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Message from Valerie Donner - Feb 18, 2011

Dear Ground Crew,

How are you doing during these chaotic times? I don’t know about you but so much is going on in peoples’ lives that I now have the longest prayer list ever. It all seems to be about change. Bodies are changing, jobs are changing, people are getting ill, pets are leaving (please pray for my kitty Mr. Easy), relationships are breaking up or coming together, nerves can be frazzled and for the most part many people are acting strangely. There is political unrest in the Middle East that is affecting the Earth and everyone on it. We are one and so we feel everything.

The energies with which we are now living are in a state of flux. The recent solar flares can contribute to headaches, confusion, the need to lie down and sleep, lethargy, spacyness, interference with satellites and communications. The geomagnetic fields and electromagnetic fields are changing and these impact our individual magnetic fields. What a strange time and place it is for our Earth right now.

We must remember that change is happening in all of creation so this planet is not being singled out. We happen to be more sensitive than ever so we are feeling all of it. When the Earth changes occur we can feel it whether there is an earthquake, weather, volcanoes, etc. The more sensitive one is the more challenging it can be.

The political unrest in the Middle East feels unsettling. According the Carl Johan Calleman, an expert with the Mayan calendar, the calendar predicts there will be a shift from domination (like dictatorships) to eventually bringing in the divine feminine energy. The Hopi’s also predicted this type of shift. The following is a recent message from Calleman posted on


Dear Friends,
As most of you have heard Hosni Mubarak has stepped down from power in Egypt on this day of 1 Imix (1 Alligator) in the traditional Mayan tzolkin count, which also happens to be the amazing palindrome date 1102-2011. As you know I do not believe this date to be the beginning of the high frequency ninth wave bringing in unity consciousness starting March 9, 2011. Yet, this is still the beginning of the tzolkin round that would lead to the top of the pyramid of consciousness October 28, 2011and so 1 Imix is a significant seeding date for the processes that are now starting.
The downfall of Mubarak is then as I believe the beginning of a process their dictatorial regimes and authoritarianism will, in a complex process with ups and downs, will start to crumble world wide and ultimately be replaced with a world of unity consciousness.
This seeding is the significance of this day and hopefully many will align with it and find a constructive path to the future.
Carl Johan Calleman


If you read Kymberlee Ruff’s latest message on this website, you will see how the Hopi elections turned out for the good for the Hopi. These elections preceded the unrest in Egypt by about two weeks. It is fortuitous that the Hopi way of life will be perpetuated instead of becoming corrupted by self interest. It has been said that what happens to Hopi will portend the future of the Earth. This is a blessing indeed.

Our jobs as Lightworkers are now being amplified. We have more work to do than ever. Working with the Light is one of our most important jobs. I still recommend that if you are awake in the middle of the night, like many of us are these days, you can use the Light energies.

Breathe in the Light and feel it come to you. It will uplift you and the planet. Do your prayers, meditate, and hold good thoughts for the most positive outcomes you can imagine. In a recent class Archangel Gabriel (Benu through Karen Cook, told us that every act of kindness that we do affects over 5,000 people. A prayer affects over 9 million people. Think about the exponential affects of meditation. Group meditations are powerful too. Through our consciousness we are changing the planet. This is our job.

First we must work on our own consciousness. We need to heal our core issues. We can expand our pathway by doing our inner work and by being kind and loving to ourselves. When issues arise with others it best to consciously and kindly speak to the other person about it. If you cannot talk to the person you can always go into meditation and talk to their soul. The soul will hear you.

Right now we are becoming more transparent with our thoughts and emotions. The secrets are coming out everywhere with everything. You cannot hold back. We are increasing our telepathic communication. Thoughts are things and they are easily known. We are seeing through the lies and disinformation in the media not just with others. Our bodies tell us when things are off with something. This is part of our intuition so we must listen to our bodies and go with the flow. When we gently speak the truth to others about what we are feeling our bodies will reveal to us if we have cleared something up. Listen to your heart. Your heart will tell you the truth. The heart is at least 5,000 times more powerful than the mind. Trust yourself and do not doubt what you know to be true.

These accelerating energies are pushing us forward to quickly heal and clear old issues. Remember we cannot take them with us into the higher dimensions of the fourth and fifth or even higher. Fear does not belong with higher consciousness. The negative emotions that have kept us separate in our third dimensional lives are rising so we can release them and move on into unity and peace.

Even though it feels uncomfortable right now in our lives we are the beacons of Light for the shifting of the consciousness of the Earth. Often times we are put through situations in our lives before others so that we can work things out and understand what others are going through.

It takes a lot of compassion to go through the ascension process. One of my clients lives in the Philippines. She spent four years living and studying consciousness in California and recently returned to her home country. She tells me how challenging it is for her to experience the “lack of consciousness” with her fellow country people. In talking with her about this I reminded her that many these people with whom she is now interacting have good hearts and she needs patience and compassion.

The other day I received an e-mail from Louise Svane, from Denmark. She said that she was inspired by my work to write a song called “Mother Earth.” It is now a part of the Juicy Living Tour, and the URL is: - also see below.

The point I am making about this is when we do our work we never know where our work goes and how it might affect others. Louise brings great joy and beauty from her work and Sedona, Arizona, and I thank her for sharing her inspiration with me so that I can share it with you.

I understand that the year 2011 is one of creativity. What are you doing that is waiting to be brought forth into the world? This could be the perfect time to do it. For some of us the deterrent could be the feeling of not being good enough.  Our self esteem and belief in ourselves can cripple us from really doing our work. This core issue is brought forth from many life times when we were told that we were worthless and it is imprinted in our souls. Whatever happened in our childhoods in this incarnation can also contribute to this wounding.

The low self esteem is the separation from the inner child and from our Creator. It has no place in the higher dimensions either. We are going from separation to unity and need to remind ourselves that we are all a spark of the divine and that we come from the heart of Prime Source. It is time to remember who we are as divine beings of Light. I like to pray every day that I may know see and love myself the way that God knows sees and love me. I ask to be the greatest co-creation with God that I can possibly be.


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Stop Being Separate

by Valerie Donner


Stop being separate.
Go for the Light.
Live in the luxury
Of Knowing you are right. 

You were sent here on the wings of the angels,
To do special work.
No one in the world
Has your unique spark.

You are God’s spark
Of Light and love,
You were chosen to come here
To help others rise above. 

Forget the petty things
That throw you off track.
Let your creativity flow
So that in unity you can come back.

Heal your precious heart.
See how bright you can be.
It’s called co-creation
It’s part of 4th and 5th D.

Stop being separate.
It’s time to tow the line
Right up to the Light Realms
To live a life divine.

© 2011 The Ground Crew


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A Channeling from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through
Valerie Donner, February 18, 2011

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

We greet you with love today as always. We hold your hands and embrace your hearts. You are high on our list of planetary priorities. We are following your trends and assisting on numerous levels to birth the Earth into the higher dimensions.

We tell you that all is underway for your new Earth and new way of living. We hold you up and honor who you are. The more we get acquainted with you the more we see how we can accomplish wonderful things together. These are the signs of the times.

Your news changes every day and every day we support you and are with you. We know when you feel stressed and uprooted. Many are feeling this way as the old world you are accustomed to falls apart. We have much to share and we gladly await the time when we can be visible to you and available.

The skies are filled with luminous beings of Light coming and going to the Earth right now. The galactic fleets surround you. The sun shines upon you. The Creator is here for all of you to guide you on your way.

We know how challenging it can be to go through the cleansing of a planet and the ascension process. Some of you may be aware that usually when a planet goes through an ascension process the planet is uninhabited. This time it is different though. The choice has been made to let humanity remain on the planet and go through the process. It can be hard on the physical body. We are making adjustments and adaptations as necessary.

When planets are in a state of flux we must remain on standby at all times. We assure you that we are not alone, you are not alone, and that many of the Space Confederation are with us too. All eyes are upon the Earth.

Taking a planet through this movement and change is like going through the eye of a needle. It is tricky and yet the strategies are in place for success. The Earth herself is pleased to be releasing the negative energies from the past. She is beginning to breathe again. She loves all of you too and cares about every one of her children. We work together for the common good.

In the days to come you will be feeling the need for community. You will need each other’s support and love. You can help each other explore and understand the great changes that you are going through. You can encourage each other too.

Change can always be challenging especially for humanity. A universal change not just with your planet but with all of life is extraordinary yet necessary for the evolution of life everywhere.

When you are able to go with the flow you will discover that you have the means to rise into the higher dimensions of love and Light. You will release the past and live a new glorious life on your precious planet.

We love you and honor you for your participation in this most important mission.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council


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Hopi Tibetan Prophecies by Kymberlee Ruff

"The Egypt Revolution and the Hopi Prophecy"
Please Click Here.


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In Conclusion

The next couple of years will be about one change after another. It will be intense. We need to remain in faith and close to our Creator. We have prepared for a long time (not just this lifetime) for what we are doing now. We have everything in place for our success.

Ground crew, you are the best of the best. I align with you for magic, miracles and divine flow in all of our lives.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

©2011 The Ground Crew

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