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Dear Ground Crew:

by Valerie Donner -

How are you doing? If you are feeling like some of us, you might be caught between two worlds. The third dimensional reality is still present yet you might be more in the higher dimensions. This can feel chaotic. Have you noticed that even some material things might be slipping into other dimensions? Have you lost things and then found them later? Have you simply lost things not to find them again?

I believe this process is occurring to teach us to let go. Are some beings from the other dimensions playing tricks on us? Maybe.  Are they going to help us retrieve what is lost or do we make other plans? It can be disconcerting especially if you have a lot of fear and attachment to the third dimensional reality.

With the increasing chaos and change it is important to stay grounded, to meditate, heal and pray. Everyone’s issues are before them. We cannot take these issues with us to the higher dimensions. They will continue to resurface until we clear them. Journaling and shredding what you write are helpful for this process.

In an April 1 Masters Class Sanat Kumara reminded us that we need to “Let go quickly.” He said . . .”There will be some big earth changes coming.”  but that we  “. . .will be walking in the body of the embodied Christ.  Expect extraterrestrial contacts to happen. There will be the appearance of new sacred sites and places. You are becoming citizens of the world. This is the time of purification. You are shielded.”

Imagine what our Earth will be like the closer we approach 2012. We could still be letting go but will most likely be much more in the fourth and fifth dimensions. If we have done our inner work we could be in bliss. As the veils lift we will assume our true roles in the ascension process. Wherever we are out of alignment we will be asked to bring things into balance.

We are destined to be walking with the Masters again like Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Saint Germain, Kuthumi, Djwal Khul, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. They will be here with us and so will our ancestors from the other side. We will recognize them as they fit into our belief system. This reunion will be as promised.

Walking back into the Promised Land will keep us on our toes. Reverting back to third dimensional behavior and patterns will be something of the past. It will be impossible to move forward with the drama and chaos. It will only pull us back.

Some of the signs that we are moving closer to this reality might be:

  • A renewed sense of peace
  • The ability to be an observer
  • Feeling bliss
  • The desire to create community
  • The desire to simplify one’s life
  • Being in divine union with your beloved divine complement (twin flame)
  • A healthy body
  • A commitment to be of greater service
  • The Feeling of being in the world but not of the world
  • A divine flow at all times
  • Being in the now moment
  • The release of the ego
  • Feeling the oneness with the Creator
  • Unconditional love
  • An awareness of all things
  • A deeper union with the Earth
  • An open heart
  • The need to be complete with relationships that have caused challenges
  • The feeling of being connected to the entire planet
  • Increased gifts and abilities like telepathy, empathy, healing, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisence, clairvoyance, and communication with the other kingdoms like the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms
  • The steady flow of creativity
  • The ability to see others as soul
  • The ability to live your life from you soul
  • The revelations of truth
  • The freedom from pain
  • Instantaneous healing
  • Much less attachment to the material world
  • The desire to release separation
  • Contact from our space brothers and sisters
  • Reverence for the indigenous people on the Earth
  • The prophecies coming true
  • More enlightened governments throughout the world
  • Less fighting and wars
  • The collapse of many institutions and organizations that are not serving the people, especially where there is a lack of integrity.
  • New forms of energy
  • The re-creation of the healthcare and educational systems
  • The end of homelessness
  • Abundance for all
  • An opening to learn from the amazing children on the Earth and from the animals
  • A higher vibrational body that cannot tolerate some of the foods of the past
  • The end of greed
  • Fewer prisoners
  • Freedom
  • More spirituality
  • Enlightened media
  • Reverence for the Earth
  • The end of fear
  • The beginning the fulfillment of the promises that were made a long time ago in sacred texts
  • Life lived through the heart
  • Service to others not service to self
  • More people finding and living their passion
  • Increased joy and laughter
  • New ways to heal
  • More messages from the planets through astrology
  • Cleansing from the Earth

These are only a few thoughts about what I believe can be the signs we are getting closer to our ascension and a New Earth. You might want to contemplate some of these and see how you are progressing on your path. See how we are doing globally. What progress is being made?

Right now it might appear that everything is falling apart. We need to remember that we are moving towards the Promised Land. This land will include those things that will pave our pathways with gold. The love of our Creator is what will illuminate the Earth and all of life.

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The Promised Land

by Valerie Donner


Walk with me to the Promised Land.
When life takes hold
It will be so grand.

It will be like a walk in the park
Where only the Light
Will spark and spark.

Follow the Light,
The brighter hues.
When the Light takes hold
It will remove the blues.

Walk with me to the Promised Land.
Remember the promises.
Let them take hand.

Surrounded by roses,
And various beings of light
The Promised Land
Will feel just right.

 You have waited so long
To find the path.
You almost gave up
Or veered from the path. 

Now we promise
You are almost there.
You will find the way
By the spiritual flare. 

Walk with me to the 
Promised Land.
I promise you
It will be just grand.

© 2009 The Ground Crew

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A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council
Channeled Through Valerie Donner on April 7, 2009

Greetings, I am Mira.

I greet you today from the Pleiades. We welcome you into our hearts.

We come to bring you good news. The stakes are high on your planet right now. The darkness is falling apart in the most appropriate places. We have never seen them so afraid of losing their hold on you. It is a time for celebration. The old guard is leaving. They are losing ground. In their fear to remain in control they are actually working in polar opposites. The energies now will not be conducive to their old ways. They are crumbling from within.

This is affecting the Earth in a positive way. We can already see how the energy is clearing right before us. The fear is still there but not in such a pervasive way. This means that you have made immeasurable progress.

There will be some important parts of history that will be re-written. The past is being changed so that the future will be a positive one for all of you and for the Earth. The truth about many beings is being discovered. The complete truth will be revealed. This will make way for huge progress in the re-formation of the systems of the Earth. A restructuring is necessary. It will happen.

During this time of change there will be many appeals for things to remain the same. This is not the way it will be though. Holding onto what was will force more changes upon the planet. The resistance level is high yet it will be unfurled as the Light makes its waves upon the Earth. Each step of the way the plan moves forward whether there is resistance or not.

Contemplate where you were this time last year. Think about how fast you have changed and the progress that has been made in this short period of time. The next few years leading to 2012 will be at super warp speed. There will be some curves and passes along the way but the proposed destination will be reached.

In the next few years we will be with you. We will be standing face-to-face, shoulder-to-shoulder. We will help shoulder the burdens of change. We will work with the ground crew to lay the fertile field of the New Earth.

If you keep your hearts open, your minds free, and your creativity activated you will find that the New Earth will be at your fingertips. It will take all of the resources available to move into the higher dimensions. Together we shall assist with the process along with other members of the space family.

I am Mira. We send our love from the Pleiades


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Hopi-Tibetan Prophecies

Return of the Ancestors 

Kymberlee Ruff and I along with other friends will be attending the Return of the Ancestors Gathering in Hopi Land the end of this month. We are excited about this gathering. I can’t wait to be a part of it and will report back to you about our experience. Please say prayers for all of those attending that the Hopi’s and their sacred land will be revered and respected by all in attendance.

By the way, Kymberlee’s last message on April 3 is terrific. I hope that you will all read it.

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Water Wands

As you know, I only promote products for health a well-being. The Water Wands are a product that I believe is helpful in many ways. Here are a few reasons to consider getting one:

  • Water Wands increases hydration by an average of 28.5%
  • Blood oxygen increases 10.25% in 14 days.
  • Use of the Wand can improve skin and due to hydration wrinkles can lessen.
  • Headaches go away and this is associated with the release of toxins.
  • Many people drink sodas and they cause dehydration (A holistic dentist friend of mine told me that after drinking one soda the body could need as much as 30 glasses of water to re-hydrate itself.)
  • Can reduce hydration.
  • Can restore normal sleep cycles due to improved hydration and the need not to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • Hydration increases the efficiency of the immune system.
  • Hydration can help with hormonal production.

For more information about the Water Wand you may go to The MarketPlace on this website (see link below).


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Mount Shasta Retreat

Image: Mount Shasta Retreat




Our annual Mount Shasta Retreat
will be held this year
from July 16 – July 19
at beautiful Mount Shasta.
This is a transformative experience
that some attend annually;
Please check the front
of the website for for a link
to the full details.

Or Click Below:

Mount Shasta Retreat



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In Conclusion

It is possible to move through all of the changes that we are experiencing now with ease and grace. We need to remember who is in charge. Even though the final outcome is unclear, the beauty of the Promised Land of our New Earth is worth the adjustments and adaptations that we must make. If you think about it, we are well on our way.

Hang in there, ground crew. Do your work. Enjoy your life and these last few years of the third dimension. There is much to be grateful for and before you know it we will be flying high in our spiritual world and on the Earth.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


Copyright © 2009 The Ground Crew -

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Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, teacher and channel. She is available to work with you to help heal the body, mind, heart and soul. She has been meditating twice daily for over 35 years. She works with the Masters and Archangels, her guides and teachers to facilitate quantum healing. She has been doing this work for many people for many years. If you have a need for guidance, a channeling, healing, or understanding, you may reach Valerie at:
P.O. Box 5705
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
She does work over the phone as well as in person.


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