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Dear Ground Crew,

This year is starting out with a bang. Just as I was feeling a little more stable from the 6.5 earthquake in northern California earlier this week, my knees started becoming unsteady a couple of days ago. On January12, I awakened in my sleep from deep pains in my heart, similar to what I felt prior to 9-11. I felt super tired yesterday morning and took my time in rising from bed. I didn’t feel like doing much but rest. As the afternoon progressed I accomplished a few things that needed to be done only to discover there had been a catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. Because this 7.0 quake was only six miles from the earth’s surface and due to the type of construction in that country, there was a significant loss of life that could well be in the hundreds of thousands.

We are all one. What happens to one of us affects all of us. Some of you may have felt the potential catastrophe like I did or maybe you felt it in other ways. I believe that in the dream state we already knew that something big was happening, in our etheric bodies  we may have been helping some who were preparing to leave, assisted others in going to the other side, or may have felt what Mother Earth was feeling. It was big.

I know that all of us pour our prayers and Light and love to those who live in Haiti, to their families, to the rescuers and to the entire planet. Mother Earth is in a cleansing process. Earth changes will be on the rise and many may choose to leave. We need to remember that a soul only leaves when it is their time. Each soul that crosses over is loved, and met by many precious beings that will see them through into the Light.

The Solar Eclipse on January 15 is going to be a powerful one. Kymberlee Ruff sent Lama Dawa Rinpoche’s message from the Tibetan philosophy saying the following:

“On Fri. January 15, there will be an annular solar eclipse. As in the past, we are requesting that you dedicate some extra time for your Dharma practice on this day.  

Both solar and lunar eclipses are important days in a practitioner's life. There are powerful forces at work during this time, and a skillful practitioner can take this opportunity to bring much benefit through their Dharma practice.

    In many cultures throughout the world, eclipses were viewed as important astronomical events, often associated with ill omens and misfortune. Many cultures believed that the sun or moon was being devoured or eaten by dragons or demonic planets (rahulas), and that this had negative effects for all life on earth. This comes from the basic understanding that the planets, particularly the sun and moon, have definite energetic effects on all living things. The microcosm of our bodies is intimately affected by the macrocosmic movement of the celestial bodies. This is especially demonstrated by the tantric view of the solar and lunar radiations governing the movement of energy within left and right subtle energy channels in our bodies. In addition, it is believed that the sun and moon radiates many kinds of subtle elemental energies that help to sustain life on earth.

   When there is an interruption of these energy radiations, as during an eclipse, its effects can be observed and felt. It is a cessation, or a cutting off, of these vital energies. We can see this concept expressed by the word 'eclipse;' a Greek word that means 'abandon' in the sense that the sun 'abandons' the earth during that time. Where there was light filtering through the elemental forces of the zodiac into the earth's aura, there is suddenly darkness, a cutting off from the source of life. When these solar or lunar radiations are cut off, it creates an energetic stress on the planet and all life on it. This can be observed by the rise in disorders such as epilepsy and mental illness, the strange behaviors of animals - both land and sea, by the way the birds become silent,  by the shift in the gravitational pull, and the arising of earthquakes, volcanoes, and other terrestrial phenomena.

The stressors are strongest on the areas that are directly affected by the eclipse - in other words, the areas on the planet where the eclipse is visible. The upcoming eclipse on Jan. 15 will be visible in parts of Africa, India and China. Although the energetic disruption will affect the entire planet, it will be particularly strong in these areas. According to Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, many beings - beings with forms and without forms - die during eclipses as a result of the stress or the 'abandonment' of the solar rays, especially if their life force is particularly weakened or they have certain astrological alignments that are in conflict with the planets involved with the eclipse.

     According to tantric Buddhist cosmology, the energies that are lost during eclipses cannot be recovered. This means that every time there is an eclipse, there is a gradual diminishment of energy on the planet. Over the course of decades, centuries, and millennia, this gradual decreasing of energy is what is known as 'the degenerate age.' This manifests as the gradual lessening of the power of the five elements - food and herbs lose their potency, there is less oxygen in the atmosphere, diseases and pollution increase, there is a worsening of natural disasters and suffering. This process of elemental degeneration is largely created as a result of these continual cycles of eclipses, until finally we reach the end of the kalpa when only one element predominates and consumes what is left.

    For this reason, in the Buddhist tradition, much emphasis is placed on engaging in Dharma practice on these days. By generating merit and reciting prayers, we can lessen the overall diminishment of energy and slow down the process of degeneration. We can help to preserve the continuity of the elemental energies, and by doing so, it may be possible to save the lives of those beings that may die as a result of the stress caused by the eclipse. Some Buddhist sources say that during a solar eclipse the effects of positive and negative actions are multiplied by 10,000. Lama Dawa Rinpoche says that what this means is that if you engage in virtuous practice it will be more helpful than usual. However, if you engage in non-virtue, it will further the process of degeneration.”

"During an eclipse, Dharma practice is the special method to not leak away the element's energy that is the support for all beings"         Lama Dawa Rinpoche

Whatever your belief is it would be helpful to be prayerful and mindful of all who are going through the challenges in Haiti. Do whatever you heart calls you to do. This is our job, ground crew. We are here to be of service to the Earth, humanity, and to all of life on the planet.

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A Channeled Message From the Master Kuthumi
Through Valerie Donner, January 13 2010


The Master Kuthumi (who was Saint Francis of Assisi) is the Master who oversees the Earth, the elementals, fairies, nature spirits, animals, minerals, plants, etc.  I will now channel him to see what he has to tell us about this situation in Haiti.

Greetings, I am Kuthumi. Peace be still. I am with you. We in the Light Realms are all with you. We are present in the Light as well as on the Earth. The Creator loves all of you.

The circumstances on the Earth are shaky now. The Earth is in a lot of pain. She needs to release the painful memories of war. She wants to feel lighter to make way for the higher dimensions. Like you she cannot take the old destructive energies with her into the higher dimensions. She does not want to bring pain to her beloved children and she needs to be able to breathe again. She needs to feel free.

The Earth needs to be respected. Humanity needs to learn to respect the Earth and her power. Such events as the large devastation in Haiti are a message from the Earth. It is about the great need of the hour for humanity to have compassion for each other as well as for the Earth. Man is not an island unto himself or herself. Man is a part of the whole, of the whole of the Earth and the whole of creation.

Each one has a place in the Creator’s heart. For those who chose to leave their physical form through this earthquake they will know that they have participated in leaving their imprint, a message of importance about the value of life. In this particular region of your planet there has been much discord and disharmony. It is an area that has needed to learn to uplift itself from struggle and self-preservation.

The need for love in this area and to this area is strong. This is an opportunity for heart awakening and opening. Mother Earth is the teacher. She is powerful. The whole planet has been touched by this earthquake. You will see other areas of earth changes and this will accelerate in the next couple of years.

Listen to your hearts. Be of service wherever and however you can. Know that the Earth is being assisted by all of the Realms of Light. You have important input into this healing process. You are needed now and will be needed even more in the future.

There is a lot of repair work to be done on the Earth and in the area of Haiti. It is through the love in your heart that this will be done. You are in service with us. Remember and do what your heart guides you to do.

I am Kuthumi. I love you.

The Power of the Earth

by Valerie Donner


The power of the Earth came crashing through.

She picked up buildings that lost their glue.

She shattered windows and lives too.

The power of the Earth came crashing through.

Big buildings crumbled.

People ran

Trying to save their lives

As best as they could.

Lost loved ones,

Hurt and wounded,

Wondered why this happened.

They were dumbfounded.

The power of the Earth

Is something to respect.

She creates earthquakes.

Things fall to heck.

Little by little and

We will understand

How to respect the Earth

And how to heal the land.

© 2010 The Ground Crew


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Other Changes

So far this year there is a lot of change. I see even longstanding relationships taking new form. They are either coming together or falling apart. This is because change is the catalyst for growth. Wherever there has been a lack of truth or love, there will be a shift. It is all about moving into the higher dimensions of love.

If you think about how much our Creator loves us you will realize that if you are in a suffering status quo relationship the Creator wants you to have something better. One way the Creator can show us how much we are loved is through a loving relationship with a beloved, like a twin flame. This is the future of relationships and soul reunions with twin flames will become the higher dimensional relationship standard.

Right now I am teaching a seven-week class on spiritual relationships. In the first class we discuss unconscious relationships that are based on instinctive or intellectual motives. I can feel how this third dimensional basis for getting in relationships is now passé. They simply do not belong in the fourth, fifth and higher dimensions.

It might be possible to shift relationships into higher form but both people need to open their hearts to each other and consciously work to shift the old way of relating. In the future there will be harmony, compatibility and unconditional love. Struggle will not be present in relationships.

Right now everyone has their issues to heal. Like Mother Earth we cannot take our old stuff with us. We might as well raise our consciousness and open our hearts to healing. This process will carry us into the higher dimensions.


A Channeled Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner, January 13, 2010

Greetings, I am Mira. I come to you today from the Pleaidian High Council. I am pleased to speak with you.

Today and every day we send our love. We realize how challenging life can be on the Earth. We see your lives and how much they are changing. Perhaps in the long run you will see that they are changing for the better; however, we know that as you go through the changes you might not be feeling that way.

Trust is the word. Trust is what we have in you. It is what the Creator has in you too. In the upheaval of the planet and your lives you need to trust that there is a higher intelligence in charge of life on the Earth and your life. We know this well in the Pleiades. We have been aware for a long time that this higher intelligence will get us through whatever is occurring with us. We keep this in our hearts as a collective so we don’t have the fear and worry that you have. This is what can throw you out of faith. We recommend you let the fear and worry go. If you recall that you are living in an illusion you will see that much of what you fret about is only expending useless energy. If you want to become familiar with life on other planets you can begin to practice living in faith. We recommend this. It will help you to keep your vibrations up and this in turn will keep your spirits up. It will work.

We are aware that many have predicted that we will make ourselves known on the Earth. We will-yes we will make ourselves known to you in physical form. Some thought that by the end of 2009 it would be possible for this to occur. We are unable to tell you exactly when but it is much closer. We are excited about meeting you in person. We cannot tell you how long we have been waiting for this eventuality. Circumstances will be right and then we will come. We are around you and the Earth. We are with you and are closer to you than ever.  

Some of you are having interesting experiences with others from space. This is sign of our presence. It might be a visitation to your house in the quiet of the night. You may see or feel a presence in the form of lights or sounds. Some are becoming telepathically contacted by us. There are numerous ways that you can have contact with us such as through a channel. If you look up in the night skies you will see our ships. You might even see what you think is a shooting star and it could be one of us. Be open to these experiences and this will hasten our future contact.

When we feel your welcome it makes us pleased. The joy we have when you are open to us is great. It will hasten our appearance. We are excited at getting to know you and to have you know us. We want you to experience our presence and the many ways we can share together.

The changes that will occur in the next couple of your earthly years will be many. We will be with you through all of them. We will lend assistance as necessary. You are never alone even if you feel that way at times. We will see you through a steady course of change and uplifting consciousness until we are together again.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

In Conclusion

Changes of all sorts are occurring rapidly in this year 2010. Through opening our hearts an outpouring of love will carry us through. We can use all of our talents and love to make the best possible choices for our lives and our planet.

With the crisis in Haiti is important to send our prayers and assistance in whatever way you feel you can serve. You can use St. Germain’s Violet Flame to transmute the devastation in Haiti. This is a powerful tool that you can use wherever energy needs to be shifted. I know this will be helpful along with whatever energy healing you can send.

We are one. Our hearts are one. We are one with our planetary family as well as our space brothers and sisters, the Light Realms and all of life. Let us behave like we are one as we prepare continuously for 2012 and higher consciousness.

Blessings, love, prayers of healing and Light,

Valerie Donner

Copyright © 2010 The Ground Crew -

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Valerie Donner is the founder of the  She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive reader, energy healer, channel and teacher. She is available for private sessions for relationship healing, body, mind, heart and soul healing, life purpose and destiny assistance, channelings with the Masters or other beings. She has been meditating twice daily for 37 years
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