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Dear Ground Crew,

How are all of you doing? Are you tiring of the dramas in the media and other peoples’ lives? Can you see how much energy and chaos are going on around you yet are you able to stay grounded, centered and balanced? Are you able to rise above the drama and be the pillar of Light and strength that you were destined to be at this time?

The way we respond to the changes is crucial, ground crew. From now on the changes will continue to accelerate and we need to remember that as masters we don’t need to have all of the answers but we need to know that we can find them. So much of what happens around us is due to our perspective and energy. One of my clients recently got a new job managing a dog kennel. It is a short commute (across the street from where she lives.). She loves animals (cats especially) and is happy to be working with the four legged ones called dogs. From her observation the dogs pick up (at times 60 of them) on the energy of those around them. If one person is spinning out the dogs become unruly. I have been working with her to remain balanced and centered. There are techniques that you can use towards this end.  I have suggested smudging herself, the use of certain essential oils, meditation, visualizations, energy work and healing. She is improving as she realizes the importance of her own behavior and how much her behavior can affect not only the dogs but the people with whom she works. She is beginning to see how much of a teacher and a healer she is in every way at work.

This is our role in the transformation of the planet as well as our own personal transformation. Energy is everything. People are always reading each others’ energy. They reflect our energy back to us. Children and animals are good mirrors for us.

Right now the Earth is reflecting our energy back to us. With the lingering issues with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the dramatic consequences of disregard for safety of all living things, the BP oil company is in turmoil. It remains to be seen where and when it stops. What happens to one of us affects all of us and we need to remember this always. As Lightworkers when we do our own inner work and healing we are doing it for past, present and future generations in our family and also for others with the same issues. Our work is exponential and is impacted by our individual consciousness. This is why we must remain positive amidst the chaos on the planet. When we maintain our own center we are the observor and can rise above the drama.

What is apparent is that things are not the way they have always been. If we expect them to return to our old “normal” we will be disappointed. The old paradigm of how we have lived life in the third dimension is changing and ceasing to exist. Time is speeding up until it reaches a point where we will live only in the eternal now moment.

If we remember that we are changing paradigms and moving into higher consciousness we will flow smoothly through the challenges that are before us. Another client of mine is a fifth grade teacher. She has 12 more years to work until she gets her retirement. She is the primary provider of benefits in her family. She is exhausted to the core and cannot imagine another way in which she could create financial flow for herself. In her situation the old paradigm says that if you work a certain number of years you will get retirement and other benefits and that is your only choice. She believes this is her only choice so it is challenging for her to think about other ways that she could create cash flow. She is living in limited consciousness that is a part of the changing 3D paradigm. She even has a friend who worked for 30 years for a large corporation thinking she would get her retirement. Her friend lost her job and her retirement after all those years of working for the goal. What a shock and disappointment!

What is the solution? Many people in the past few years have lost their jobs and retirement through various means. What do they do?  We need to remember that our security is not is in a certain bank account, job, person, situation, investment, etc. Our security comes from our faith and belief in a higher power that will provide and care for us no matter what. Even with all of the changes occurring with job loss, etc. some people are finding new and creative ways to live, work and thrive. They are finding themselves freer, happier, and healthier and that they can be in divine flow.

It is so important for all of us to remember that we are in divine flow and that all of our needs are met or will be met if we have faith. The choice to have faith and not be in fear is crucial during these tumultuous times. Our thoughts and emotions, prayers and energy, impact the planet and each other.


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Be the Mainstay

by Valerie Donner


Be the mainstay regardless
Of what others say or think.
It is our job to better ourselves
And to change our lives without a blink. 

As we walk a steady path
In the golden Light of love,
We can be constantly reminded
That all there is is love.

Being the mainstay
Is a spiritual job,
To help uplift others
When life makes them sob.

By your positive attitude
And your spiritual link,
You can help others rise above devastation
And even out of a financial brink.

Every type of challenge
Can arise at this time.
It can happen to any of us
Whether or not we have a dime.

Being a spiritual mainstay
Is working for the Light
You can take a person out of darkness
And show them how to be bright.

With your loving energy
And your directed path,
You will find the answers
So they can be healed in a spiritual bath.

© 2010 The Ground Crew

We are blessed that we have an overview of what is really happening now on the Earth. We have the big picture and know that the old way of being has to change because it is not serving most of the people.  We know that our Creator is in charge and we need to stay focused on this fact.

Right now our bodies are healing toxic emotions and chemicals just like what Mother Earth is doing. There is a cleansing going on within us and around us. Our changing weather patterns are just one example of the earth changes. There are many more examples. Letting go and cleansing are examples of how we can deal with these toxins.

Finding the beauty in life is another way. The other day I got to spend some time with my  seven-month old granddaughter, Ella. She loves butterflies, like her grandmother, so I have been buying some butterfly tops to wear when I see her. When I was with her wearing my new butterfly top she honed in on the butterflies right away as I was holding her. Much to my delight, she used her little finger to trace the sequin outlined butterflies on my top. She hasn’t learned to kiss yet but when I kiss her she nudges her face up to mine and puts her little arm around me. These special moments make my heart sing.

There is nothing like being in love, or watching a growing human being, an animal, nature, a flower, tree or butterfly. Love is the best solution to all of our problems.

By the way, we have been having an abundance of ships in our skies for the past few weeks. All of my friends have noticed them and there are quite a few varieties. When I asked what they were doing they told me they are monitoring and clearing our atmosphere, moving energies, checking our consciousness, getting to know us, among other things. We have also had quite a few angel clouds too. They bring us delight and the knowingness that our friends are as close as ever.

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A Message From the Pleiadian High Council

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. We greet you today with warm hearts and reassurance of our presence and your survival.

We are busier than ever working with the Earth and the yet to be experienced full impact of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The Earth is suffering from this catastrophe. She is being drained of her natural resources. This shows the insolence of some parts of humanity in major scale. How bad does it have to get? We are monitoring the situation constantly and the commensurate impact under the ocean. The potential harm for worse situations is there.

Please remember that we cannot rescue you but we can assist the rising levels of awareness and consciousness. This is happening right now. Humanity is awakening with the situation and will continue to awaken. New forms of energy are technically ready and can begin to be implemented in the future. It is a matter of integrity and the corporation in charge of this disaster will be taken to their knees.

Many people living in the affected areas know that it is not business as usual for them. Many have had their livelihoods affected and have seen firsthand how dreadful such a spill can be. We want you to know that the Creator is with all of you and that there will be solutions to these problems. They will occur gradually as humanity is open to new ideas and solutions.

We are with everyone during these transition times on the Earth. You have our utmost love and focus every step of the way during your transformation process.

There could be some glitches along the way as you continually adjust to what is necessary in your lives. Your positive attitudes and perspectives will take you a long way towards healing.

The Earth loves all of you. She has a big heart. She needs you, the workers for the Light, to come through in a dedicated way. Right now she and the Creator are relying on you in ways that you have yet to know.  Ideas and plans, strategies and tactics are in place for a successful rise into higher dimensions. First, the old third dimensional ways of being that are dangerous must be cleared. For obvious reasons this oil spill is a prime example of what upheaval can look like. There will be other examples too as you ride through the ups and downs of the ascension process.

Some peoples’ hearts are opening due to the impact of the oil spill on the animals. Others are having more caring and compassion for their friends, families and others due to their living circumstances, finances, and health challenges. There are many ways that people are being jarred into a greater knowingness of change. What people used to take for granted they are finding is no longer there. Even the earth beneath one’s feet can be unsteady, as some know.

The Earth provides warnings and it is up to humanity to listen, pay attention and respond. We see these warnings on a global basis. We also understand that humanity is comprised of an unwillingness to change and many have egos to match the spill, large and flowing.

Change is in the air, water, earth, and sky. Change you will whether you like it or not. At some point there will be a giant opening for us to make ourselves known fully to you and from that point forward there will be a new day for all of us. We will rise out of the unspoken and unknown to step in sync into the new future Earth. We will be one again with you and for that we will be glad. We know that you will be pleased also for there is a lot that we will be doing together.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council


Mount Shasta Retreat and the Ninth Wave for Unity Consciousness

I am looking forward to my Mt. Shasta Retreat that begins July 15-July 18th. When I scheduled the retreat last year I did not know that it would be such a profound time. According to the Mayan Calendar the 17th and 18th of July this year is the beginning of the 9th wave and the onset of Unity Consciousness. This will lead to a Consciousness Convergence on March 9, 2011. We will be working with some powerful energies on our retreat. It is exciting. If any of you are interested there is still some room for you at the retreat. Please check on this website ( for more information about the retreat. I am sure it will be powerful at Mt. Shasta at this time.

For those of you who remember the Harmonic convergence on August 17, 1987, you will likely recollect that this event brought about amazing changes on the planet. Within a few years of this convergence my whole life changed and continues to change. I think that it opened up consciousness and got a lot of Lightworkers with the program. We just had to start doing more of our work. Remember?

In Conclusion

The healing, changes, cleansing and transformation of the Earth and life on the Earth is being fully supported by a myriad of beings. Our transformation is at hand. The planets will be impacting us on June 26 with a lunar eclipse and grand cross that are bound to affect us intensely.

The entire creation has eyes on us, on the Earth. What happens here affects all of creation. These are important times and we have the fullest support from our Creator. It is up to us to do our Light work to help with the process. More of our divine assignments will be revealed as we proceed with this process.

We need to continue to assist each other, remain aware and listen to our inner guidance during these interesting times. Staying positive and finding the simple joys of love will guide us through.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

Copyright © 2010 The Ground Crew -

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Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, teacher, healer, channel and reader. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to bring profound healing. She works with the Christ energy, Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Sanat Kumara and many other Masters. She may be reached for personal sessions over the phone or via e-mail at:

P.O. Box 5705
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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