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Message from Valerie Donner - July 15, 2011

Dear Ground Crew,

As I search my heart about what to write about today I think of the challenges that we are facing today on the planet. Change is rampant. It is why we are here. Yet how do we take care of ourselves, our loved ones and our planet with so much going on at once?

The external world is a reflection of our inner world. The more that we focus on creating divine balance within our own world the more we will be assisting the rest of the Earth. Sometimes the answers to these issues are not so obvious. For example, imagine that you are living around some imbalanced neighbors. Perhaps they are bi-polar, alcoholics/drug users, and into drama and you wonder how you can be at peace with such energy around you. This is a good question and it is probably something that many others could be facing.

In working with the masters and the Archangels all of these years, I hear their words. It is about our empowerment, our ability to make choices for ourselves, doing our inner work, praying and meditating, etc. How do we incorporate all of these tools and maneuver through the issues with which we are confronted? How does one address imbalanced people and the problems that they generate?

Here are some suggestions if you are in the throes of turmoil:

      • Ask what will give me peace?
      • Speak to the soul of the person/persons in meditation and tell them what you are feeling (If you can’t speak to them in person you can speak to their soul and they will hear you.)
      • Meditate.
      • Pray.
      • Journal.
      • Make new choices. Perhaps you might be ready for a move or maybe they will need to move.
      • Ask the Masters and Archangels to help you.
      • Pray for miracles.
      • Keep your own space clear and clean using sage, candles, music, drum, use incense, visualize what you want your space and sacred surroundings to feel like and look like.
      • Elicit community help if you need it like with security people or police.
      • Remember that the earth changes, climate changes, and energetic shifts are affecting all of us physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. People who are imbalanced and not taking care of themselves will have the most challenges with these energies.  
      • Surrender your problem to Prime source.
      • Allow each soul to have their own choices whether it is a choice that we would make or not. Each soul has their own path and some are not choosing to rise in consciousness like you are choosing. Some may need to remain in the third dimension for more life times until they experience enough of the third dimension and learn their lessons so they can evolve.
      • Continue to focus on raising your consciousness and seeing the big picture.
      • Take excellent care of yourself. If you need professional counseling, healing, a trip away from your environment, give it to yourself.
      • Stay in the presence of the now moment as much as possible.
      • Get out in nature.
      • Have compassion for those who are creating disruption in your life but also have compassion for yourself. Loving yourself throughout the challenges of life is most important.
      • Stay in the energy of love and Light not fear.
      • Know that the Creator is in charge of all of life. There is a divine plan and even though you don’t know what the outcome will be there will be a resolution.
      • Pray for divine order, divine timing, divine understanding, divine balance, divine resolution and divine illumination.
      • Continue to stay on your path and do your work.
      • Always look for how you can be of service. Remember that tough love sometimes is the most beneficial way to behave because some people need to feel the consequences of their behavior or else they will not learn.
      • Protecting, fixing and rescuing people may not be the best answer. If people do not learn their lessons they will go to the other side when their incarnation is complete and resent you for rescuing them from learning their lessons. This is a hard thing to remember but it is true.
      • Make choices that are for the highest good of all.
      • Keep your Light bright and shiny and don’t dwell on all that is not going your way. Know that whatever is bothering you will go away.
      • Be a pillar of strength for yourself and others. They will look to you for examples.
      • Try not to get caught up in other peoples’ drama and emotions. If you do you will become imbalanced and will need to recover in depth from these choices.
      • Choose to stay in your mental body (Be the observer.) not in your emotional body when situations occur that would throw you off.

As we ride the roller coaster of change I believe that if we continue to use our spiritual gifts, abilities and tools that we will have a much easier time with our transformation. Nothing is the way that it was and it is not going to go back to the way it was. We are different now. We are more seasoned and wiser. We always need to be discerning no matter what but we know that we can maneuver our way through the obstacles.

I always believe that if we start having challenges with a relationship at work or at home it could be the celestial splinter. It could be a sign that we need to look for another job if it is too stressful or reconsider our living arrangements. If we don’t take action we could end up with the cosmic two by four (a large board) and lose our jobs, get sick or somehow the universe gets us out of a situation. I think it is better if we pro-act and pay attention to the signs.

In my Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class on July 6 the Master Djwal Khul was with us. He is the loving master who was the last master to walk on the Earth and was the most knowledgeable about healing, health, the seven rays, the initiations, etc. He channeled the Alice Bailey material and was also known as The Tibetan. He is the beloved master who taught me to channel about 15 years ago. This is what he said:

“Focus on your lessons, it’s time for completion. Then celebrate. We have to raise your vibrations so that you can have the utmost experience. Divine peace is yours for the asking. It is a favor from the Creator. Your purpose is to make peace within and to spread peace wherever you go. Don’t let things ruffle you. The will get straightened out. Never gamble with your health or spiritual life—just stay on your path and purpose. Angels of comfort and healing are with you.... I recommend that you have the presence of mind to follow your truth no matter what. We want you to be happy and satisfied in your life. Let go of the past. Break free from limitation. Learn as much as you can in life. Now is a great opportunity to create what you want.”


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Don’t Let Things Ruffle You

by Valerie Donner


Don’t let yourself get all ruffled
And imbalanced inside.
Don’t get all crumpled up
With no place to hide.

Take a look
At what you are doing.
Change the attitude
About what you are pursuing. 

Are you looking for peace
In all the wrong places?
Some might be good
Others might have bad faces.

Take the high road
The one that you know is right.
Others might not see it
For their Lights are not as bright.

Do what you can
To set things straight.
You are a Lightworker.
That makes you great.

© 2011 The Ground Crew


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A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
Valerie Donner July 15, 2011

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. We are with you and we are around. Some of you know us well even though you may not recognize us completely you can feel our energy. We are making our presence even more known.

We appear to look a lot like you. We are humans. We are larger than you in physical size. Our energy is different but we have learned to fit in. We find astonishing things happening on the Earth. We are a part of the solution and so are you. We expect a lot of our ground crew. We work with you and you work with us. We are finding cooperative ways to do things even if we can’t make our appearance visual quite yet in your dimension. We are with you.

Do not waste your time or energy wishing you could have things be your way. They will be the way they need to be until something better comes in its place. This applies to all areas of your lives including your jobs, institutions, governments, planet, weather, environment, challenges, etc. Know that you can create whatever you want and so it is about you changing your own circumstances. Whatever is going on around you impacts you however, you can also have a powerful impact on it.

There are many vulnerable spots on the Earth that are in need of healing and attention. We monitor them constantly. This vulnerability affects all of life including you so we know that you need to remain stable and calm if these vulnerable areas are near you. Use your own good intuition and common sense about where to do and what to do. Know that you are being looked after and that you are protected. It is our job to sound the signals within your souls and minds to keep you tuned in keenly to what might occur around you. Do this with a sense of understanding not fear. Look after each other for you will be coming together in a stronger sense of unity and community in the coming times.

Remember that the media does not give you the truth about most events. They are a part of the beings who still want to control you. Their aim is to keep you afraid enough so that you will follow them. Stay separate from that and keep to your own inner guidance and truth. This is how we live in our planetary system. We have learned to empower ourselves and to use this empowerment with each other when we have to make decisions. You will need to do this also.

We are preparing you for the changing times. It is most important that you believe in the power and strength of who you are and that you have faith, the faith to move mountains if necessary.

We see many potential events on your horizon. What is necessary to remember is how humanity will respond to these events. We know that we can count on you to always come through doing your best. You are finishing up lifetimes of issues that you brought with you to be healed in this incarnation. When this is complete you will rise to all of the occasions that will present themselves. You will find your freedom and joy. You will be pleased with your progress and will be aligned with your New Earth.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


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Mount Shasta Retreat September 8-11, 2011 

It is almost time for my Heart of the Mountain Retreat at the sacred mountain of Mount Shasta. Every year we have magic and miracles as we spend time in nature, get nurtured, have channeling’s, laughter, joy and live in the higher dimensions of the mountain. If you are interested in attending the retreat please go to the beginning of this website ( to find out more. Early registration with a 10 percent discount ends on August 8.


In Conclusion

I am pleased to be communicating with you again. My finger is still recovering from surgery in May so my updates may be a little shorter for a while. My heart is always with you.

It feels like we have our resumes together for our greater works here on the Earth. Even if we don’t know exactly what we will be doing our work will be set before us. Let us work together to figure it all out and to complete what we came to do. We are ushering in higher dimensional energies and we are honored that Prime Source trusts us so much to do this important work.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

©2011 The Ground Crew

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Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, energy healer, channel, teacher, writer and poet. She is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. Valerie has been meditating twice daily for almost 40 years. She has worked for 15 years doing healings with many people. She works deeply at the heart and soul level and is assisted by many Masters and Archangels. Valerie is available for personal or phone sessions and can be reached at:

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