. You will have a new president. Do you know that we are all celebrating with you? Do you know how important it is for the planet that Obama be placed in office? There is much work and repair that needs to be done. He is divinely guided and directed to go about this business.

The energy today is a galactic celebration. This is the beginning of the end of the times that you have known for too long.  It is the beginning of a new era of healing and unity on the Earth. We have long awaited for this to occur. It is also creating a passport for our reunion with our human family on Earth. It won’t happen right away but it will occur. There is a shift in power that is overdue. There will be a rebalancing that will occur and this will be a part of the new balance. The time is short and the wheels are in motion.

Please do not ask us how or when this will take place. Simply be assured that it is part of the divine plan. Little by little the healing of humanity's heart will happen and the peace, love, unity and truth that are necessary templates for us to arrive be will be laid in place. Love will replace fear. The truth will right all wrongs. You will begin to find the happiness that you have longed for on the Earth.

You must understand that you have never been left alone. It was necessary for the evolution of consciousness that these dark energies be played out. They have to be freed so that you can be free. It is impossible to bottle up the energy that has run rampant on the Earth for so long. It has to be released. Look up to the Light. Let there be no discouragement on the dawning of a new day.

Prejudice must become a way of the past. This has been part of the dark forces plan to create the separation under which the planet has lived. Simply placing Obama in the presidency removes prejudice. Even though some in fear and darkness would like to perpetuate it you will see how much healing will occur. This will fall by the wayside as all people benefit from the higher consciousness of this great leader.

We in the Pleiadian High Council, all members of the Galactic Federation, the Light Realms, welcome this new day for the Earth. We welcome all of humanity back into the oneness of life. We will work with you to see a new way of life for a new Earth. We will work with the governance of the Earth to clear the past and start anew. Together we will work together so that only love can prevail on the Earth.

Your new president is one with us. He will expose the truth that will release the fear of those of us who come from other planets. He has the utmost support and protection that he needs to get this job done.

Celebrate with us as we come back together into the remembrance of what life can be like in peace, joy and love. Unity is the message of the day.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


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More Work to Do

by Valerie Donner


As we celebrate with the Realms of Light,
Let us remember that all will be right.
The Lightworkers are needed now.
There is much more work to be done.
We will know how.

We must take up our cause,
Pray and meditate,
Contemplate where we are needed,
And not hesitate.

We must keep our eyes and ears on the news,
Feel the energies and act.
Obama and others
Must not face attack.

We have much more work to do.
That’s why we are here.
We are on divine assignment.
We must get in gear.

Things are shifting
In a most signifcant way.
With our thoughts and actions
We will help create a new day.

The planet needs us.
We are all friends.
We work together
For the Higher Ends.

The means will be provided.
The funds will be there.
We will be protected
Down to every hair.

We want to thank our Creator
For such great love.
Our prayers are being answered
And we shall rise above.

More work is needed.
Can we count on you
To be a part of the care?

© 2008 The Ground Crew

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On The Economic Front

As we glide through the political changes, we still have the lingering economic concerns that face everyone. It might interest you that Archangel Gabriel (through Karen Cook told us recently that our Creator has instituted “instantaneous karma.” He told us “It is not all right to steal from the populace and that those who have done this will be stolen from.” In this light, we might be seeing some interesting ramifications from those who have been greedy, into power, corruption, and out of integrity. I remember Gabriel telling us a long time ago that whatever business is not in integrity will not be able to stay in business the more we move into the higher dimensions. We all know that the truth is coming out. Everything has to be aligned. It is an opportunity for everyone to clean up issues whether they be financial or something else. Have you noticed that repercussions occur quickly these days?


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The Fun Channel

 I am reporting back to you about my first “Fun Channeling Class”. I want you to know that we laughed for about 90 minutes straight with Guru Yuk Yuk and friends like St. Germain. All I know is that we had a lot of fun, our sides, tummies, cheeks and faces hurt from laughing. Everytime I would close my eyes they would tell me something else funny to say. I did not offer this class as a Teleconference Class yet since I did not receive enough interest for it. I will be doing it again. Please let me know if you might want to participate. Laughter is most important now.



November 1 was the beginning of a new Trecena, which is a 13-day period in the Tzolkin, in the Mayan Calendar. “Each Trecena starts with the number 1. This one is the Water/Offering—emotional, imaginative, intuitive, vessel of gratitude, essence of life, offering gratitude for water and life.” It hit us with a big rainstorm on that day and over the weekend. We really needed the water here in Northern California since we have been in a drought. It is amazing how accurate the Mayan Calendar is and if you want to know more about it go to There is also a link on this site.

“Water is used by the Maya and others as a ceremonial offering. It is especially potent for group healing and purification, releasing negative emotions and accepting change.”

Water also carries consciousness. It is extremely important for our health and well-being.
The Water Wand that is available on this website ( in the MarketPlace, changes water molecules from a cluster to a single molecule within 20 seconds of stirring. It hydrates the body so that the body can detoxify, raise blood oxygen, improve the flavor of any beverage because the taste buds can absorb the flavor better, reduce the skin’s signs of aging, add nutrients, increase the immune system’s efficiency, enhance joint flexibility, improve digestion and elimination, assist with weight loss, and can help reduce depression, stress and anxiety. There is more to this that you read about on the MarketPlace. I am grateful for my Water Wand and have been using it for over one year now.

If you are interested in More Information about the Water Wand please go to Market Place on our web site and read about it.


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In Conclusion

We have much to celebrate now. Change is upon us. We have a lot of work to do as Lightworkers to assist the planet through these changes. Our thoughts, prayers, and actions are important. We must unite in our contribution to the future of our planet. We need levity. We need strength and we need to know that we are a part of the divine plan for divine governance on our beloved Mother Earth.

Blessings, love and Light,


Copyright © 2008 The Ground Crew -

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Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, teacher and channel. She is available to work with you to help heal the body, mind, heart and soul. She has been meditating twice daily for over 35 years. She works with the Masters and Archangels, her guides and teachers to facilitate quantum healing. She has been doing this work for many people for many years. If you have a need for guidance, a channeling, healing, or understanding, you may reach Valerie at:
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