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Message from Valerie Donner - Dec 17, 2010

Dear Ground Crew,

It is with joy and delight that I write this last update for 2010. The energies feel a lot better to me right now since we last communicated and I pray this is true for you too. Even though Mercury went retrograde on December 10 the flow feels strong and consistent. There have been some silly disruptions in communication but this can be expected. It is still a good time to get organized to minimize the craziness of the holiday season here in the U.S. and some places abroad.

Here in the San Francisco bay area the mood appears to be optimistic. It is better than the past couple of years. It feels like there has been a pent up energy for spending so people are back into commercialization again. This could be due to a pocket of affluence in our area but there are still many people losing their jobs and homes. Some people may have been through the worst of their financial challenges and are getting back on their feet. Gratitude is in order. We are all blessed to have roofs over our heads, food, health and our computers. There are many who lack the basics. Charities are being accessed a lot for those in need.

When it gets right down to it lack is an illusion. Remember we have discussed this before? Our Creator wants us to have everything. We simply need to release our old beliefs and core issues around abundance. In fact, letting go of core issues is paramount prior to 2012. At some designated point, most likely in 2012, we will have three hours of darkness. (According to Archangel Gabriel, Benu, channeled through Karen Cook, three days of darkness, as some have predicted, would kill all of the Earth’s vegetation. During the three hours of darkness Gabriel said we will either be filled with Light or we will be faced with our issues somewhat akin to a life review.

How do we release our issues? Prayer, meditation and journaling are a good start. After journaling it is always good to shred what you wrote so you can release it. Sometimes we need healers or others who can help us focus deeply within to find the buried issues we often choose not to see. Connecting with the inner child, I like to call the messenger of the soul, is another good way to become clear about issues.

Many of us have been working on ourselves for years through therapy, workshops, books, and various processes so we have cleared most of our issues. There can still be more to release as we finely tune ourselves into becoming healed and conscious beings.

If you look around you there is still a major program for fear in the media. The news is bleak and one can see and feel that there is much more going on than what the media want us to believe. Any bit of fear that can be instilled by the tone of the broadcasters’ voice, pictures and negative events can hold humanity spellbound in a controlling program. As Lightworkers most of us can see through the program and we can work to dispel the fear and change it into love.

Our Creator has a grand plan for the Earth and we are a part of its co-creation. We just need to hang in a few more years to be a part of the exciting transformation. When we focus on our own consciousness and transformation we are serving the entire planet.

Have any of you noticed that the sun is brighter than it used to be? Have you experienced your animals becoming increasingly loving? Have you become more open-hearted and loving? Are you feeling increased empathy for others? (This is supposed to be around a 400% empathy level by the end of 2010.) Are you able to manifest quickly now? Are you paying closer attention to your thoughts? Are you being called into greater service? Is the third dimension becoming boring? Are you feeling more bliss and peace? Do you feel a stronger connection to the Earth? Are others being drawn to your energy by smiling when they see you walk by? You are getting a taste of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

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A Taste of Bliss

by Valerie Donner


Welcome to a taste of bliss.
It comes to you with an angel’s kiss.
You are loved by Heaven on High.
The Creator loves you
And every sigh.

Lift up your eyes.
There is Light everywhere.
It can come from a Christmas tree
Or a cross on a chair.
Raise your consciousness.
Merge with the Light.
The angelic choirs are singing
Long into the night.

A baby Jesus brought the Earth this love.
We are still discovering it
As it connects us with above.

The taste of bliss
Is a powerful connection.
It is better
Than any confection.

With the fourth dimension,
Then the fifth,
We will receive
Many gifts.

Drink in the bliss.
Absorb the Light.
Steal the loving kiss.
Make every day bright.

© 2010 The Ground Crew


A Message from Mother Mary through Valerie Donner December 17, 2010

Today I feel that Mother Mary has a message for us so let us see what she has to say:

Beloved, children, I am Mary the mother of Christ. I pray before you and cradle you in my arms. I hold the precious Earth in my heart. You are loved. You are protected. You are blessed. You are provided for and healed. You are my beloveds.

Know that I am always with you no matter what. Never lose faith. We are here to support you and your faith. We walk with you always. You are the stars showing the Light to those who have lost their way. We rely on you to notice those in need, beloveds, as we notice you.

As you walk the Earth in physical form like we have done you are progressing with your mastery and completion of your need to be in physicality. This requires an open heart and expanded sensitivity to others. Their pain is your pain like your pain is ours. We take it from you when you ask. You can take it from others when you are ready. You are resilient because Light waves bend their way through you and your hearts. Your souls shine out amongst the crowds. Others look towards you to Light their path. You are Children of the Light.

Please be assured that all matters concerning you now will be resolved. You can release pressures and burdens to the Light. You can breathe in the Light and feel yourselves uplifted and healed.

Let the Light pour in, beloveds. You need it and the Creator knows what you need. You must only receive consciously all that it outpouring of love or else you will deprive yourselves and will waste what is intended for you.

We direct the Light currents to you and through you. The Earth is our main destination for there is such a need for the Light. We sing words of praise to all of you for the role that you are playing in the ascension process. Feel no need to protect your hearts when it comes to love. Do you think our Creator protects his/her heart? You are becoming the instruments of peace on the planet. Peace is what you need and it is what you provide.

Let your moments of life matter. They are important. You are important and far more than you realize. Remember your burdens will be lifted. Your lives are destined to sparkle with the joy of creation and the life that you have been given. This is the gift to remember. Life itself is the gift of creation. Use it well beloveds. Enjoy every breath, laugh, speck of color and beauty. Sing the song of a happy heart. This is your destiny.

I love all of you. Be in peace.

I am Mother Mary.

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For a long time we have discussed how the secrets will be told. They are being released in amazing ways through the Internet. This is paramount in the news and many controllers on the planet are fighting this truth. It takes brave and courageous souls to spread the truth and the Light. I am not going to say who is right or who is wrong, I just suggest that you follow your feelings about what is being presented. Make your own choices. Pay attention for there is more than meets the eye or the mind.

There is some thought that there will be dissemination of a great deal of secret information about our space family. This could be interesting and remember that information is Light and Light carries information. It also appears that some of our esteemed banks could be exposed for some less than honest practices.

Please read Kymberlee Ruff’s e-mail in the Hopi/Tibetan Prophecies section of this website. The Hopi need our assistance right now for they are in jeopardy of losing their constitution the end of December. If you feel inclined to act we would appreciate it greatly. Please Click Here.

Let us see what Mira from the Pleaidian High Council wants to tell us:

A Message From Mira of the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner December 17, 2010

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

I am pleased to speak with you for there is a lot occurring now on your planet and in various locations around the Earth. The sparks of the divine are everywhere and we invite you to see them and participate in these occurrences.

Right now there has been a steady stream of traffic from our crafts and others coming and going from the Earth. We are busy helping keep the Earth steady as the changes she is experiencing can create imbalances. We are available now in greater mass than ever. We are needed. We position ourselves strategically even though we are not obvious to your eyes. Those who feel energy and are sensitive can see and feel us. We welcome you to experiment. Call us to your attention telepathically and see what happens. We enjoy this very much.

I know these times on the Earth are grating on your nerves. We monitor your thought waves over the massive communication forms available to us from your planet. We ask that you be open to communicating with us. We know that you are becoming increasingly sensitive. Your environments are changing. This is positive and will all be for the good of humanity.

Rest assured that we all have your best interests at heart. You have our focus and attention. We are here to uplift you and want you to have pleasant experiences with us now and in the future. The time is coming when we will be free to come and go, to be seen, and to become more a part of the life on Earth. This oneness is natural and you already know that.

You will begin to learn that life does not have to be an ordeal. Most of humanity is trapped in this belief so they beset themselves with too much struggle in their lives. Our way of life is free of struggle. It is simple and less complicated. We are free. We continue learning throughout our existence in loving and safe ways. We live in co-operation with each other and we share in many ways. Our days are filled with creativity and love. This is only a small portion of what you can anticipate as you rise in your consciousness.

The days of trial and tribulation on the Earth will be coming to an end. At this point you will be stepping into new roles in your earthly lives that will include interaction with us and other members of the space family. We will all work to heal and reconstruct life on the Earth. We will accomplish great things together towards the oneness of life.

Spiritually and emotionally you will be happier than you could have ever believed. Your bodies will become healthy so you won’t need to get sick any more. You will eat foods that are Light-filled which will exclude eating animals. The animals will appreciate this for they have given freely on the Earth for a long time for your survival. They will take on new roles too and will have a lot to teach you.

Wonderful things are in store for all of us. We will keep you informed. We are with you and stand by for closer communication and our long-awaited reunion.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

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Kymberlee Ruff’s Latest Update

There a new message from Kymberlee Ruff, carrier of the Hopi/Tibetan prophecies that I believe you will find extremely interesting:   "CALLING ALL PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE WORLD TO WRITE YOUR LETTERS TO SALAZAR ASKING FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE HOPI PEOPLE TO BE UPHELD."
Please Click Here.


In Conclusion

This is a holy time on the Earth. We are living in a most exciting time with an abundance of assistance from the Light Realms. We are here to help each other and the Earth. Let us all join together for a most blessed, Light filled 2011, and ride the waves of Light into the Golden Ages on our beloved Mother Earth.

Blessings, love and Light and Happy Holy Days,

Valerie Donner

Copyright © 2010 The Ground Crew -

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Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor/energy healer, reader, channel and teacher. She works deeply at the heart and soul level with the Masters and Archangels to assist people heal their core issues, release pain, heal relationships and progress on their spiritual journey. Valerie has been meditating twice a day for 38 years. She is able to access information about key issues and she clears energy.  She may be reached for phone sessions by calling:
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