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Message from Valerie Donner - Jan 15, 2011

Dear Ground Crew,

This year has certainly started off with a bang. I am sorry to say this is literal as well as metaphorical. With the unfortunate set of circumstances on January 8 in Tucson, Arizona that caused six people to lose their lives as well as 13 other people who were wounded, including a Congresswoman, Gabriel Giffords, we began the year with shots that were heard around the world.

What does this all mean? Let’s look at the big picture. There appears to be a lot of unification occurring right now. We hear our politicians talk about treating each other with more respect and eliminating the vitriol. Political Parties are beginning to see that they need to work together more cohesively. The words “miracles” and “spirituality” are popping up in the media. One heroic woman explained how her “guardian angels” caused her to fall on the gunman which led to saving her life as well as an unknown number of others.

We are also looking at the power of the spoken word. Where our thoughts go our energy goes. When people put out images and thoughts others pick up on them and one never knows how these symbols might be used.

Could it be there was divine intervention and divine healing happening? We must remember that Prime Source is in charge. We are working with Prime Source to bring about a change in consciousness. Perhaps one day we will have the abolishment of the two party political systems in the U.S. and have one person, one vote. This could facilitate a unification process and the polarization of two political parties would cease to be necessary.

There are many heart opening and heart wrenching experiences from these events. As Lightworkers we are required to do our prayers and to add Light and healing where it is needed. This is a time when we are moving into the higher dimensions. When unity consciousness begins to occur we will see more opportunities to come together for peace, love and healing. These events continue to position us closer to the fourth and fifth dimensions.

It feels like we are more in the fourth dimension right now. Have you noticed your ability to manifest what you want occurs quickly? Lately I have been asking my angels for parking places and they appear right then and right in front of where I need to be. I have been asking the angels for their help this way for many years but it seems much quicker at this time.

Love and unity are where we are headed. This is 4D energy and I like to call 5D, Heaven on Earth. Can you see, ground crew, how we are co-creating our new reality? Every circumstance and event has powerful energy behind it.

In my Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class, on January 5,  Maitreya, the planetary Christ came to be with us. He is the Master that Christ channeled when he walked the Earth. “Maitreya is derived from the Sanskrit word, maître, meaning universal love. Some believe this planetary Master was Krishna, and that he inspired the life of Jesus. He is a Buddha, working diligently behind the scenes to enlighten humanity and bring in the age of light.” (Ascension Mastery International).

When I channeled Maitreya he told us in the class: “Your world is about to be turned upside down. She showed me the Crown of Thorns that Jesus wore. He said that change will happen in the twinkling of an eye. God is fully in charge. You can’t hang onto to the old. More people are seeking change, to be born again in a new way, free from fear. We have a tough job (as Lightworkers). There is a lot of density to clear. We will be working hard in 2011. This is the grand finale. The curtain will be coming down. Then I heard the song ‘Everything is coming up roses.’ The basic question is will you choose love or fear? Many people will be leaving but are being replaced with very powerful lights (Lightbeings who are incarnating on the Earth). The way is clear. Your path is open Opportunities will present themselves. There will be unlimited possibilities to make your dreams your reality. You won’t recognize the Earth when all things are complete.”


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Live Your Dreams

by Valerie Donner


It’s time to live your life,
To follow your dreams.
The old earthly ways
Are splitting at the seams. 

The 3D reality
Has run its course.
It’s like the difference
Between flying in a space ship
Or riding a horse.

We’ll be lifted to the sky
To be a part of the stars.
Our space brothers and sisters
Will take us far.

Let your dreams become real.
Don’t hold onto the past.
Change into a new reality
The old ways can’t last. 

Raise your consciousness.
Set your sights high.
Dream of much betterness.
Get ready to fly.

Listen to the whispers
From your soul.
The talk from within
Will help you reach your goal.

The Earth is laden
With silver and gold.
The sooner you dream it.
The quicker it can take hold. 

Lift up your spirits.
Let your dreams gel.
There will be only heaven
Free from the 3D spell.

The Light is within you
To guide you all the way.
We are making changes.
We will live a new day.

We implore you to be kind,
To treat each other well.
When you live from your heart
Your dreams will go well.

There is nothing in life
That you cannot do.
Remember who you are.
Live it through and through.

Be true to yourself.
Let truth guide you to,
Live your path
And to walk it like you do. 

All of heaven is watching
To see what you will do.
Prime Source applauds you.
And we do too.

© 2011 The Ground Crew


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A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
Channeled Through Valerie Donner, January 15, 2011

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. We greet you today with love and warmth. We send stabilizing energy to you and the Earth. We see that you are a bit unstable, feeling the imbalances on your planet. These imbalances exist within your bodies and the Earth’s body as well. It is a lot for you to experience at the moment. With every breath you and the Earth take we are with you. We provide an abundance of support and reinforcement for you both.

In times of great change and challenge we have learned that there are key things to do to lay the cornerstone for the new. The first principle is to be open and ready for anything. Being fluid and flexible facilitate transition. If you insist on having things be the way they have always been than change will be more difficult for you.

Principle 2. Life is always changing. Your bodies completely change every seven years. Begin to see yourselves in the new. This principle allows you to create and re-create your selves with younger bodies. You can manage your lives abundantly. You can create more joy and fun. You can magnetize your beloveds to you. You can have the freedom that you have always wanted that will allow you to go anywhere or do anything that you want.

Principle 3. Letting go of the old is another principle. Humanity tries to hang onto the past. It wants to be in control for fear of the unknown. Why would Prime Source want to hold you back in anyway? This is not the way that life works. It is always improving itself. It is necessary for you to realize that there is something much better than you have had in the past. That is why this principle works with the first one of being open.

Principle 4. Start doing things differently. Act as if you are living on a pristine planet with lots of good water, air, food, soil, people, plants, animals, etc. Act as if your governments are really working for you and respond to them differently. From this thought you can work more in alignment with people in positions of power.

Principle 5. Realize that nothing can stop the progress that is being made right now. The Earth and life on the Earth are in transition. It is going to continue for quite some time. Progress comes with determination. Be determined in your everyday lives to progress in your spiritual path and consciousness. This is what is necessary for your ascension.

Principle 6. Release the old rules of how you think you should live. Learn to live by universal principles. These principles will become clearer as you progress and live your truth. In the third dimension you have mostly lived by the norm and in a box. Now it is necessary to think out of the box, let new ideas in, and know there will be no more shoulds.

Principle 7. Know that who you are, what you think and how you live matter. You are powerful beings. How you react to things is of paramount concern to us and to the Creator. We all learn from each other. We want you to be on top of your lives not just barely living with struggle and survival. This is not the way life is meant to be.

Part of our role as your space family is to provide teachings. We will be stepping up these teachings in further communication with you. These are for your empowerment and to position you strategically for your new way of being. We assist other planets with their ascension, as many of you know. It is because of our love of you and the Earth that we care about you. We choose to be involved with you due to our longstanding history together.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

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Hopi Situation

Please read the letter on Kymberlee Ruff’s section of this website about the Hopi situation. Prayers are needed.
Please Click Here.

Other Observations 

One of the things I have noticed with working with my clients recently is that many need clearing. Whether it is in their physical space or in their person, some people seem to need obstacles and obstructions cleared. Certainly inner obstacles like old fears and other issues are up for clearing. Remember, we can’t take all of this stuff with us into the higher dimensions.

We have become increasingly empathic since the end of 2010. In case you have not noticed that you may be more sensitive than ever. A gage is to just ask yourself if you ever get the feeling of angst for no apparent reason. Do you feel other peoples’ energy when you go to the grocery store, gym or other places? Do you feel like hibernating and being away from crowds?  Are you becoming more compassionate? These could be some of the natural reactions you are having to this new level of empathy coming from Prime Source.

Have any of you noticed that your animals are becoming more loving and interactive? Mr. Easy, my kitty, is becoming much sweeter and wanting to be together more.

How are your bodies doing? Some of us are becoming more sensitive to certain foods like gluten and dairy. Our bodies are becoming lighter so we need to watch our diets. It could be said that what we used to be able to eat no longer seems so good.

A more sensitive nose is another part of the new empathy levels. Can you smell more than before?

Sometimes people are driving erratically. I have seen quite a few people make right turns from the left lane right in front of me. It can be crazy. We need to be aware of our surroundings.

In other words, it looks like we are progressing with our ascension process. We are in the hands of our Creator. We are working diligently to remake our planet, our lives, and ourselves to transform the world. We are not alone in the universe and every planet is going through profound change. We just happen to be the focal point for all of creation. This is an honor and a responsibility. We are here now because our Creator trusts us to get the job done and because we want to be of service. We would not have it any other way.

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In Conclusion

We are paving the way for our new reality on Earth. It is a complex and extensive process. We are stepping up to our mastery. We are preparing for our beloved Masters, like Jesus and Buddha, to walk with us again on our planet. It could be sooner than we think.

The next two years will be pivotal for our transformation. Let us all walk together in the golden Light of the Christed energy so that we will become one again.

Blessings, love, and Light,
Valerie Donner

©2011 The Ground Crew

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Valerie Donner is the founder of She is a spiritual counselor, energy healer/reader, channel, and teacher. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to clear energy, old issues and to help others in a combination of ways.

People say her work makes them feel lighter, heals the body, mind, heart and soul.

Valerie has been on her spiritual path for nearly 40 years and has been meditating twice daily as a part of her inner work. She also channels some of the Masters like Djwal Khul, St. Germain, Mother Mary, Kuthumi, and Sanat Kumara. Valerie is deeply connected to Lemuria and channels some beings from Telos, the city underneath Mt. Shasta that is left over from Lemuria.
She works internationally as well through the phone and Skype
and may be reached at: 925-287-8976.
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