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Dear Ground Crew,

As I begin this update I am sitting on tenterhooks a little. I am going to be a first time grandma most likely today. The baby girl will be born about three weeks early so I ask for your prayers and blessings for her, my son and daughter-in-law.

This is a joyful time for me becoming a grandma. She can’t wait to be here and I can’t wait for her to be here either. There are many wondrous children being born now. Most of them are what they call the Crystal children, who are a combination of the Indigo children who came about 25-30 years ago, and the Golden children. The Indigos are the kids who are geniuses in their areas of expertise, intellectual and the system busters. These are the kids they call “spirited”. The Golden children are the sensitive ones, the healers and empaths. Bless them all.

There is a lot going on right now. Sometimes it is a strange feeling as we move among the different dimensions. From what I know the Earth is mostly in the fifth dimension and we are going from the third, to fourth, fifth and higher. With these energies you can feel as if you are not even on the planet any more and you certainly are not mostly in the physical body. We are working on many different levels and planes. We are working hard so please don’t think that you are not doing enough. We have no idea how much work we are doing.

At times it can feel depressing as you experience the energies of the last vestiges of the third dimension. It can be stressful or disappointing to get pulled back into 3D when life can be much nicer in the higher dimensions.

From working with my clients, I can see that they are challenged. Some have serious health issues like cancer. I have a lot of compassion for everyone who is facing these challenges. Some of these clients are single women who are living alone with little support from family or others. I ask for prayers for Lois and Marina.

For the next 11 years some of the planets will be in favorable alignment for the changes with the financial system and all of the structures to occur. (Uranus is about newness and unexpected. Saturn is the taskmaster that holds people accountable.) As the old system breaks down many new systems that will be beneficial for the greater good will appear.

In my Jason Channeling on 11-11-09, Jason talked about simplification of the health care system in the U.S. Through eliminating the paperwork and complexities of payment and the ensuing administrative costs, this alone could save an untold amount of money. If you need financial assistance please ask Jason to help you. He is a powerful Master who is helping many of my friends.

What is wonderful to know is that the veils between this world and the Light Realms are lifting and the Masters, Angels and Archangels are close to us. I experience them more in my channelings and they are bringing more beings with them when they come. Sometimes it is almost palpable. At some point we will be seeing all of the Masters and everyone on the other side, even those family members, friends and animals who have left us will be returning.

In a recent Archangel Gabriel class (through Karen Cook, someone mentioned that there is a baby boy in Russia who has words from the Koran that appear on his body for a few days and leave. Gabriel said this is a reincarnation of Mohammed. Imagine what this will auger for those in the Middle East (especially when it comes to war).

There have been rumors about an impending announcement from our government about disclosure of our space family that could occur before the end of this year. As Lightworkers, we can assist by sending our love and desire for the truth to be revealed to our government. Prayers, gatherings of other Lightworkers to further the cause would be appropriate. This is our planet and we are taking our power back. Whatever you feel guided to do will help but please focus on this important work.

How can we find the joy? In these rough and tumble times I believe we need to focus on our Light work. We can focus on the reason that we are here at this time, why we incarnated on the Earth. Here are some suggestions that you might consider:

Do meaningful things.
Associate with like-minded loving people.
Make a difference every day even if it is in the smallest way.
Appreciate others.
Make a gratitude list.
Follow your inner guidance.
Rent and watch funny movies.
Find humor wherever you can.
See the big picture behind all of the changes and chaos
Have fun.
Play like a little child.
Clear your energy and protect yourself too, especially when you are around a lot of people.
Be creative.
Spend less time watching or listening to the media.
Help others by doing volunteer work.
Meditate and reach out to your Creator.
Go to uplifting events.
Only do what feels right to you during the holidays.
Follow your heart.
Get involved in causes that are important to you.
Be in love.

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Be in Love

by Valerie Donner


Be in love.
It’s a wonderful thing.
Whether it’s real right now
Put it in swing.

The universe loves
A made up mind.
Imagine yourself
With the best love you can find.

Be in love
With life itself.
It is given to you
To be your best self.

The Earth herself
Is something to behold.
We love her a lot
And can be her stronghold.

Be in love.
Forget the past.
Heal right now
To create love that lasts.

Pick up the pieces
Of what broke before
Forgive and forget
Be as happy as galore.

Be in love with your body too.
You picked it
So you can do
What you came to do.

Be in love.
It’s the best you can be.
Look at a puppy or baby
The love is free.

Be in love.
This is why you are here.
Loving the Creator is the answer
And that is clear.

© 2009 The Ground Crew



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A Channeled Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council
November 13, 2009

Greetings, I am Mira. I speak to you today from the Pleiadian High Council. We have our eyes on you. You are in our field. We cover you in our hearts. Our ships are in your skies.
We are around you in the physical but most of you can’t see us.

We like to speak to you about what is going on. We ask you to dream big dreams of the day that we can walk with you. Put energy into your dreams. See us and know that before too long we will be reconnecting with you in big ways.

The days of hidden truths are coming to an abrupt end. We rally to the cause. There is an inevitable movement that is going to take the planet into a whole new way of being. She will be rejoining us. She will be becoming whole again.

Over the earthly years we have come and gone from the Earth. We have a vested interest in your well-being. It was the norm that we would convene together. We share many things in common. We love the Earth.

We are helpmates to you and you to us. We reside in your DNA. That links our consciousness to yours. If you want to know more about us you can activate our Pleiaidan connection in your DNA through meditation. This is an opportune time for you to do this in advance of our arrival.

Insist that the truth about us be told. We come only for good purpose and reason. We love the Earth as much as you do. Our friendship is of the utmost importance. Your graduation into the complete realm of connection with life is paramount.

Practice what you think and feel it would be like to be in our presence. We can tell you how nice it will be and yet you must lay even more of the groundwork. Participate in mock arrivals (You might want to do this in private with those like-minded ones. We don’t expect you to appear unusual and set yourself in display that causes attention to what you are doing.) . Feel the joy of our reunion. See our ships coming and going regularly in your skies. Make way for us and our families (including our pets) to be with you.

We love to celebrate and we will do that in the right timing when we are with you. The Earth deserves to be celebrated. She is a beautiful magnificent planet. You are a part of her and that makes you beautiful and magnificent too.


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In Conclusion

This is a shorter update than I usually write due to my soon-to-be grandmother status. I am sure that you can understand how excited I am. I will give an update sooner this time. I am sure I will have some fun experiences to share already.

Kymberlee Ruff is writing a new message on the Tibetan prophecies. This will be posted soon so be sure to check her section on this site.

Please remember that I am available to you for channelings, classes, spiritual counseling and healing. My heart is happy to be of service.

There are many wonderful books on this site that you might want to consider as gifts for others. You can find them in our on-line store.

Blessings, Love and Light,



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Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, teacher and channel. She is available to work with you to help heal the body, mind, heart and soul. She has been meditating twice daily for over 35 years. She works with the Masters and Archangels, her guides and teachers to facilitate quantum healing. She has been doing this work for many people for many years. If you have a need for guidance, a channeling, healing, or understanding, you may reach Valerie at:
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She does work over the phone as well as in person.


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