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Message from Valerie Donner - Oct 18, 2010

Dear Ground Crew,

How are you doing during these changing times? It is almost feels like a time when everything amounts to something and nothing amounts to anything. Can you relate? For the past couple of months the energies have been intense. After we move through the challenges of the moment they can be almost meaningless. Why are we making mountains out of mole hills one might ask oneself?

Yes, indeed the energies are intense. One of the reasons is that most of us Lightworkers are living with the highest levels of empathy ever in all of our lifetimes. According to Archangel Gabriel (through channel Karen Cook,, our Creator is accelerating our empathy levels. Consider that most people feel about 40-60% of what others feel. By the end of this year Lightworkers will be at a 400% empathy level. We need this empathy to increase our awareness, for our perception, protection and to expand our work.

This extra empathy can make you feel uncomfortable in groups of people because you are so much more sensitive. At our current 300% empathy level you might feel depressed when you drive through certain areas or you could feel other emotions depending on where you go. Since energy is the universal form of communication we leave our messages wherever we go. Sometimes when I am at the gym I might feel a little depressed when working on a certain machine and then I realize it is not from me but was from some other person. Have any of you felt similarly?

We are being assisted with this empathy too so that we can intensely feel and release our issues. Everyone’s issues are up. Whatever we need to clean up or heal will be in front of us. The more that we can feel the more we will be motivated to release whatever is no longer serving us. Remember that we are living more in the fourth and fifth dimensions now than in the third. In these higher dimensions we cannot take our fears and old issues with us. They do not belong there.

It is also possible that many of us are feeling some of the old Atlantean energies from 11,000 years ago right before the fall of Atlantis. These energies are around and they can create uncomfortable feelings and angst. They are remembered by our souls. We need to remind ourselves that we are here to change what happened then. This is why we are here now. We came back from the future to change this now moment because we did not like what happened to the Earth.

With all of the changes and intensified energies and our presence in the fourth and fifth dimensions, we can also manifest more rapidly. We just had another opening and influx of profound manifestation energies on the 10-10-10. This time is leading up to the 11-11-11 and the 12-12-12. The more we utilize these opportunities the more we can manifest what we want in our lives and for the Earth. Please pay attention to your thoughts. We are manifesting anyway regardless of what we want. If we focus on the things we do not want we will manifest them. Why not pay close attention to our thoughts to manifest what we do want?

In the higher dimensions we will be able to manifest instantaneously what we want. We are higher dimensional beings in training for multi-dimensional lives. We might as well become more conscious and focused on what we are choosing to create right now.

On October 12 I went to see the Dalai Lama in San Jose, California. His teaching was about calming the mind. In my opinion this was the perfect topic for these times. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. This is where we need to start. Through meditation, prayer, journaling and self awareness we can remain in the world but not of the world. When we remain calm and peaceful inside events that happen will have less effect on us. Meditation is the key.

Dalai Lama in San Jose California

The following are some reasons to meditate:

Why Meditate?

Meditate because meditation improves every area and every part of your life.
Meditate because it is good for you.
Meditate because it will fulfill you.
Meditate because you need to find your purpose for this lifetime.
Meditate so you can gain the higher knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment.
Meditate so you can offer knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment to others.
Meditate so you can become compatible to your Creator.
Meditate so you may enter the inner levels of consciousness with awareness.
Meditate so that you may overcome sadness, depression, anger, greed, jealousy, envy, resentment, hatred, insecurity, and low Self worth.
Meditate because it is the most fulfilling, rewarding, thing you can do. In meditation you may experience love and you
will be filled with Light.
Meditate so that each day will go well for you.
Meditate so that each day you will feel and be centered and aligned.
Meditate so you will be a better husband, wife, mother, father, partner, boss, child, employee, etc.
Meditate so you will be a better friend.
Meditate so you may form deeper friendships.
Meditate so you may know God.
Meditate so you may experience the Creator.
Meditate so you will expand your consciousness.
Meditate so you will be happy.
Meditate because change is the greatest competence one can acquire.
Meditate to enable yourself to change and grow easily.*     

* * * * * * * * * *

Meditate so that you can heal yourself.
Meditate to youthen and re-energize every cell in the body.
Meditate to find peace within.
Meditate to use the many gifts and talents that you were given.
Meditate to help change the consciousness of the planet.
Meditate to know that you are more than the physical body and five senses.
Meditate to raise your energy and block negativity around you.
Meditate for greater clarity and focus.
Meditate so that you can feel the connection with all of life.
Meditate so that you can achieve more in your day.
Meditate to do something for yourself that only you can give yourself.ã

*From the book “Superconscious Meditation” by Daniel R. Condron
©Valerie Donner

I have been meditating twice daily for nearly 40 years. I recommend that you meditate. If you are having trouble meditating I have a meditation CD called “Welcome in the Light.” On the first track I talk about meditation and there is a 10 minute concentration meditation. The other two 22 minute tracks are guided meditations with a lot of healing energy. The background music is harp and synthesizer. The CD is $15 plus shipping and is available on this website ( in the MarketPlace.

I have taught meditation for many years. One of the reasons people tell me they don’t want to meditate is that they are afraid of what they will find inside. We are here to know ourselves because through knowing ourselves we find our Creator. The Creator is inside of us and is accessible through our hearts. Our journey on the Earth is to find our way back Home into the heart of the Creator which is our point of origin.

Some people say they don’t have time to meditate. We just need to connect with what I like to call “the celestial juice” for a minimum of 10-15 minutes a day. This will make all of the difference in your life. You will find yourself much happier.


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The Beauty Within

by Valerie Donner


Go within.
See what you can.
There is beauty
You cannot imagine.

Explore the world
Of inner and outer space.
It is your job
To rise above this earthly place. 

Hold the Creator’s love
Deeply in your heart.
This will keep you steady
As 3D falls apart.

When you go within
You will listen to your soul.
You will connect with the Light Realms.
Your path will unfold.

Go within.
See what you can.
You will become
A new kind of human.

© 2010 The Ground Crew


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A Message From the Pleiadian High Council October 18, 2010

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

I greet you today with the joy of life and with anticipation of positive directions for you and the Earth. Even though it may appear that things are falling apart I assure you it is far from that. The old energies are shifting and no longer work for the Earth. Life as you have known it is changing. In the long run you will be pleased with the results. In the short term you will have to ride the waves of self correction and the implosive energies which you are confronted daily. We know that you would like to have solutions and immediate answers to the uncertainty of change. What you are experiencing is a part of the co-creation of a new Earth and a new way of living life.

We too are going through changes. This applies evenly to all of creation. It is the Force of Creation with which we are all living. Life is a work of art, a masterpiece of the Creator’s genius. It serves us well to remember this truth, for in fact, we will all benefit from knowing this in our hearts.

Your third dimensional reality can make it more challenging to remain faithful to unanticipated outcomes. We remind you that the Creator is all wise in knowing and designing what is best for all of us. How do you think that you were created in the first place?

At this time you are learning to release the human ego. It can be an impediment. Can you understand why this is necessary? You have been living in an illusion of a third dimensional world where you thought that even the chair that you sit upon was real? This is not true. What is real is living organisms.

In the third dimension you learned to focus on something that you are beginning to realize was not real. This is most noticeable in your financial arena. As it continues to burden you there will be much to be learned. In the end, you will discover a new freedom and a pathway to the higher dimensions. The far ranging ramifications of the realignment of your financial systems will lead you back into something satisfying and real. It will allow everyone to have what they need. You will shed the past and transform your lives. It will take a few more years for this to all come into place.

We give you this overview today because we know that many of you are discouraged by the changing financial climate. You are unaccustomed to living with such uncertainty but we assure you that it is necessary right now.  Please be patient and know that the truth will set you free.

As space family we want you to know that we are with you. We surround your skies. We are in your lives far more than you currently know. Some of us are making ourselves known through greater visibility in places where others can see us. We are your friends. We have answers to some of your needs and questions. We are of service. We can transform ourselves where you need us.

Every time someone releases fear about us and our presence we come closer to the time when we can interact with you. Certain forces would like you to continue to be afraid of us because they know that when our presence is truly known that life will also improve for you. The human condition is such that we know that you need us and we need to be a part of the Earth family again.

We know that many of you are ready for war to cease on the Earth and so are we. We want to assure you that this is the destiny for the planet. The days of separation are coming to an end and we will be one family again.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


Ships Around 

In the past few weeks we have had the presence of space ships in the area where I live (the San Francisco bay area). They have been visible during the day time. According to Dr. Richard Boylan (, on “October 13, 2010 three Zeta craft flew low (4,000-5,000 feet altitude) leisurely over Manhattan (NYC)’s West Side. There have been other sightings of ships over the airports in China and other places. These reports are increasing.

We heard reports last year that our government (President Obama) was to have provided the American people information about what is known about UFO’s/Star Visitors. Dr. Boylan explains “There is a plan to orderly release information about this and that the Star Visitors would begin a series of highly visible, increasingly –dramatic displays of presence over major U.S. population centers until the U.S. government simply can’t avoid any longer admitting to its people that UFO's are real and that Star Visitors are in contact with the U.S. and (other) governments.”

“And now today (October 13), as CBS News has reported three Zeta craft flew low and slow over Manhattan (NYC), New York in a highly-visible, televised display of presence. This will keep up until President Obama gets his staff to stop stalling and begin cooperative planning with the Star Nations’ designate to develop a series of Public Acknowledgements of UFO reality and the history of the U.S. government contacts with Star Visitors,” claims Dr. Boylan.


Kymberlee Ruff’s Latest Update

There is a new posting from Kymberlee Ruff, carrier of the Hopi/ Tibetan prophecy. Thank you for your patience. This is part of a healing process.


In Conclusion

We have all of the tools and help we need to progress through these challenging and changing times. Most importantly, we have each other. We need to work on ourselves so that we can come together in unity. As we stand together in unity for our new Earth we will create the peace and love that will allow us to live the way we were intended to live.

Blessings, love and Light,
Valerie Donner

©2010 The Ground Crew

Copyright © 2010 The Ground Crew -

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Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew website. She is a spiritual counselor, energy healer/reader, channel and teacher. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to provide information and healing, whatever her clients need. Valerie works with the Masters like Djwal Khul, Mother Mary, Christ, St. Germain, and Kuthumi as well as many Archangels. She is connected with Telos, the city underneath Mt. Shasta that is left over from Lemuria.  She is available for personal sessions over the phone. She works internationally too and has Skype.

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