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Message from Valerie Donner - August 17, 2011

Dear Ground Crew,

What a wild time on Mother Earth! Change is happening so fast it can be challenging to stay with it. This is a sure sign that we are moving into the higher dimensions. Some of us would like to be there now but this is an important process in which we find ourselves. As the third dimension and our old systems implode upon themselves we have the opportunity to free ourselves from its effects. The main focus should be on the positive. Knowing that all of the craziness is a part of the Divine Plan can allow us to become the observer and not be a part of the drama and fear. Are you up to the task?

When my friends, family and clients share what they are going through sometimes I feel the best course of action is to pray for them. Even though I have been in service for many years and that I use my gifts to help others, I know I don’t have all of the answers, only Prime Source knows. As humans we get attached to the results of our actions. When our desires don’t turn out the way we intended we can lose faith. This can put us in peril and in a dark space.

It has been challenging and intense. We are facing our issues like never before. For many the financial turmoil has been horrendous. As Lightworkers I believe we are blessed to have more knowledge of what is really happening. This still can be uncomfortable. If we remember this is an illusion and that we will find solutions to our problems it will help a lot.

I just returned from four days in beautiful Mount Shasta. The city of Mount Shasta was full of tourists. Shop owners and friends said they have never seen so many tourists at the mountain. We interpret this as a sign that many more people are awakening and are being drawn to this sacred mountain where mystical, magical experiences occur. It is like being in a higher dimension. Synchronicity occurs regularly. One never knows who they will run into or what will happen. The mountain seems to be a catalyst for spiritual revelations and healing. It is a place of rejuvenation, joy and fun. The energy of the mountain is intense and can bring clarity as well as amplification of one’s issues.

The following is a poem that I wrote after moving to the mountain in 2000:

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The Heart of the Mountain

by Valerie Donner


When the heart of the mountain calls,
 I answer.
It feels like the love of God
Shaking me to the core.
If I don’t answer, I will rot on the tree
Like an apple in the wintertime that has not been picked.

When I listen
I create the most delicious results,
More beautiful and spacious
Than I could ever imagine.
I become the heart of the mountain. 

I breathe in the energies of the mountain
Freely and softly,
Knowing that it reminds me of
Who I am and where I originate.

The heart of the mountain
Comes from the heart of God.
I am that heart.
This is my point of origin.
It is the Light that I am.

Walk with me to the mountain
So that together our Light will shine
And radiate out to places
Forgotten and unknown
Like a distant star in the night.

You cannot hide any longer.
When the heart of the mountain calls you home
There is simply no place else to go.
You were someone in someplace.
Now you are in the heart of the mountain. 

You are home and you are free.
You have your spark with your destiny.
That is what the mountain
Calls you to do.
It calls you home.

© 2011 The Ground Crew

Yes, for some of us we feel the Lemurian energy at Mount Shasta. I was called to move there about one and a half years before the opportunity for me to move there occurred. One night when I was staying with a friend at Mount Shasta I heard voices say “We are calling you. We are calling you.” I knew it came from inside the mountain. When it was time to move there everything was easy and the way was paved beautifully.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Lemurians who reside underneath the mountain, there is a city called Telos that is left over from Lemuria. It is located one mile underneath the mountain. The Lemurians reside in the fifth dimension, are about seven feet tall, are beautiful, and loving. They have been holding the Christed energies for the Earth and humanity for about 11,000 years. (I like to describe the first dimension as the plant and mineral kingdoms, the second dimension as the animal kingdom, the third is the five physical senses, the material world, and the fourth is love and unity and the fifth dimension as Heaven on Earth.)

The first time my late friend Aurelia Louise Jones and I went up to the mountain to channel for each other I remembered Lemuria in my heart. She began channeling Adama, the high priest of Telos, and my heart opened and all I could do was weep. The connection was made. Many people from around the world read her books and they remember Lemuria also. Most of us have forgotten our connection since the sinking of Lemuria was so painful for us.

There is much more I could tell you; however, if you are interested you might want to read the books on Telos written by Aurelia Louise Jones that are sold in our MarketPlace in this website.

This is such a powerful time on the Earth. Heart openings are happening everywhere. The heart is where our divine intelligence resides. We will be residing in our hearts when we live in the fifth dimension. As we maneuver through the trials and tribulations of our own ascension and that of the Earth we are being tested. Some questions to ask ourselves might be:

    •   Have we become or are we becoming the Christed beings of Light that we were intended to be?
    •   How do we live this new way of being after living so many life times on this planet in separation?
    •   How do we let go of judgment, lack, unforgiveness, hatred, greed, wrongdoings, war, secrets and lies, abuse, and addictions, etc.?
    •   How do we begin to live as if we are already done with most of our lessons so that we can live in bliss, unity and happiness?
    •    How peaceful are we right now?
    •   What keeps surfacing in our lives that we need to release?
    •   Have we resolved most of our major issues so we only need to put the finishing touches into our lives?
    •   Have we forgiven ourselves?
    •   What is still pushing our buttons and how can we free ourselves of these triggers?
    •   Are we connected to the Light Realms and are we a part of the miracles of living right now on Mother Earth?
    •   Can we live mostly in the present moment?
    •   What is holding us back from our mastery?
    •   Have we taken back our power so that we can be the teachers for others who may just be awakening to their spirituality?
    •   Do we still give our power away?

These are a few simple yet important questions. I am sure there are more salient determinations for us to make.

It is by holding the Light in our hearts, being aware of our thoughts and actions, making and corrections along the way that we will live a much happier life. We will see that the separations from Prime Source and the darkness on the planet are the catalysts for our new awakening. This is how we will transduce the Light.

We can heal from this earthly sojourn. Even though we have disappointments we must remember that our Creator only wants the best for us. Prime Source knows better than we do what that means. When we surrender to this fact we make way for something better. This is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves and our planet.

With all of the restructuring and realigning occurring right now it is incumbent upon us to hold the Light and maintain our balance. This is the way we will enlighten others and help them to feel better about all of the changes. Keep a smile on your face and an uplifting remark to those in need. The human family needs to come back together in unity and love. It is through our open hearts that we will serve the Light in this way. This is our job as ground crew.

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A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council August 17, 2011 

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. We greet you with love in our hearts and blessings from the Pleiades.

As we monitor and survey the current situation on the Earth there are various places where our energy and attention is needed. We refer to these places as strongholds. From our ships and with our technology we direct energy to these places of imbalance and where there could be catastrophic conditions. This means that there is a high potential for earth changes that could erupt at any time. Right now there are more points than we have seen so we are quite busy. We suggest that you assist us too by meditating and focusing on your planet. Ask us to show you the points where your energy can help support the strongholds. Many of them are in your oceans. Feel into the energy of the Earth and let your inner guidance show you the way.

We are all in this process together. We use your love and Light. It is important that you focus your love and energy to the Earth and that you keep your hearts connected to each other. The situation is unstable. You will have many changes through 2012 and after.

The financial instability of your planet is but one example of the shifting of your old paradigms. It is best to accept that this is the way things are and find new ways to adjust and adapt. In this process the old ways that have been serving only the elite will fade into the past. Humanity will find greater sources of abundance. It is why we ask for your cooperation now.

The collapsing of time will hasten these changes. Have compassion with each other for these changes are stressful. Many resist them and it makes their lives challenging.

We ask you to stay alert and aware of all that is transpiring around you and within you. You need these levels of awareness to be where you are meant to be. Know that you will always be protected and guided. You must listen within. Your guidance systems are turned up like our guidance system.

Know that you are not alone. You are strong and that we will persevere even if times seem overwhelming. The changes are necessary for the Earth’s survival. You will recover and all will be greatly improved upon your planet.

Towards this end our fleets remain on alert around your planet. Many dedicated representatives from other star systems are participating in this process. You have our complete and total focus. We work at the request of our Creator. We only have your best interests in our hearts.

We anticipate that our time to meet with you with is forthcoming. We look forward to our reunion. Know that you are loved by your Pleiadian family. We are one.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.



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Heart of the Mountain Retreat September 8-11, 2011 

There is still some room for a few more to attend my retreat at Mount Shasta. You have until September 1 to register. For further information please see the front of this website.


In Conclusion

Our energies our needed. Our hearts are opening to the remembrance of whom we were and to who we are becoming. Let us all keep the faith, stay positive and do what we came to do. We are blessed to be here at this exciting time of transformation on our beloved Mother Earth.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

©2011 The Ground Crew

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Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, energy healer, intuitive reader, channel and teacher. Valerie works with the Masters and the Archangels. She has been meditating twice daily for 40 years. She may be reached for phone sessions at:
P.O. Box 5705
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
or e-mail:

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