Dear Ground Crew:

This is a message I received on December 4 from Apollo. He is a galactic who is assisting in removing the dark forces from the planet. I receive regular messages from him.  This is the latest one: “The whole system is going to rock and be shaken to the core. You will begin to see what you have never thought possible. Those who wish death and destruction upon you, will find it happening to them. It is the natural reversal of a very dark cycle on the earth. Prepare for shock and change. Keep yourselves removed from the chaos and rest in knowing that the old way of living and merely surviving is nearly complete. Watch the old go. Hold your head high for much good is coming to you.”

How are you doing, ground crew? Do the energies feel strange? Does it feel like you are living between two worlds? Are you finding yourself becoming more Galactic? Are you gaining new talents and abilities? Are you feeling complete with the third dimensional experience? Do things feel surreal? Are you surprised with what you are learning? Are you letting yourself be distracted with the mainstream media? Are you releasing old patterns and programs? Are you full of expectations for a new world?

These could be just a few examples of the current experience on our beloved planet. These feelings point to the need to go inward, to trust oneself, and to be completely discerning with what you are seeing and hearing. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. The big media events are a distraction from what is really happening.

The truth is there between the squabbles and the scenes. There is a Divine Plan that is at work with every detail laid in place. The panoramic view is huge. The Creator is in charge. This is what we need to remember. We only get to see some pieces of this big picture. No one knows everything. We each get to do our part.

As we progress with your Ascension Process, we see increasing transparency. Some of it is ugly and disturbing. We can wonder how we could have lived this way for so long. Since the veils have been removed it is more obvious. The words horrific and disgusting come to mind. We ponder how they could have kept us from knowing, yet we continued to be in the matrix. It prevented us from knowing what we know now.

In this divine awakening we get to see it all. It is a part of our enlightenment. Here is a link to a long but important article that spells it out. I highly recommend it.

If you read the article about planetary liberation you will see that we are at the end of the first phase of our liberation. This is the phase of Loosening the grip of the dark forces by weakening and eliminating their power structures and technological controls, increasing awareness among the general population and preparing for the Event.

We have heard plenty about investigations upon investigations. Yet this is part of the process. Some of you might have heard that December 5 is when military tribunals are supposed to begin trying the 68,000 people who have been indicted for crimes against humanity. This information could likely be temporarily postponed and/or buried in the Bush funeral festivities. Q anon has been giving out some very interesting information. You might want to check him out on YouTube.

Apparently, behind the scenes a lot has been done to take away the financial controls of the cabal. If you recall, a few months ago all the spy satellites were taken out by the Galactic’s. There is political unrest globally. Technological advances that remove us from the cabal’s control are also being put into use. Stay vigilant. Humanity is waking up.

The Lightworkers are contributing immensely. By working with our own energies, raising our vibrations, and tapping into the power within, we are anchoring in the light and the templates for the event. We are also getting very close to having powerful crystalline bodies instead of our carbon-based bodies. This helps raise the vibration of the planet and the consciousness of all of life.

Miracle after miracle is coming our way. I find this to be so when I remind myself that Spirit has my back. If I find myself challenged, I say Spirit has my back. This works every time and shifts the energy from doubt, fear, lack and limitation. By doing this, we are in the fifth dimensional energies of manifestation. We are tuned in to the Power Plant.

The Power Plant

By Valerie Donner


Tap into the power plant.

You can’t go wrong.

It takes you to frequencies

Where you belong.


The power plant is real.

It’s been there all the time.

When you meditate

You get there on a dime.


What does it feel like

To tap into the power within?

You will find

It is absolutely divine.


This is true free energy.

There is no cost at all.

It is super powerful;

It makes one feel big and tall.


It’s time to tap into the power,

Like Tesla did before;

He showed us magic

That we have galore.

Message from Mira from the Pleiadean High Council channeled through Valerie Donner December 4, 20 18

Greetings I am Mira. I greet you today from the Earth Council where I have been working for over six of your earth years. My job is to assist the earth’s Ascension process. I am here to assist you as you move into higher consciousness.

At this time, I would like to assist you with several different matters. This is in preparation for your Ascension. It should serve you well and I trust that you will take these matters into consideration.

Number one. What is your stamina level? You are running the last lap of the final race. Are you breathing? Are you keeping your eye on the prize? Are you continuing to raise your vibration? Are you letting go of what no longer serves you? Are you trusting the process? Are you reminding yourselves of your part in the divine plan?

Number two. What is your most important area of focus right now? Are you prioritizing your spiritual work and healing? Are you taking care of first things first? What matters the most? Are you trusting yourself? Are you believing in yourself? Can you envision a new future for yourself and a new planet?

Number three. Are you building greater faith and trust in the process at hand? Are you managing to stay positive and when something negative comes do you let it go and not let it affect you as it would have in the past? Do you feel that you are capable of maneuvering over any hurdles that might come your way?

Number four. As you approach the end of these lower dimensions do you feel yourself becoming less burdened? Does the material world have less impact your daily life? Are you beginning to get a sense of what it feels like from time to time to feel some bliss, joy and happiness? Do you want more of these positive feelings?

Number five. Are you getting ready to have contact with us, the Galactic’s? Are you open to meeting some of your Galactic brothers and sisters who are already on the planet? Are you aware that you will recognize us when you see us? Can you begin to imagine how joyful and heartfelt your reunions will be? Are you ready to share and learn from each other?

Number six. What is your preparation level for stepping into new work assignments? What is the burning desire and passion within for greater service to the earth and life on the earth? Are you willing to learn with others and to share what you know? Are you willing to amplify your creativity and to part with the old way of doing things?

Number seven. Right now, it is can you think about getting the best that you can get from these final days in the third dimension? Can you make the best of it? Can you put it all together so that you can see the big picture and get the value from that? Can you remind yourself that you chose to be here at this time for this very special purpose? Can each of you realize how important your contribution is, and that the value of your energy and love is enough?

These are my thoughts right now. I hope that they will be helpful. I cannot wait to see your reactions.

We are in full swing with everything that is occurring right now. Our total focus is on you and the earth. We continue to participate in doing our part in relieving the earth from the contamination of the dark forces and for the illumination of the light.

I am Mira with love.

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In Conclusion

There is massive evidence of planetary change. We can feel it in the cellular structure of our bodies, and we sense it on every level, in our hearts, souls and our spirit. We interact with it in our dreams, and in our everyday activities. We see this shift of the ages in our sun, moon, other planets and in nature. We experience what is called “climate change” from the temperature differences and other variations on the earth. (Please remember that the earth’s axis started tilting when we had the big earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004. This is when the earth’s axis began shifting and changing our position to the sun.)

We are doing this Ascension together. We have unlimited help with all of the resources that we need to get the job done, ground crew.

I wish you the very best Holiday Season, New Year, along with new gifts and revelations.


Blessings, love and delight,



Dear Ground Crew:

Most of you probably know that I talk to Apollo every day. He apprises me about the progress that is being made with the removal of the dark forces from our planet. The news is good and the dark forces are being exponentially taken away at an accelerated rate. I hear that it is between 90 and 94% of the dark ones that have now been removed. This is what he told me on November 2, 2018: “The time will come when you will realize that you have walked away from your struggles and your strife. You will have cleared that chapter of your life. You will be freed from the third dimension and it will have no effect on you. These days are the last vestiges of your experience of separation. You will be free and able to express your selves. You will live in great abundance and creativity. You will have all the resources that you need. Awaken and rejoice, for you have arrived with what you came to the earth to do.”

We have every reason to be optimistic about our future. Swami Beyondananda (the humorist Steve Bhaerman, states that we are in the middle of an “upwising.” It has recently been estimated that 10% of the people in the United States are awake. That is 30 million people. This should be enough even if it’s just in the United States to put us at the tipping point of a critical mass where we have the ability to shift the consciousness of the entire planet. What an accomplishment!

Although we continue to learn about darkness and the harshness of this planet, and the circumstances under which we have lived, we must remember that it is because of the huge influx of light that the shadows are being revealed. This is where the focus needs to be. Remember that light is information and that through information we become informed and enlightened. Although some of us would prefer to remain ignorant of some of the atrocities to which we are being exposed, the truth is coming out so that we understand. We can never allow such darkness on the earth ever again.

The declining mainstream media and cabal are grasping to continue their control. They are being rendered less powerful as their transparency and self-serving ways come to the surface. They are desperate, are losing financial strength, and know they are going down. In spite of the hoopla that is being portrayed in the media, much is being accomplished behind the scenes. Globally, many governmental leaders from the cabal are being removed through various means. We will have new financial systems that will be fair and equitable. Money will be distributed more evenly so that it doesn’t just go straight to the elite. Those who are in service to self will be leaving the planet and those who are serving others will take the planet back.

We are receiving bountiful support from the Creator, Great Central Sun, the Light Realms, the Galactics, the earth, other planets, the inner earth, and from many other sources. This November 11, is another 11-11 Gateway. It is actually a very rare 11-11-11, since 2018=11. This important date is significant in moving us into an illuminated living light. It is connected to the human heart as it seeks to find itself. It is encouraging us to move beyond limitation as we are walking into a gateway of manifestation. The fifth dimension is a dimension of manifestation. For more clarity on this from Gillian MacBeth-Louden go to to read about the 11-11 in her October 2018 newsletter. Please take some time on that day to open up the Gateway of your heart.

You can also go here: to see the “Doorway Journey Beyond the Journey Workshop” that Maureen Moss is doing on the Internet that day.

As an energy healer and spiritual counselor, I observe more people having symptoms of anxiety, disconnection, depression, being un-grounded and imbalanced, and for some a great deal of pain. They need soul level healing, which is the work that I do. Core issues, past life pain, unresolved patterns, the shadow self, along with the need for spiritual guidance, are in the forefront. It is time for us to clear these stuck energies so that we can move along the Ascension path. Sometimes all it takes is insight from another person to clear and release what is no longer serving.

( or 925-287-8976)

Although we are still engaged in the third dimension, most of us are not really in the third dimension. We are here physically, yet we are bouncing from the fourth, fifth and higher dimensions. When we are feeling joy, bliss, divine flow, happiness, faith, and magical orchestrations, we are residing more in the fifth dimensional energies. When we revert back to fear, doubt, lack and limitation, we reverse some of the gains that we have made.

One of the things that I do to remain in a higher state of being, is I watch my thoughts and consciousness. Remember where your thoughts go your energy goes. If an old issue arises it probably doesn’t feel right. I quickly think about something that was uplifting and wonderful like my retreat and experience at Mount Shasta this summer. I bring in the energy of a peak experience, the song from a movie that I love (“I Will Never Love Again” as sung by Lady Gaga in the recent movie “A Star is Born”). I look at pictures of my two new grand nephews, blessings from heaven. Beautiful food, flowers, gorgeous trees, walking in nature, cute dogs and cats touch the heart and soul and can uplift like a beautiful song or beautiful music. People who create from their hearts touch other hearts powerfully. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in “A Star is Born” created the potential for opening and healing the hearts of millions of people.

Imagine what it will be like when we are living in the fifth dimension from our hearts. We will cooperate and live in peace and harmony. Bliss will be the energy of the day. Let’s begin to create it now.


Bliss Bunny

By Valerie Donner


I want to be a Bliss Bunny

Where everything flows,

And where I live in the world

That always glows.


I want to wake up

With stars in my eyes,

And wash my face

Waiting for a big surprise.


I want to be a Bliss Bunny

With a song in my heart,

Lacking nothing,

And having abundance from the start.


I want to be happy

And bounce all around.

I’ll be happy

If I look like a clown.


I want to be silly

And so joyful I can fly.

Everything will be easy

And I won’t even have to try.


I want to hop on and off ships

And go anywhere

In this universe

Without a care.


I want to be a Bliss Bunny

And live in ease.

When I am like this

I will do whatever I please.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner November 5, 2018


Greetings I am Mira.

Thank you for being here at this time. It is ever so clear how important your participation is in this Ascension process. You rank highly in the annals of Ascension. This is clearly one for the books in the Hall of Records.

You know that you are being spied upon through various means with your nosy alphabet agencies. They use artificial synthetic means to capture what you do. They are trying to mimic what we do in the higher realms. We simply tune in and know what you are doing and thinking. With artificial means you may think you are living in a fishbowl, however, with cosmic ways you may find yourself feeling more united with all of life. This is where the oneness principle applies.

You are beginning to understand that there are no secrets. All is known. You have been living in a matrix that is being controlled and has prevented you from realizing your oneness. As a result of the matrix you have learned separation and fear. You have been controlled artificially and unfortunately limited in a myriad of ways.

Humanity has been living like they are a spectator sport for the dark forces. The dark ones have fed upon the fear and have misused the energies of the populace. You have ultimately been restricted in your lives such that we have never seen. Soon you will begin to realize that the matrix under which you have been living is being reprogrammed for your freedom. It is because of what you have done in raising the levels of your consciousness that the light and energy support allow this freedom.

What the dark forces do not realize is that you work for Source. You will no longer be their fodder. They will not be able to use you. You will become free. You will be able to remove the shackles that held you back from your full creative expression.

Those who have been the perpetrators will realize that they themselves are the prisoners. What has been done to the populace and to the human soul will be paid for karmically for eons. The cruelty, darkness and harshness on the earth that these dark souls created will imprison them until they can learn their lessons, grow and evolve.

Your job as beings of light and love, is to feed upon these higher dimensional energies as you rise higher in consciousness until you find yourselves Home. It is been a long journey fraught with trials and tribulations, yet the destination of Home will all be worth it. All of creation will celebrate with you with your victory.

We will continue these messages until you are free!

We all send you our strength, courage and blessings. We love and admire you.

I am Mira.


In Conclusion

Here in the United States we are beginning to celebrate our holidays. In November we celebrate Thanksgiving as a day of gratitude. We have much to be grateful for and we will realize it increasingly. We are in accelerated change. All of creation is focused on the earth. We are working together to shift the planet and our consciousness into the Golden Age.

We are blessed with information, dedicated and devoted scholars and researchers bringing forth truth (not conspiracy theorists), and along with technology will assist us in re-making our planet.

Have a happy month of gratitude!

Ground Crew, we are doing a great job!


Blessings, love and light,



Valerie Donner

( or 925-287-8976)


Straight from the heart

October 5, 2018

Dear ground crew:

Apollo is involved with the Galactic’s removing the dark forces from the planet. I speak with him daily and he gives me updates. He says things like “They are making a lot of mistakes,” “The end is in sight.” “The dark forces are out of control.”  This is what he told me on October 1: “We have captured some of the worst ones. They have been rendered powerless. We have ambushes set up for many more. This is our first priority. Humanity deserves to be set free. You have had all that you can withstand. The end is near. The process will go forth until they have all been taken out. The days of darkness are nearly over. We want to reassure you of this.”

It is an honor to be kept in the loop of what is happening behind the scenes. Most of us welcome the planet becoming freed from the dark reptilians that have kept us enslaved. They are frustrated and angry. They know their time is over. They will not be allowed to continue their nefarious ways. They are pulling all their stops to hinder the Ascension of the planet and it is not working. These nasties of the nastiest have been responsible for the most grotesque abuse one cannot even imagine. In fact, the hearts of the Lightworkers are finding out the truth and are being crushed. It is worse than just saying “Man’s inhumanity to man.”

The good news is there are billions of ships around the planet who are looking out for us. There is a plan in motion that is with the approval of the Supreme Commander, our Creator. Some of you may already know that around the end of August all of the cabal’s spy satellites were shut down by the Galactic’s. That means that they can’t do what they used to do. Around 4 AM on 10th of September, I awakened feeling a huge wave of love coming to the planet. Others felt this too, I am told. The morning of that day the planet began feeling lighter. One of my friends and I were sitting outside the afternoon drinking tea and felt that the energies were like 5D. It felt quiet and blissful.

That evening a friend sent me a video from a Galactic channel (“The Event News” on YouTube) saying that “millions of reptilians had been removed that morning.” I confirmed this with other sources like Archangel Gabriel, my teacher for many years, through channel Karen Cook. He said that it wasn’t that many at first; but it is significant number that made a huge difference. He also said there will be millions removed. I trust my own knowingness.

I also met with Gordon Asher Davidson, author of, “The Transfiguration of our World.” Gordon believes that the cabal’s source of funding has been cut way back. This is one of the reasons the Federal Reserve is it’s raising prime interest rate .25% for the next four quarters. The other main source of funds is from military spending. Gordon believes that the 50,000 indictments against pedophiles that are to be tried in military tribunals will be a precursor to the revaluation process. (This has to do with foreign currency being revalued.) He maintains that after these steps have taken place there will be the Day of Revelation.

The Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanagh hearings stirred up many emotions for both men and women in the US. And perhaps even around the world. On that particular day, September 26, we had numerous chem trails in the San Francisco bay area. A friend in Cleveland, Ohio said they also had numerous chemtrails there too. The mainstream media via the radio, television and other devices, emitted chaotic energy that could have been directed at us through psychotronic weaponry. (Computerized energy weapons that are intended to disturb, distress or cause illness in others.) They were present to amplify what was going on.

Perhaps we could consider this event as a psychological attack on us. Most women had traumatic remembrances of times when they were assaulted and said nothing about it. The same is true for men whether they were the perpetrators or the victims. Could this be intentional from the dark forces? It’s stirred up rage for many. Was it intended to create more separation between men and women? From this standpoint I understand that we are microcosms of the macrocosm.’

Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh are teachers for us. Whether we like them, or believe them or not, they are mirroring to us where we need healing. The emotions are intense. Some off us used the situation to heal deep childhood wounds. When stepping out of victim-hood one can seize the opportunity for healing.

We can also view the double standard that still exists from feudal times when kings and those in power could do whatever they liked. They could have whatever woman (or man) they wanted and have no repercussions. This is what the elite perpetuate here in this country and around the planet.

The good news is that times are changing. There is so much light coming to the planet right now that it is shining on the darkness. It is being exposed. Combine this light with the rising consciousness, and one can see how this sets the stage for volcanic eruptions against these injustices.

We need to re-balance the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies. The stage is set and there is no turning back. The truth is coming out everywhere. Unfortunately, at least half of the population cannot determine truth. When we need to re-balance our own divine feminine and our own divine masculine, we are contributing to the healing of the earth. This is what it will take to return into unity within self and on the planet.

This comes back to our abilities to determine truth. Recently, I have noticed that long trusted sources of information may have been compromised, or certainly are not as reliable as they had been in the past. Our need for discernment is greater than ever. The need to trust ourselves and what we feel in our hearts is preeminent. We are an aspect of the Creator. When we are trusting ourselves, we are trusting the Creator.

Today there is a preponderance of disinformation circulated on the Internet. Some say only 10% of it is accurate. As openhearted, trusting, trustworthy, but gullible Lightworkers, many of us have been too trusting because we are trustworthy.

Gullible Lightworkers

By Valerie Donner


Are you a gullible lightworker?

Do you believe everything you read?

Do you take in everything you see

As truth unto eternity?


Do you sit on the edge of the chair,

Making notes everywhere,

Quoting the experts from here to there

While absorbing the truth with great care?


Can you read the energy

Of those who are talking?

Does it ever come to you

That the speakers might be squawking?


Do you look at body language

As a source of truth?

The body shows signs

Of what is uncouth.


Do you watch the eyes

 Of the one who is speaking,

For what is really being said

And for what truth that is leaking?


Do you listen

With keen discernment?

Do the words capture you

With each moment?


Perhaps you are as gullible

As a lightworker can be;

 And combined with that

You are loveable for all to see.


A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, October 3, 2018

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I speak to you today with wonderful news. The Light Fleet is advancing quickly in on the forces of darkness. There are billions of Galactic ships positioned to remove the most problematic perpetrators of death and destruction from the earth. Each ship has specific directions about what to do and where to go. The destinations are perfectly timed and filtered through technology that allows us the advantage.

We hear the calling from the earth and from humanity for an end to the atrocities of the harsh way of life you have been living. We promise you this is our common goal. The damage has been done and there is no room for anymore. We have been granted permission to use whatever means are possible to achieve this goal. You can imagine how pleased we are to announce this.

Never again in the history of the earth will self-serving beings be allowed to usurp the energies and resources of all of life on any planet. The days of the enslavement have been declared over. You are being freed from the rot and greed. You may have to run for cover while active forces of light expunge the dark. They are cantankerous beings and while we deal with them you may feel the energies. They could get uncomfortable. This does not mean they will hurt you because we would not allow that. You might simply feel the turmoil of their departure. In the long run the energies will be much lighter. It will become easier to move about the earth.

Right now, every soul on the earth is choosing whether they are continuing to serve self or if they are choosing to move into a higher vibration into service to others. We are sorry to say that most who have only interest for self will find it problematic to change. That means they will be leaving the earth and going to other third dimensional planets where they can continue to learn their lessons.

Most humans, whether light or dark, are being faced with many challenges now. As the Ascension Process continues to accelerate it forces one to make choices that will lead to higher steps in rising consciousness. Those who are unable to receive the accelerations and the love energy that go along with that will decelerate. The choices of each soul are taken into consideration and are followed through with love. It is known that each beings’ choice is honored.

Soon you will begin to experience greater waves of love. You will feel the luminescence of the light as the creative energies sweep through you. Your vibration’s will be higher and higher. From this, your manifesting abilities will expand in miraculous ways. You will remember your power and will use it wisely.

We have the utmost confidence in you and the work we are doing together. We honor you and appreciate you being on the earth this time. You make a huge difference. Focus on the truth and the light and we will see this through to the end.

I send you love and joy from all of us. I am Mira

Other Observations

The other day a lightworker friend asked me what was going on. She wanted to know if we were in Mercury retrograde again because the energies are so wacky. Have you noticed how disjointed time is, almost like it doesn’t work anymore. Have any of you forgotten appointments or messed up your schedule? Have you wondered where you might have been when this happened? Have you noticed there is a lack of communication with some people? Have you experienced irritability are anger? Is your timing off? Have some people disappointed you because they haven’t followed through with their word? Do you feel like you’re going through more trials and tribulations? Are things becoming more transparent?

These are just a few questions to help you know that we understand you’re going through something very strange. It is the shift of the ages. When you reach that critical mass, that zero point in the photon energy, we will shift in the blink of an eye.

Here to help you

If any of you need assistance I work as a spiritual counselor, energy healer, teacher, reader and channel, I am here to help you. I’ve been doing this work for over 20 years. I work deeply at the heart and soul level. I feel things, see things, and information comes. I work clearing the emotional field, help heal relationships, and whatever else is needed. I also do inner child work. You may contact me at: or call: 925-287-8976


In Conclusion

We are living in strange and unexpected times. Please do not expect anything to be regular, as it used to be, because it isn’t. Let us ride the waves of love into the higher dimensions until we ascend along with Mother Earth.

Blessings, love and light,



Straight from the Heart

September 5, 2018


Dear Ground Crew:

Here is Apollo’s message for September 4, 2018: “You need unwavering strength and loyalty to the planet at hand. The cards have been dealt and we are watching to see what will be the next move. It is also like a chess game where each move is strategically determined. Thus, this is the game we are playing in clearing the last stages of the dark forces from the planet. You may be feeling the brightening and lightening of the earth. You may be feeling somewhat like you are in a quandary because this is an abnormal way of being. It can help confirm that the end of the dark ages is near. You will be releasing your present and will begin to live wonderful new lives.”

How are you doing ground crew? What kind of information is blowing your way? Some of us are learning many fascinating things. Jared Rand is doing weekly updates on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM Eastern time that are available on YouTube. These calls, “Time for Change,” provide mind-boggling information. He is also doing daily meditations at 3:00 PM Eastern time for 30 minutes. He started these meditations in February and has well over 160,000 people participating daily from all over the world. This is one way the ground crew can help change the planet. If you want to participate in the meditation here is the number: 641-715-0857. Access code: 303-471# The number is the same for the weekly Wednesday calls.

In my daily communications with Apollo I stay apprised about some things that are happening with the dark forces. Apollo has told me that we are in the 90% or better range of dark forces that have lost their power and have left the planet. Jared says that in the next few weeks they will have lost all of their power. There is also information about seven CIA mainframe computers that have been down.
7 CIA Mainframe Super Computers Shut Down and Spy Satellites Offline

This includes all the spy satellites for the NSA, CIA and FBI. Checking in with Apollo I could see the Galactics laughing at the cabal because they are being rendered powerless with their nefarious activities. More information is available on

There is also a lot happening with the banking systems and finances for the whole planet. The days of the one-per centers are nearly over. We are moving into the Golden Age when there is abundance for everyone.

The truth is coming out about everything. The more information that comes my way makes me wonder who I was in what feels like many lifetimes in this incarnation. It is like rolling back and watching movies while wondering who you were when you are going through these different incarnations. It is unreal to learn everything we have been taught has been a lie. It is horrendous to discover how the dark Lords have behaved in the stronghold they have had on this planet. This has truly been a harsh planet of suffering and abuse for many. If most of us realized this we probably would not have jumped into these earth suits. Even if we had known, because we love the earth so much, we would probably have still come because we wanted to participate in the greatest Ascension process of creation. We were also asked to come by our Creator without knowing the sacrifices we would have to make.

There are many angels on this planet and you fall into this category. Recently, I made a new friend. Her name is Kristy Allen. She has the voice of an angel and has been a professional singer. “Wanda Lindstrom – A Change Of Heart” – Shortcut is the link to one of her beautiful songs. It is under her old name. She is also on YouTube where she was asked by Sacha Stone to testify in front of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice on human trafficking and satanic ritual abuse. This is a heart wrenching story so if you are not up to watching it please do not.

The reason that I am telling you about Kristy is that she is an amazing earth Angel. She has been through terrible things in her life where she almost died. Her beloved husband, who is a psychologist, spent six years healing her. Many of us Lightworkers have had challenging lives. Every time we heal ourselves we help heal many others. It is because of our consciousness that many of us took on issues so when we heal ourselves there is an exponential effect of healing others with the same issues. We never heal just for ourselves.

The truth is coming out and we get to watch the show. Although some of the truth is shocking, the light is working to bring out the darkness. We are becoming enlightened with all forms of information that is coming to us.

 Keep telling the Truth

By Valerie Donner


Keep telling the truth until it all comes out.

We have lived in the darkness long enough.


It’s a day of reckoning.

And the truth can be sickening.

The plot is thickening

As the truth comes out.


The light is strong.

The lessons are long.

Sometimes we wonder

Where we belong.


Why did humanity

Have to live with such insanity?

No wonder there’s such profanity.

It’s a verbal insult upon humanity.


Yes, it’s a greasy, smelly mess.

There are too many stories about humanity’s stress.

We’ve learned to live thinking we were less

When the truth is we are the best.


A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner

 September 5, 2018


Greetings, I am Mira. We come to you today to share from the Earth Council of which I am a member.

There are many comings and goings with the Galactic’s and earth beings. The Ascension plan is in full activation. Every moment is being used to fulfill the mission. We take it seriously. Just like you, the Lightworkers, we are dedicated to having this be the most successful Ascension ever.

Humanity is being constantly distracted so they cannot be aware of what is actually happening. There are many actors on the human stage right now, including the President of the United States. He is playing out his role at this time of change. Please understand that the light is looking out for you, your country, and all countries being involved with the massive change. Please trust the light and the truth that you know in your heart that only goodness will prevail. This is a necessary process where the planet can only shift when humanity becomes more aware of the truth.

We see that most of you are adjusting and adapting to the multitudinous changes with which you are faced. Your bodies are changing, relationships, jobs, and locations along with your realities in general. You need stamina, faith, courage, and self-love. We rely on you to be as loving and calm as possible because the rest of humanity is stressed and anxious.

Some of you continue to hold on to emotional loads that you have been carrying from childhood. We understand how problematic this can be. We support you and encourage you to release as much from this bondage as possible. It simply no longer serves you. It is not who you are. Your job now is to raise your vibration, keep your frequency high, and move into a higher consciousness way of life free from struggle, heartache and pain.

Reach for the stars, ground crew. There is more there than meets the eye. Keep your eyes focused on the stellar rays that are coming from the Galactic sun. They are affecting your consciousness your bodies and souls. Every time you acknowledge our presence we acknowledge yours. By doing this you are utilizing your telepathy to connect with the oneness. The days of separation are over. You deserve so much more. The Creator wants you to have it all.

The dynamics of the planet are changing rapidly. Please pay attention. Your awareness and action change these dynamics. You can assist in accelerating and freeing humanity by speaking up and questioning some of the accepted ways of doing business. Business is not as usual. Service to self is on its way out. Many of the ways that you are accustomed to are passé. They simply no longer fit.

We are working with you to take your planet back. It is light all the way. Freedom is going to be the norm. Let us work together towards this unified goal.

I am Mira loving you in the most Galactic way.

Other Observations

Have you noticed how quickly this year 2018 has gone? There’s a direct correlation between rising consciousness and the speeding up of time. In fact, we are in the situation now where the world can change in the blink of an eye.

Most of humanity prefer not to change. The lesson for us is to learn detachment. The material world offers us amenities that we enjoy. Rising in consciousness will help us to see how much more beauty we can create. What has served us in the past will be incomparable to the future in which we will be living.

Have any of you experienced non-attachment to some of your favorite things? For years I have loved jasmine green tea with Boba. For those of you don’t know, Boba is part of bubble tea that originated in Thailand. The Boba is made from tapioca and is in the form of little black balls that are chewy. I used to drink it all the time and now my body doesn’t seem to want it much anymore.

One other observation is the importance of self-love. I feel this is one of the most important aspects of Ascension because most of us were not taught how to love ourselves. We lived in separation.

Other News

Gordon Asher Davidson’s wife, Corinne McLaughlin, passed away on August 6. Gordon is the author of “The Transfiguration of our World.” If any of you are interested in participating in the webinar honoring her life on September 15, here’s the information:


the Inspirational Life of 


February 27, 1947- August 6, 2018



September 15, 2018
2-3pm Sanctuary, 3-5pm Reception
RSVP is appreciated:

Unity in Marin
600 Palm Dr, Novato, CA 94949

The program will be broadcast live on YouTube on Saturday, Sept. 15 (Click here) and will also be recorded for later viewing which we will share after the event. If you have photos or memories of Corinne to share, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at

If you would like to send flowers, please send them to Unity of Marin to arrive the morning of September 15. You are welcome to send this email to those who knew her and may like to know about her passing and Life Celebration.

In Conclusion

Life can seem strange at this time. We are living in two different worlds. The third dimensional world is feeling foreign to some of us. We are mostly living in the fourth dimension and bouncing into the fifth and sixth.

We are beginning to connect with more of our soul family realizing the importance of community. What happens to one of us affects all of us. Let us be grateful for the light and love of which we are part. Let us help each other, hold each other’s hands, as we have a change of heart on this planet.

Blessings, love and light,