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Dear Ground Crew:

by Valerie Donner -

We have a new President here in the U.S. Someone called him “The Light of the New Age.” Someone else credited Barack Obama with igniting the heart and soul of America. Whatever you call him the energy approaching his Inauguration and since then has been different. According to Archangel Gabriel (Benu through channel Karen Cook,, “Obama is bringing in celestial energies from the Dahl Universe that were around during the time of Egypt, Lemuria, Lyra, Mu and to some degree in Atlantis.” This might explain some of the feelings we are having like feeling relaxed, tired, or different.

The day before the ceremony I spoke with a client in New York City and she described the energy as “Palpable.” There was so much excitement that day. It felt to me like I could breathe again. For many it was a moving and emotional experience to witness his Inauguration. On multitudinous levels we have all been affected regardless of belief system. All around the world there were celebrations. A friend from Iran said her family was throwing a party on Inaugural Day. What a powerful time it is to be on the Earth!

One of the things I enjoyed about the Inauguration was the love between Barack and Michele. This is setting an example for a spiritual connection and a new way of being in relationship. I enjoyed seeing how they related to the crowds and to all with whom they came in contact. I think we have gone up quite a few notches in the relationship category on a global scale. Many are feeling better about being Americans again. This feeling could be a springboard for tackling the myriad problems that are set before us. In my opinion one needs a semblance of self-esteem in order to see that there are solutions to the problems in life. If one feels good about his/her self they have enough energy to tackle these issues. If not, one might feel powerless and apathetic. This is not the energy that is needed at this time. It is good to feel good and then to respond to the needs at hand.

Perhaps our rising self esteem will enable us to reach out to each other to do what we can in our communities and to take the responsibility for helping. It is clear that we cannot rely on the government to do everything. There is much to be done. Our relationships on all levels need to be re-built. Whether they are with our signifcant others, our children, family, friends co-workers, other countries, our relationships with our selves are the key to healing. When we can learn to cooperate instead of compete, to love instead of hate, to come together instead of being separate, to create peace instead of war, when we can heal instead of hurt, speak truth and not lie, to be of service to others instead of self, we will be on the pathway of the higher dimensions.

We need to rebuild trust in our institutions and organizations. Some are on shaky ground. Others are not. Restructuring will occur and alignment will help to heal the lack of integrity and greed on the part of too many businesses. Governmental officials will be held accountable. There is an overhaul that is taking place. It is all a part of the great shift.

As we move closer to 2012 and the process of ascension continues you will begin to get a greater sense of what it will be like to live in a state of higher consciousness. In the meanwhile, we will see change upon change build according to what is necessary for the global healing. As learn to love and respect each other, we can come together in oneness and let go of separation. We will become a human family united in a dream that is for the goodness of all.

According to several channels, 2009 will be a year of moving into new relationships with our true beloveds, our twin flames. When relationships are not aligned they will change. This year will be a time of completion of the old and in with the new. Our Creator wants us to be loved beyond measure. There is nothing better than a divine complement (twin flame) to bring out this heart and soul connection with our Creator’s love. I have been doing a lot of sessions with clients lately about twin flames and relationships. The time of being alone is ending and the power of two united in the heart of the Creator will assist with the vibratory rates of the planet and will fill hearts with divine love. The energies are right for this type of relationship now more than ever before.

One thing I have noticed this year is that it is a time of completion and reunion. People that I have not heard from in 10 or 12 years are contacting me. It is like old home week. I wonder if this is happening for some of you also?

There was a fly-by behind the Washington Monument during the Inauguration. The link to the video on CNN is: There are also still photos and if you go to the video you can see a quick UFO fly by the monument.

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by Valerie Donner


I think we saw a ship fly by.
It was not a bird.
It went fast and high.

We caught a glimpse
Of things to come.
It could mean lots more ships
And then some.

We have waited and waited
For the truth to be told
That our space family
Is something to behold.

Lies and deceit
Are things of the past.
A parade of ships
Is what we want at last. 

We are a part of space
With a great deal of love
That is not separate.
It is here and above.

Let’s get about our business.
Let’s close the old doors
Of scare techniques
And crusty old bores.

Now we have Obama
Who is strong and true.
He represents the red, white and blue.

I think we saw a ship fly by
Because they are happy for us
And showed us why.

© 2009 The Ground Crew


Hopi-Tibetan Prophecies

Kymberlee Ruff, carrier of the Hopi/Tibetan Prophecies, has a new message today on our website. It is pretty wonderful and I think you will want to read it. Thanks, so much Kymberlee, for all that you are contributing to our understanding from our beloved Hopis and the Tibetans.

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A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council
Channeled by Valerie Donner on January 22, 2009

Greetings, I am Mira. I come to you from the Pleiadian High Council.

As we observe your planet it is aglow. It is filled with new Light and new energy. There has been a huge release of the old paradigm and a new era is beginning. Your new President of the United States is the figurehead for the New Earth. These energies were set a long time ago to be triggered at this time. The old dark energies are on their way off the planet. They have had their day and now it is time for you.

We celebrate with you and delight in the awakening that is occurring. You have heralded in a planetary shift such as has never been before on the Earth. This is the time of change and the cause of great celebration both on your planet and elsewhere. It is what you call a divine intervention. It comes from the Creator.

Congratulations on making it through the thickest of times. As this density is pared away you will find positive changes comes easily. Reconstructive means of dealing with the immediate needs will appear. The solutions will come in creative flow and genius. The people will have their input and you will find solutions that are what you could all amazing. They will be effective. Instead of the top down effect that was tussled about in your governmental conclaves you will find the bottom up approach that surfaces to the top being considered and even implemented. It is far more effective and efficient than the powerless options of the past where everything was done for you. You didn’t have to think or act, you simply reacted in victim-oriented means. This is how stuck you have been throughout your history. You thought that what you wanted did not matter so you took what you had to take and rebelled often at the rest.

Change will come fast. You will feel like you are running a race. You need to be responsive because time is running short. You are running out of time, as you know it in the third dimension. Any place where you will feel stuck must be released to open to the new. This is what you want isn’t it—real change? Perhaps deeply inside you want things to remain the same but this is not how things will work. Things will work because you know they need to change. There will be a great pulling a part and then a great coming together. It is the coming together that is important.

There will be some large events that will come to pass that will hasten the need for responsiveness and change. You may have to think quickly on your feet and look out for others on the way. You will find love on the bloom and the opportunity to heal with courage and strength. In the long run you will love your lives far more than before. You will appreciate your lives, your bodies, your Earth, family and friends in the most profound way. Your priorities will be clear and they will be improved from the past. You are on a pathway of vast improvement as you ascend towards the higher dimensions.

Those who fear this transcendence and transformation, who choose to remain stuck, will be held back. This is their choice and you must honor that choice. As you capture the truth for your self and honor the truth of others you will find that a new peace flows within you. This will stabilize you and allow you to conduct your self according to your own divine directive and plan.

The illusion of the third dimension will continue to fade away. You will wonder how you worried so about the trivialities of that reality which is nearly over for many of you. What matters now is that you find your community, your spiritual family and divine loves as prescribed for your ascension process.

Preparations are being made for our interactions with you. Details are being laid. Priorities are being set. We have the opportunity to be with you in a not too distant future. Open your eyes and your hearts to us even more. Let the gateway of love for your space family create a portal of welcoming that will facilitate our arrival. The energies are there for this to happen.

We are your family and friends from the Pleiades. I am Mira and we want you to know how much we admire and love you.

Until next time.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


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Water Wands

The other day I received a call from a lovely 84-year old lady who bought a Water Wand for her self and her daughter. She called to say how happy they are with the Wand. “It changes the taste and softens the water. We love it.” She said they noticed that it helps them to cleanse with minor flu like symptoms but without feeling sick.

The Water Wand is a small pen sized instrument that is based on quantum physics. You stir the water for 20 seconds and it changes the molecules. It is from a scientific study that won a Nobel Prize in 2003 proving that water molecules are clustered and that with certain energy the molecular structure can be reduced to a single molecule. This allows the cells to receive the water, which hydrates the body by at least 30% more and increases the blood oxygen by over 10%.

I have had a positive experience with my Wand since the beginning over a year ago. My skin is less wrinkled and more hydrated. It is softer. I breathe more easily when I sleep due to the increased oxygen level. There are many other benefits. If you are interested you can go the MarketPlace on this website (

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Natural Products for the Teeth and Digestion

We now carry a natural tooth whitener and tooth cleanser—Enamadent and Dentizyme in our MarketPlace. They work best with used together. I am happy to offer these products that I am using successfully. I was feeling like a freak when my friends’ teeth had all been whitened. I held out for something natural because I knew that these tooth whiteners remove the enamel from the teeth. Now my teeth are white and my gums are getting healthier and healthier.

This company also has Mediterranean Stomach Bitters for acid indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, occasional bloating, etc. I am using it successfully and will probably put this on the MarketPlace soon if there is interest. It sells for $14.95 plus shipping. Please let me know if you want to try it.


In Conclusion

With the arrival of our new President in the U. S. the signal for change is here. We can anticipate even more change. We will need to be responsive and together. We need each other, our beloveds, our communities, and our hearts as we transform and transcend from the third dimension to the fourth and higher.

We have the support of the Creator, all of the Light Realms, our ancestors and each other. We are blessed beyond measure.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


Copyright © 2009 The Ground Crew -

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Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, teacher and channel. She is available to work with you to help heal the body, mind, heart and soul. She has been meditating twice daily for over 35 years. She works with the Masters and Archangels, her guides and teachers to facilitate quantum healing. She has been doing this work for many people for many years. If you have a need for guidance, a channeling, healing, or understanding, you may reach Valerie at:
925-287-8976 (In the U.S.)
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She does work over the phone as well as in person


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