Straight from the Heart

November 30, 2022


Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s the latest message from Apollo: “We are rapidly approaching what is called ‘the fire in the furnace.’ This is symbolic for the whole planet to be heated with the fire of love. This can be the time of year when you enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace sipping hot drinks, trying to stay warm and watching the flames. This year it will be different. There’s a new ignition system from creation designed to activate higher consciousness. It will end the darkness that will be turned to dust. You will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes into the New Earth. You’ll be living in the 5th dimensional consciousness. This is a time of great cleansing and healing. You will be celebrating the truth, the everlasting truth, that shall set you and the earth free. Fire is a part of creation that causes the clearing of the old and the creation of something new. The new creation will be superior to what it is replacing. It will stretch your imagination which will create something of great beauty. Relax, enjoy, and welcome in the new!”

How are you doing ground crew? Have you noticed there’s a different energy this year for the holidays? It’s a whole new spirit filtering through the energies of consumption. Yes, we still have the hype but it is different. There’s still the residue of the matrix as many blindly go about what they’ve done for so long. They don’t question a tradition. There is something so much more important occurring, the battle between good and evil. Many people have had to rethink what they’ve done in the past because they can no longer afford it, or don’t have the energy for it.

If the old way of living in the material world has lost its luster, you might want to watch this short video. It’s one of the best explanations I have seen. It is on YouTube: The Matrix is Losing Its Hold On You-Kyle Cease. “I’m Here For The Real Thing.” It’s a 10 minute video where he discusses how the matrix was a type of computer program that held everything in place so that everything was predictable. This very much benefitted the controllers. He says that now we are out of the matrix everything is just in the presence. It’s all unpredictable. It’s a helpful video.

You may have noticed how functioning in the material world has become increasingly onerous. It’s hard to find parts for things, you can’t count on delivery or the presence of certain items on the shelves, the price of gas is off the chart, etc. How do we handle what we used to take for granted? We get creative. We become patient. We realize what’s going on as a third dimension implodes upon itself. We might find better solutions for things, perhaps compromise?

Some of us believed housing prices would continue to rise forever, while forgetting what happened in 2008. We forgot scoundrels still exist and that other new versions of ripping us off arise with the same theme. Some people have been living in La La Land. They’re still programmed and asleep. They’re taking their lives for granted like everything is going to be the same that it was.

Then we have our beautiful ground crew seeking truth, holding the light, and shifting through misinformation and disinformation. Confusion is part of the plan. It’s to keep people off-balance and uncertain. Many want to know what’s going to happen next. We still keep getting the same answers such as: “This is to help wake up the normies!” Some of us are downright done with the excuse that everything is to wake up the normies. Or “It has to be done by the military, etc.”

What I think we need to do is to call forth the Great Almighty and pray for divine intervention. I think divine intervention would wake up the normies. They wouldn’t have any excuse not to be awake because they’d be living in the light. We are multi-dimensional beings needing a multi- dimensional resolution to the horrific conditions on the planet.

When some report the potential loss of more of our freedoms, another lockdown, or an even more lethal plague, we have to remember that this is the plan of the dark forces and is not of the light. The light is taking back the planet and we’ve already won. Our Creator knows all of the answers to our questions. All we need to do is listen within to our hearts. If you start feeling fear and your energy drops off, question the information. It just might be opinions of others but not yours.

I believe it’s good if we stop parroting back everything we’ve been told these last few years. How many times do we have to say the same things to ourselves and to each other? Perhaps we just need to get our own information? We can appreciate all of those who are in the forefront sharing what they know and helping us along the way. It’s beneficial that most of us have learned to keep our mouth shut with some of what we know to our families, and other woke ones. We get disinformation from the alternative media also.

Some of you may ask, “How do I get my own information?” You can ask your guides to help you find the truth. Meditation and prayer are helpful. Ask for clarity in your dreams and messages. We all have access to that. Ask the Angels of Clarity to help you find the truth. Do your own research. Someone who is really good at this is “Amazing Polly.” She is a deep digger and you can find her on Never rely on just one source. Listen to your heart. If you’re starting to feel fear, stop and pay attention. Pay attention to your own intuition. It can be subtle or it can be startling. Please pay attention to what’s going on around you. The energies are shifting and might portend that you are getting ready to be hit with a cosmic 2 x 4! I would prefer a celestial splinter, which is easier. (For those of you who don’t know this expression in the US, it has to do with the size of wood.) Write things down. Share what you were getting with a like-minded friend. Many of us are extremely empathic these days. Source has given us more empathy so that we can feel what is going on around us.



Being in Nature

So on to a more fun topic. This topic is about being with nature. I have been experiencing lots of magic and miracles with nature. A few weeks ago I was talking on the phone with a friend and I took a picture of my cat. There was also a neighbor cat that was in our yard and behaving very peacefully. My cat doesn’t usually like to share her yard. I sent a picture to my friend and she asked me what was that in the middle of my tree. It was a turquoise color. Low and behold it turned out to be a fairy!If you blow up the picture you can see two black eyes. I was delighted!

A few days ago I was walking in my neighborhood wearing my purple sweater and pants, along with a fuchsia colored jacket. I had previously looked at the sun. Sometime thereafter I looked down at the ground and all of the leaves of a certain type were flashing the fuchsia colored light. It went on for several minutes. I had never seen anything like this. My heart was jumping for joy!

About two days ago I was looking out my window and I noticed a bird that looked like it had a baby bird riding on its back. I couldn’t believe it. I never seen anything like that! I got out my camera and took a picture and I believe it was another type of fairy that was riding on the back of the bird. It was starting to turn a little more towards the evening so it’s a little hard to see, but I’m including the picture of the turquoise fairy in the tree and the bird with the fairy on it’s back!

Some of you may think I have gone a little ascension 5D type of crazy, however, I’m telling you the truth and I’ve been extremely happy having these multidimensional experiences. I believe our future will bring us many more of these connections with nature, the mineral kingdom, the animals, the earth and each other. This is not even mentioning our galactic family and we will see them also.

The other thing I have noticed is the profound manifestation of whatever I’m choosing to create for myself. I would just think of the way I want things to go when I have to do errands, or something like that. It happens the way I want it to happen. Some of you may be experiencing the same things? I am not the only one.


Show Me The Fairies
By Valerie Donner

Show me the fairies
And I’ll jump high and wide.
I know they have a message
And nature is the guide.

They like it when we talk to them
And realize they are around.
They work really hard for us
To have beautiful grounds.

They the paint faces of the flowers,
Using their creative delight.
They dance under the moon
In circles of fairy light.

They have beautiful houses,
That some can see and others can’t.
You can feel their presence
And “No!” they don’t have to pay rent!

I have visited fairy houses
In tree stumps and other digs.
It’s a special treat
To see where they live.

When you make the connection
You will always know they are there.
You might get tickled with a feather
Or find a little hair.

So call upon the fairies
To brighten up your day.
Tell them you need to play a bit
And they can have their way.


A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council November 30, 2022 through Valerie Donner


I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

I greet you today from the Earth Council, special ground crew. We admire your patience and your perseverance with the ascension process at hand. We compliment you in every way possible for being the most extraordinary ground crew with whom we have ever worked. You are admired by our Creator and all of the Galactic’s and Realms of Light. We honor you for your light, love, and for your exuberance, on your mission for the earth’s ascension.

Little did any of us know what an arduous process this would be. Because of you and our work together, a very large percentage of the dark forces are now off of the planet. The remaining stragglers are struggling to maintain what they have but too little avail. They are truly lost.

We celebrate this because they have done such evil and damage to life on the Earth. Even the Creator has risen up his arms in realization of the damage that has been done. Please mark our words that this shall never happen again anywhere in creation. The earth is the last post where a dark takeover will ever occur again!

They have always been trying to find what you have here on earth to keep it for themselves, and to control it and to control you! They have neutralized themselves to a point of no return. What happens to them also affects others with similar intentions. Some important lessons from creation have been imprinted in history.

We relish the way that we have all worked together. We have learned how to play the game and how to restructure where necessary. Due to this, we have made refinements in the ascension process that we can use later with other planets. They will be forever grateful for what you have done and what we have done together.

Because of who you are as profound beings of light, you will be welcomed to many other star systems and planets. You will share your stories and teachings with other ascending planets. You will be honored and revered.

You are now living in much higher consciousness. Some of you are in the 5th dimension and higher. Life will start to get easier for you and you will reap the benefits of your hard work.

We want you to know how much we love you and how grateful we are for all that you’ve done.

I am Mira sending you great love.

A Video From Me

I have completed my first video for you and here’s the link:


December Zoom Classes

Due to the holidays I will only be doing two zoom classes this month.

Kuthumi, who was Saint Francis of Assisi, is responsible for the Earth, the animals, nature spirits and all of the kingdoms: Thursday, December 8, 5:00 to 6:30 PM Pacific time, $30.  You may attend and bring your animals for healing.

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, Thursday, December 15, 5:00 to 6:30 PM Pacific time $25.

Please send payment for the class to me through PayPal:

I will send you a link.


How I Can Help You

I have been doing my work as a spiritual counselor, reader, energy healer, teacher and channel for over 25 years. I am still offering $20 off a session through the end of the year. My regular rate is $70 for 30 minutes so now it is $60, and $140 for an hour is $120.

Please call me or email me if you want a session. Phone: 925-287-8976 or


In Conclusion

We are in incredible time of change. People are waking up and even more people are waking up. The matrix is gone and we are in the 5th dimension, and in higher consciousness.

Believe in magic and miracles, and a perfect life. This is what we are all creating right now.

The light is here and this is exciting.

Have a most joyful and light filled holiday season!

With love, magic and miracles, from my heart to yours,




(Image credit: NASA/SDO/AIA/LMSAL)


Straight from the Heart

October 28, 2022


Dear Ground Crew:

As I’m starting to write this message, the Master St. Germain came to me passionately and wants to tell you some things.

“Greetings, I am St. Germain. I am the Master of the Violet Flame. I brought you the Violet Flame for transmutation and you need it now! You need to use the tools that have been given to you. Please bring them all up and add your gifts and abilities with the use of these tools and even more.

“We are extremely busy in the Light Realms watching over you and caring about your every need. This is the time for magic and miracles. I am an alchemist and I have taught many of you how to use these gifts to change matter. You will see how matter and form are changing now right before your eyes. Everything is changing. This is about your transformation and the transfiguration of the earth.

“You might as well start accepting that nothing is going to be the way that it was. I understand this is difficult to accept. Holding onto the past will not serve you. You can grieve the loss of what you had but what is necessary is for you to recreate your lives. You will be at a much higher frequency. The old ways of doing things will not support your higher frequencies.

“It is incumbent upon you to make use of the light from within, from your heart, and from your connection with the Creator. When you are about God’s business, you will feel great! Your hearts will be singing and your path will open up even more. Surely, this is how you will want to go about your lives.

“The energies from the eclipses, the Solar Eclipse from October 25 and the Lunar Eclipse on November 8, will exacerbate your need to go within. It will require you to go deeply within to find your truth because you are in uncharted territory. Right now, I could tell the whole world everything that I know, and what to do, and some of you would believe me and take me up on my truth and wisdom. Others are not ready for their freedom to be who they truly are. Freedom is what I stand for and it is what everyone needs. You need to let go of your old identity of who you thought you were and what you had to do. This inner development takes strength and will require you to use your reserves, and every bit of inner strength that you have. You’ll be calling forth a new day, and a New Earth.

“We are here to help you do it but you must dig deeply from within. This is where your guidance from Source resides. You are destined to be your sovereign true selves. Whatever anyone else has told you about who you really are, such as parents, family teachers, friends and others, is only a small part of your I AM presence and who you are. The question is how can they tell you who you are if they don’t even really know who they are? Very few people do.

“You are going through right now the greatest show on the earth that anyone has ever seen. It is remarkable. It is filled with transparency, new colors, sparkles, and things appearing that you have never seen before. The frequencies have been waiting for you to use for eons. So let’s get ready. Activate your DNA codes and connect with Source within to elevate the earth and all of life. I am serious about this, ground crew. This is your purpose and your destiny unfolding. You are connecting to your true source/power and you are going to get the job done!

“This truly is your great awakening! I am here to tell you to plug Source into your hearts and go as deeply as you can. You can do it all. We are interconnected and each of us has a role to play. I have my role and you have yours. Some people know I like to be called “Mr. Wonderful!” I like this because I like to mirror back to you how wonderful you are and what wonderful times you have in store for you for your New Earth and your heaven on earth.”

“So dear ones, let the good times roll, and the old times go flat. What is most important is the now moment, and your full presence, as you go about your new ways of living. Please be mindful of setting good examples for others who are also awakening but might not be at your level. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t serve to compare yourself to others. Simply be the best you that you can be! That’s what the Creator requires of us, to be the best co- creations with God that we can possibly be.

“It was time for a little pep talk from me. I know you take my words well and will share this message with others. It’s time to turn the lights on in the earth’s auditorium and let them shine! I AM St. Germain. Please use my Violet Flame! It will help make the world a better place.”



Other News

I am so grateful that St. Germain kicked off this message. Since my last update a lot has happened. My webmaster has been having dark attacks from the opposing forces, to the point where for quite a few months she was having to rebuild her computers after getting my messages for the monthly postings. For October, she ended up losing all of the information on her external hard drive. She quit! That left me in a challenging state. Not only did that happen, but on September 30, which was the day that I had written the October message, I was attacked in my dream state. The dark ones, who I will call the “Internet police “working for the dark forces, told me that I needed to stop doing my website. I had a few words with them and responded to their demand with the power and force of the light and a giant “NO!”

I have had this website for over 25 years. This is the worst thing that’s ever happened. It has thrown my business in a tailspin. It’s possible that my emails may have been hacked? I am not having the number of inquiries for sessions that I usually have through my Gmail. The dark ones are trying to stop us from speaking the truth and sharing the light. We cannot allow this to happen. By the grace of God we will continue this ground crew website and expand even more. As author and martial artist, George Leonard used to say, “You take the hit as a gift!” I have been spending this past month evaluating the gifts and blessings that are coming as a result of what’s happened. It hasn’t been very much fun!

The good news is that I have found a new webmaster. I have expanded my security for my website and taken other precautionary matters. I understand through a friend who is an IT person, that the dark ones actually have “paid agents” to mess with peoples’ websites. This means I’m also making some changes like writing at different times of the month. I might write more frequently, especially if there is more support for that, and some financial assistance, from the ground crew. I am also going to be going out into social media.

Here’s a few things I’ve been learning this year:

• Take nothing or no one for granted.
• The universe is taking care of us even if we don’t realize it.
• Everything is about heart.
• It’s time to love like you have never loved before.
• It’s important to get rid of things/people we thought we needed and to heal on our own sometimes.
• We are having a beautiful influx of the Masters with many Angels around us.
• It’s good to get out of our routines, projects, places and being with certain people, to be open to the new.
• We can find the answers within, if we listen, not from someone else.
• The Creator has our backs.
• Magic and miracles do happen.
• Gratitude is a great spiritual practice.


Tough Times
By Valerie Donner

These are tough times
At the ground crew site.
The dark forces are attacking
And we’re having a fight.

The Internet Police
Are running wild.
They are afraid of the light
And are acting like a naughty child.

They are throwing tantrums
Against the light and truth.
Much of what they’re
Doing is quite uncouth.

These bad guys are losing
Their hold.
It’s all falling apart
Even though they are bold.

Let’s strike up the band
With the angels of light.
Let’s breathe in love
With God’s mightiest Might.

Hang in there, ground crew.
This is why we’re here.
Stand strong and tall
And be of good cheer.

The earth will be free.
We will roam in delight.
We will have done our work
And won the fight!


A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council October 26, 2022 through Valerie Donner

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council speaking with you today from the Earth Council. Our eyes are on you as everything is being churned up on your planet. You have made excellent progress with removing the dark forces since we last spoke. Some of them are sitting on pins and needles knowing they have very little time left to be on the earth. Everything is being stripped away from them. They have completely lost control over you and the earth. They only have a few more tricks up their sleeves before before it will be complete.

Some of you have been feeling as if you have been walking on a tight rope, as you gently take one step after the other and look out wherever you can, because this is necessary now. Every day there are new revelations. These revelations need to being keenly addressed. They require you to look deeply into the past to see how it has infected the current times. This is why you came back from the future to change this now moment.

More people are awakening to the ugly truth that will set you all free. The Legions of Light are the celestial warriors of light. The Creator is fully active in their hearts, as well as in yours. The activations of the human heart are bringing forth a power to be reckoned with and a strength that is beyond compare. There has never been anything like what is going on with the earth right now. You are breaking all records of history from throughout the ages. We are keeping meticulous records and notes about how this is being done. Rest assured that the greatest minds and forces of light in every form of being, are completely in charge of this process. You are a part of this force of light, ground crew.

We will stop at nothing until the dark has been completely removed from this loving earth that you inhabit. You are the most creative and loving beings in all of creation. You are the ones who have taken responsibility for this grand finale of releasing the earth from enslavement. You have kept your commitment to the Creator. For this you will all be rewarded.

We understand this journey has taken you through many painful lifetimes on the earth, and other planets, to have the expertise to do what you are doing now. Please do not underestimate your gifts, your strength and inherent abilities. You are being pushed to the test now at this pivotal moment. Even your thoughts are a part of the strategic changes being implemented at this time You are working together in oneness and that is what is most important.

You might feel fragmented and like you are the only ones holding the light for the New Earth but this is not so. Each one of you is being ignited like a match and striking a new cord in the fire of creation. This makes your work and your energy even more formidable to those who have had control. We are with you and we know what it is like to go through the ascension process.

Some of you are questioning everything, and that is perfectly normal when you are ascending. Your bodies are going through many levels of change, so if you feel out of sorts; this is also normal. Some days you might need to soak up the sun, take long naps or walks. You may need to be with people, or you may need to be by yourself, because you’re processing these changes extensively. You may be awakened in the night receiving guidance, light and love. When you awaken in the morning you may feel anew. You are becoming anew.

Whatever you are experiencing is part of the great revelations being shown to you. Keep synthesizing these experiences so that you can clear the energies with which you are working.

These are exciting times and soon you will find yourselves living in a magical and perfect world.

I am Mira sending you all of our love and good fortune.



November Zoom Classes

Since November will be a busy month with Thanksgiving here in the US, I will only be doing two classes:

The Master Kuthumi, who was Saint Francis of Assisi, Thursday, November 10, from 5 to 6:30 PM, Pacific time. $30. He is responsible for the earth, the fairies, nature spirits, and the animals. In this October’s class we had six people and three cats. The cats really know where the good energy is, so maybe some of you will want to attend and bring your cats for healing too.

Mira from the Pleiadian high Council, Thursday, November 17, from 5 to 6:30PM, Pacific Time. $25. She is a beloved teacher for us.You will love her energy.

Please contact me if you’re interested in taking a class at: Payment can still be made through PayPal:


A Special on Sessions With Me!

I have decided to do my annual discount for sessions from now until the end of 2022. My usual rate is $140 per hour but I will be charging $20 less so that’s $120 per hour, and instead of $70 for 30 minutes, it will be $60.

I do spiritual counseling, readings, energy healing, and personal channeling’s from the Masters and your Angels. I have been doing this work for over 25 years. I’ve been meditating twice daily for over 40 years.You might want to treat yourself to a special gift of having a session with me or purchase a gift certificate for someone who could use my help.

If any of you tried to contact me for a session in this past month and you didn’t hear from me, it is because I’ve had some interference with my emails. So now please contact me at: or call me at 925-287-8976. I apologize if you may have contacted me and I did not answer back because my emails have been disrupted.



October has been a stressful month due to the outside interference. If any of you could be so kind to make a contribution to help me get through this, I would greatly appreciate it. You can use the with PayPal or you can use regular mail: PO Box 5705, Walnut Creek, CA 94596


In Conclusion

The forces of light are working in full gear right now and that includes us! The end is in sight and our new world is coming. Let’s stay on it and complete our missions. Don’t give up! Don’t listen to the fear based messages because they are not true. Let’s take back our power in our hearts with love and light! We are the ground crew!

With all of the love and magic and miracles coming from my heart to yours,






Straight from the Heart

October 1, 2022



Dear Ground Crew:


Here’s the latest from Apollo: “I come to you today with messages from the stars. We bring you connection, love, wellness, and good tidings from your galactic families. Take a deep breath for you are nearly done with the hard work of holding your light on the imploding third dimensional earth. We understand the task has been arduous. You didn’t realize how much work was needed to reach this point of the great awakening. Throughout your incarnation you have held steady with your light. Little did you know how important you are in the pathway of Ascension. You are beginning to find this out. As you watch the matrix and material world fall apart, you are practicing going within much more than before. In the past you believed you had to be followers. Now you are going to be the leaders. You will be the ones others will look to guide them through to the New Earth and your new Heaven on Earth. We want you to feel the excitement and all that you have earned for your hard work. We will celebrate you in the near future. It is almost over. Please let your heart sing as you feel the love from the Creator. This is what you came to reclaim. It is here now.”


Ground Crew, you are powerful beings of light. Your energy and your light are the reasons that we are in the final stages of removing the darkness from the earth. It is true that there is much going on in the outer world as we see it fall to its demise. However, there is an even greater amount going on within. Your gifts and abilities are awakening. This can be subtle and yet, even startling to remember how amazing you are.


You are self-actualizing and connecting to the God within. You do not need to follow the ancient teachers or the New Age teachers anymore. You have access to the pure Source energy within. When you follow this connection, your heart leads the way. This is how we will be living on the New Earth. It is through our hearts, our own internal GPS system.


We will cease to be at the effect of external programming because we are coming together in our oneness and our empowerment. The old self-doubts, fears, core issues, victimization, and third dimensional world problems will be left in the dust. So essentially you get to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!


On top of this fun, you will have new technology, galactic friends and family, projects from your heart, abundance, enhanced creativity, and lots of celebrations. If this sounds too good to be true, just know it isn’t! It is our inheritance as we take back our planet. We will be given many rewards.


Every system on the planet is changing. Systems will be designed for the good of the people, not so that others can extract every last ounce of money from us.  Unfortunately, some people were designed to worship money instead of Source. In the evolution of our new consciousness, at some point money will not be necessary.


Can you imagine reversing aging, having perfect health, everything you need, and eventually living off of light? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a perfect life where you don’t have to complain about anything? You won’t have income taxes, and you won’t have to do jobs just for money. You will do things because it’s from your heart and your soul. You will be in joy.


You’ll be able to take special trips on spaceships and to other planets and learn from each other. You will be honored and revered because you were one of the special beings who participated in the ascension of the earth and all of creation. I think you could easily be called “The Prime of the Prime!” It’s okay to let that go to your head. You are special, indeed, and it is time that you recognize that!



The Prime of the Prime

By Valerie Donner


You are amazing beings.

You came to the earth

To be all things, 

Because you are the Prime of the Prime queens and kings.


Remember you are special.

 You can’t be bought or sold. 

You came to bring your light

 And to hold it so bold.


You are repellents of the dark.

You excel at this.

You work with a divine spark.

That will bring you bliss. 


You are children of God 

Made from a special mold.

You are of the truth. 

 You are worth more than gold.


You are lighting the way 

For how great life can be.

 And how transformation 

Will be for all to see.


You are the first.

You are the last. 

You are the Prime of the Prime.

 All of the tests you have passed.


Welcome, special ones, 

To the galactic portals.

You now graduate

To the life of immortals!



On a Personal Level


I went on another trip to the Redwoods a few days ago. I got some magnificent photos of the beings in the trees. This is at Muir Woods in Marin County in the San Francisco Bay area. It’s much closer than when I went to visit my family in Northern California. It was quite spectacular and I’m going to share a few of these photos with you.


Here’s some recent photos of ships where I live. I know the Galactic’s are here because I can feel them. We don’t always see them, but we can feel them. They are at work!




Straight from the Heart

September 1, 2022



Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s the latest from Apollo: ‘Today I want to discuss the great awakening. You find yourselves in the middle of the great awakening. The temperature is rising, the truth is penetrating, the light is accelerating, and you find yourselves wondering where time has gone. These are all signs of the great awakening. Where it stops nobody knows. This rising consciousness moves into eternity, and nothing can stop what is happening with the ascension of the earth. All of creation is focused on you now. Can you feel the love? Can you feel the heartbeat of the earth? The earth is ecstatic, and we hope that many of you are feeling similarly. We hope you feel the clearing of the darkness and how much more peaceful the planet is. Wherever you live this is happening in breakneck speed. The Creator is playing his/her hand. The cards are on the table. There is no going back to the material world because it is collapsing in front of you. You have a magnificent future. It could be chaotic for a while, but you have the tools to maneuver through whatever happens. Find the strength within the love of Source, and Source’s love for you in your heart. You will have everything you need. We are with you and will see you through.”

Ground Crew, how are you doing? Are you beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel? It is there. The movie is just about over. By listening to nature you can feel the happiness it is holding. By standing and looking at the sun, you can feel the higher consciousness. It is like being fed from the stars. There are many signs that the truth will set you free. Let the signs nurture you out of the past three years. Release the past because you are past it. The dark ones are on a free fall. The earth will be freed from them forever.

Much more of humanity is awakening. This is necessary so that what happened to this planet never happens again. The forces of light are advancing. They are making huge strides. They are ready and they are doing a fantastic job, just like you. This powerful strength reminds me of the words that Clint Eastwood said in a movie called “Sudden Impact” in 1983: “Go ahead. Make my day!” He has always played a tough guy. 

We are the tough guys and gals working for the light. We get to feel the strength from the love and truth within. We are advancing and we’ll have a sudden impact on the freeing of the earth.

Every thought we have is important. Every move we make matters. Practicing kindness and love anchor in more of the fifth dimensional energy and higher. We are eliminating victim consciousness and imprinting victory. We have a right to be our unique selves. We get to practice our sovereignty. We are required to stand in the truth and the light. Holding this energy is our job. We do not have to fight those who think differently from us. We just need to be ourselves and love and allow others their own awakening.

There are signs in the sky and there will be more. I have come to realize there are cloud artists working diligently to provide other signs and to reassure us of the great awakening. I imagine these cloud artists are angels and that they make art to delight us. They know some of us are looking for what’s going on in the sky. People all over the world are looking at the sun and the sky. One day they made a big heart, and I could feel the love coming from them. I have seen letters, a golden dragon, and even a cloud that looks like Trump. I thought this was funny. No matter how you feel about him, they did some great artwork. There is a great art gallery in the sky. Please take a few looks. Here’s a couple pictures: 


God’s Art Gallery in the Sky

By Valerie Donner


Open your eyes 

And look up. 

The sky is the canvas

 And who knows what they’ll cook up?


There’s all kinds of artists

 Waiting to reveal,

How to use the sky as media

To make things more real.


There’s faces 

Of animals and other beings to boot. 

They’ll make you happy

 And you can have a hoot!


Looking up at the sky

 Can remove you from this world.

 It can take you to other places 

 Where you can feel bejeweled.


There’s a saying:

“As above, so below.”

They’re showing us what’s here

 So that we can know.


Their symbols and writings

Would be nice to understand. 

I’m looking for the dictionary

So I will know firsthand.


Look up everybody.

Have a blast.

This art in the sky

Is quick and fast.

Recent Trip

I recently took a long drive to visit my family in the Redwoods in Northern California. I am pleased to say that I saw Esko, my grandnephew who had the Redwood Tree branch fall on his skull and crush his skull last October. He miraculously survived and will be turning four in October. He still has some special needs but he’s playing and having fun like a normal child. We are so grateful for your prayers and support.

Since some of you have never been to the Redwoods, I’m going to show you a few pictures near where my family lives: