Straight from the heart

September 5, 2019

Dear Ground Crew:

Here is a message from Apollo on September 4, 2019:

What might be seen as disgusting to you in these days of Revelation is just the tip of the ice berg. The assault on the earth and humanity by the dark ones is not a pretty picture. Take note, this is being transformed and the offenders are being given their just desserts. This type of energy is no longer welcome or allowed on the earth. You deserve so much better. The destruction is being cleared and what will remain is a beautiful new way of life. Welcome it!”

This is another message from Apollo on September 3, 2019:

Look around you and see what you have not noticed. There is so much more than meets the eye. There is much that has been hidden. As you awaken from slumber it begins to reveal itself. This is the great unveiling. Many mysteries will be revealed, the secrets of the ages. You are on the Golden lit pathway of truth. This is the day of Revelation. It is the Golden age where all darkness will be washed away and only light and truth will prevail. Enjoy the process. It is your journey home.”

How have the energies been feeling to you, ground crew? Since last month, it feels as if everything is speeding up even more. Some have had a sense of timelessness. There could be a feeling of anxiety as humanity begins to realize that things are not the same. Sleep has been challenging for some of us. Our sensitivity has increased. Some are completely bored with the third dimension. They can’t find many things that they want to eat any more, and they are bored with the media, the hype, advertisements, the lies, the music, and the lower vibrations in general. Some are sensitive to the solar activity such as that which occurred on September 2, with a geomagnetic storm. (These have affected me for a long time. My brain just wants to sleep.)

We have discussed this before. We are between the two worlds. We are still housed in these physical forms and are having to go through the gyrations with paying bills, cleaning, working, eating, and doing what is necessary to sustain oneself in the material world. That is what we call 3-D. The ground crew is right now residing in the higher fourth dimensions, the fifth, and higher. Sometimes it can feel untenable. Yet, this is when we step into the magic and the miracles. This is where we are beginning to realize our new powerful manifesting abilities from the fifth dimension. It is where we become knowledgeable about our strength and our power. We are the ones that we have to be waiting for.

The energies have felt other worldly. Sometimes it feels as if we are in the toroidal energy, the Torus, that swings back and forth from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth. It can be destabilizing. One might get a sense of paradoxes. It can feel as if the world has gone mad, like nothing makes sense anymore. It is also possible to see the dark forces losing their power and using every trick that they have to try to prevent their demise, to little avail.

On September 3, 2019, the Master El Morya, came to be with us in my Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class. This Master is for the first Ray, representing the Flame of the Will of God. His main God qualities are omnipotence, protection, faith, and the Will of God through the power of the Father. This is according to the book called “The Seven Sacred Flames, written by my friend Aurelia Louise Jones. In past lives he was Abraham, the first Hebrew patriarch; Melchoir, one of the three wise men at the birth of Jesus; King Arthur; Thomas Beckett and Sir Thomas Moore.

During the class I could see him molding us like the clay, the way we make pottery. He said they “are creating new parts of the new directives and changes for earth. All will be held accountable. He suggested dealing with the big picture not the trivia. We are at the helm. There is much to be learned and gained. I have a lot to say about who is on this planet.”

We could feel the strength in the light. This beloved Master is strong. I have always known him as a no-nonsense master. I also feel that the Masters are just as concerned and complete with the abuse and service- to-self behaviors on the earth like we are. I saw El Morya sitting in a room at a big meeting table. “His activity is to protect spiritual focuses treated as heart center world movements, protecting whatever specific ideas will benefit the human race to hasten its evolution,” according to Aurelia Louise Jones. “ . . . he is primarily helping to magnetize, sustain, and radiate the positive consciousness of God’s Will into the atmosphere of the earth and to counteract the negative acceptance of every distortion created by human mind.”

Strange feelings

By Valerie Donner


Strange and eerie feelings

Of uncertainty and pain.

The ugliness is rising up

With human consciousness to be gained.


How has the old reality

Been buried for so long and so deep?

Most of humanity is distracted.

Many have been asleep.


Is this what they call

The Great Awakening,

Where everything is coming up

For a much needed reckoning?


Have we reached a pivotal point?

What’s this all about?

Are we at a critical mass

Where we can use more spiritual clout?


It used to be too easy

To bury one’s head in the sand,

But now it’s time for humanity

To get together and finally take a stand.


There is a myriad of things

That need to be changed.

Are we the ones to do it?

The old can’t remain.


The frequency of the earth is rising

And for many humans too.

The lower vibrating ones

Won’t have anything to do.


For we are at our Mastery

And we are going home.

We are the pillars strength.

That is enough alone.

Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner September 4, 2019

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. Most of you know that my primary focus of the past six years has been to assist the earth with the Ascension process.

I am pleased to say that this process is well underway. Some of you may be aware that the earth no longer feels the way that she used to feel, and since you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, this is true for you. You feel differently in your body and you maneuver differently too. Your accelerated awareness has contributed significantly to these sensations, for what would you be and where would you be if you were not on the earth at this time?

Yes, you are exactly where you are supposed to be in this now moment on beloved Mother Earth. She appreciates and values your energy and the energy in your hearts, beyond measure. She knows and honors your presence here on the earth at this time. You are her beloved children. You are created from her energy. Your dedication and commitment to your ground crew work make this Ascension process possible.

You realize how quickly time has sped up and how much your reality has changed in the past few months. I wish that you could see how productive you have been and how successful our work together has become. With your assistance we are able to achieve our business effectively and efficiently. In case you had not noticed, we are also making frequent appearances in the skies in many of your surroundings. In fact, we have one of our ships close to this channel’s home while she is writing today. We are assisting her with our Galactic energy increasingly with her writings. We want you to be able to feel us transmitting our energy to you through her words. We are all happy about this.

As we make way to open even more routes for our contact, you will begin to love and appreciate even more of what we have to share. We are here. We are closer than ever. We are aware of and observe whatever happens on your planet. If there is a need for our assistance we will be there.

These times are crucial for the Divine Plan. We recommend you listen closely to the earth and read between the lines about what is being communicated because it’s intended for you.

There will be many lessons to be learned as you continue your Ascension. We will get to learn about each other. You will learn the truth. By this time next year, 2020, your planet will look very differently and your lives will have changed. You will be following the rainbow of light and beauty. Your bodies will be lighter and brighter, along with your smiles. (No, you won’t tooth whitener for this to occur!)

We won’t keep you in suspense much longer. Keep doing your work, follow your hearts, and love immeasurably.

With much love, I am Mira

Other News

I am not doing my Mt. Shasta Retreat this year. The energies were not supportive for this to happen. I am supposed to be doing other planetary work. I will keep you apprised.

My clients are completing longstanding issues. I believe this is true for all of us. We cannot take these issues with us. It is imperative that we clear what is preventing us from being in 5D constantly. If any of you need help I would be pleased to assist you. You can contact me at: 925-287-8976 or e-mail:

We are in a rental crisis here in the San Francisco bay area. My rent just got increased ten percent. It feels like something really has to give. The greed and corruption are untenable.

If any of you would be able to make a contribution to the website I would greatly appreciate it.


Blessings, love and delight,



Straight from the Heart

August 12, 2019



Dear Ground Crew:

This is a short reminder that today, the 12th of August is the last day to get the 10% discount for my Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mt. Shasta. In my last update I mistakenly said the date was from September 12 to the 16 but it should be the 12th to the 15th. I am sorry for the mistake. If any of you are interested in attending please get in touch with me as soon as possible. or call 925-287-8976

Have any of you had trouble sleeping in the past week? Are you having any headaches, stomach issues or any other challenges? The could be the result of the upheaval on the planet that we might be feeling or it could be ascension symptoms, etc. I am sure this will pass like all of the other juicy things that are occurring at this moment.

I have noticed lately as I practice residing in 5D, is that life has become more smooth and easy. It can get sticky when we revert back to old 3D patterns and return to the past. When we catch ourselves doing that we can say,  “Cancel. Cancel. Cancel.” or “Stop. Stop. Stop.” You can claim, “This is not where I reside any more.” “No longer applicable”. Do whatever it takes to clear.

Living in the flow of 5D is spacious and shows us how to just “Be.” We don’t have to to rush around like a human doing instead of a human being. We don’t have the same fears and reservations. We are learning to live in our mastery. We can focus on the beauty around us.

Apollo told me on August 11th, that the Epstein situation is going to get “radically ugly.”Even if the news is ugly we can see the beauty of the old ways disintegrating before us. There is something beautiful about: “No more secrets.” Trust the truth. Trust your own inner guidance.

Many of the ground crew are working hard in the dream state and throughout the day. Yes, it takes a lot of energy to ascend, so please rest, eat well and drink lots of water. A time out in nature like going on my retreat to Mt. Shasta, would also serve you well. It will be fun and healing.

I hope to see you at the mountain.

Blessings, love and delight,



Straight from the Heart

August 3, 2019

Dear Ground Crew:

This is a message from Apollo on July 28, 2019: “ Gone are the days of yesteryear. You are in the hallway of completing new records, realities and time differences. Everything is different so it is new and exciting. Look for the parallel waves that are taking you higher and higher. They are all working in tandem for your freedom and release, the likes that has ever been done before. Your accomplishments are many. The miracles are yours and you all did an exemplary job. Enjoy your new world.”

On August 2, Apollo gave this message: “Many times I have said that is it over for the dark ones. One day there won’t be a cloud in the sky that isn’t natural. The chemtrails are being wiped away through various means. This is Operation Clean Up that is created to clear up what is not serving you and to create your new world. It is here on the planet for your asking. Reach out and touch the new reality.”

Thankfully, we are done with Mercury Retrograde, and the challenges of July. It feels like the energies are starting to move and that more can be accomplished. We are being bombarded with information from multitudinous sources such as potential presidential candidates in the U.S. , along with plentiful information on the internet. It is up to each of us to find our own truth, to listen to our hearts and to discern how the information feels to us. In some ways it might appear as if the problems are insurmountable but they are here to highlight the imbalances in an old dysfunctional 3D system.

Speaking of divine intervention, on July 4th there was a large earthquake (6.4) at Ridgecrest, California and a second one (7.1) on July 5th. One of my friends was in Las Vegas at the time (about 100 miles away) and told me that “It didn’t feel like a quake. It was more like an explosion.” Ridgecrest is the area where the military has (had) an underground base of 1.1 million acres, the size of Rhode Island. Per David Wilcock, “The California Independence Day earthquakes may have been strikes intended to take out the Deep State’s last, best chemtrail-attack facilities, as we will see.” Here’s a link to his article:  IT BEGINS: Epstein Indicted, Black-Ops Mega-Base Destroyed!


According to one my Galactic connections, the earthquake was part of a Galactic project of balancing the nefarious energies of the underground Naval Air Base at China Lake Naval station at Ridgecrest. It required a huge number of ships to accomplish this fete. This is only the beginning of the transformation of our new reality. It is cause for celebration for all of the Galactics who participated.

After those two “ earthquakes” the sky was blue here just like I remembered the sky when I was a child. I was so happy. My heart was singing. The next week there were some clouds that looked like chemtrails. Then I heard that these are the helpful kinds of chemtrails that are clearing up the bad ones. Maybe some of you have heard this too? Subsequently, there has been some activity with the clouds but most of the time we are having nice blue skies.

The animals are giving us signs. There was recently a Bald Eagle spotted close to where I live in the suburbs of the San Francisco bay area. This is highly unusual.  In a channeling from Lyara by Commander Jycondria in a book called “Celestial Raise, Tiers of Light Pouring Fourth from the Son,” it refers to “The Eagles, missionaries from space, who are to receive these messages, will be surprised at both the variety and importance of their final assignments.The leaders of this final work will emerge from those of you who have quietly prepared in this lifetime for the fulfillment of visions and destinies they know they are working for. Each wave of vibrational tuning up that has been accomplished on this planet has brought forth spiritual leaders who effected and supported these spiritual advancements through writings, teachings, music, arts, drama, inventions, science, etc . . . .”

Recently, a mother deer and two fawns greeted me when I was leaving my house. To me this meant sweet, loving, innocence and freedom from fear. I did caution them not to eat my Impatiens.

The changes and higher frequencies are affecting all of creation. It is incumbent upon us to pay attention to the signs. We are creating our new reality. I decided that every time I do something nice for myself or another living thing, I am contributing to the happiness around me. These intentions and actions place us more into the fifth dimension.

Make Something Pretty

By Valerie Donner


Fluff up your hair.

Make yourself pretty.


Pet your kitty.


Re-pot a plant.

Feed your soul.

Create happiness

From head to toe.


Pick some flowers.

Paint a picture.

Make beauty

A precious fixture.


Walk your dog.

Twinkle your toes.

Are you having fun?

Only your heart knows.


Do something little

Like call a friend.

Eat chocolate

Like it never ends.


Make everything happy

That’s in your world.

Surround your self

With love unfurled.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

through Valerie Donner, August 2, 2019


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and working with the Earth Council.

I am pleased to speak with you today about the unusual and rare events occurring on your earth right now. The world is filled with spectacular events, some of which you are made aware and others you are not. This channel just wrote about the earthquakes at Ridgecrest, California on July 4th and 5th. She explained to you that this was a large collective project brought about by the Galactics. It was a necessity in order for the planet to be assisted in the removal of dark and destructive energies that were deleterious to the planet and life on the planet. It is cause for celebration.

It was a giant surprise for the dark ones. They are just beginning to see the power and the strength that can be used against them to clean out the atrocities and to stop them from happening again. No amount of money that they have can remedy the Divine Plan for freeing the earth and her inhabitants from their horrific clutches. Be prepared for more surprises and the karmic results from those who have committed crimes against life and the earth.

In fact, those with most of the money on the planet might as well begin to bury it or give it away (very unlike them) for soon it will do them no good. They will begin coming up against energies that have been put in motion for eons. We find them in fear, anxiety and nervousness. Their world is imploding and there is nothing they can do about it.

In fact, the earth herself, has had more than enough of the dark ones’ behavior. The purging of the underground base at China Lake was a huge relief for the earth. It was eating away like a fast growing cancer. The earth also felt the tremendous amount of suffering that occurred there. Suffice to say, the earth is relieved and will continue to evict unwelcome inhabitants. You will be surprised at some of those who get the boot!

Can you begin to get the sense that this is a sacred time on the planet? It is opening to the Golden Age and the welcoming to those who love and respect each other and the earth. This is the end of those who serve only themselves and the true time when those of service to others will take control.

It is time of the great revelations of everything that has been buried and held secret. This was prophesied a long time ago. It is the awakening and the re-building of all that is good, beautiful and true. It is love in action and safety and purity in all situations.

You are truly blessed to be living in these remarkable times. What is occurring now is for the history of the earth. You have successfully come back from the future in a changed time line and new reality. All will be moving very swiftly from now on.

We applaud you and we are with you as we wait for the time of our reunion and our divine oneness.

With great love and admiration,


I am Mira

Other Information


Lee Harris has a new Energy Report out for August. Here’s the link:

The dark moon on July 31 has prompted the light forces to ask us all to meditate as much as possible for the next two weeks. Cobra has asked us all to meditate as long and as often as possible during the next two weeks, as our meditations can help set the course for Gaia continue planetary liberation in a positive, harmonious and peaceful way for the planet, humanity and especially for those who are holding Light for the planet. 

The Light Forces are also asking people to visualize the Flower of Life grid encompassing the planet and helping to harmonize the situation.


Many people are going through fear and anxiety now on the planet. Some of my clients are feeling very overwhelmed with the changes in their lives. If any of you need help with these situations please contact me: or call me at: 925-287-8976   I do spiritual counseling, readings, healings, energy work, clearing, channeling, whatever you might need.

Heart of the Mountain Retreat September 12-15

As you know, I changed my retreat at Mt. Shasta to September 12-15th because the energies were not right to do it in July. I am glad that I did make the date change since we all know how whacky the July energies were along with Mercury Retrograde.

You have until August 12th to take advantage of the ten percent off of the registration fee for the retreat. Please contact me as soon as possible if you plan to attend.You can also sign up after the 12th and up to three days before the retreat (by September 9th) but you pay the full registration fee.

Some of the benefits of going to the retreat:

  • Being with like minded spiritual people in the beauty of higher consciousness and nature at Mt. Shasta
  • A mineral bath at Stewart Mineral Springs with some of the most healing water on the planet
  • A tour of some of the most sacred places at Mt. Shasta
  • Swimming in beautiful lakes
  • A time of meditation, channelings and personal messages for each of you
  • Fun and relaxation
  • A trip to mountain at night to look at the ships (Who knows what might happen?)
  • A crystal bowl concert
  • A brunch at the Mt. Shasta Resort the last day of the retreat

Ground crew, I hope to see some of you there. I would love to meet you and play together at the mountain.



In Conclusion 

How much more exciting can things get on the planet? Aren’t we lucky to be here now for the great shift of the ages? We are coming together in unison to take our planet back home. We have help beyond measure and a glorious new future that we are creating now in 5D.

Keep your thoughts positive and light. Do not get bogged down with the illusion. Know we will fulfill our promise to ourselves, our planet and Creator.

Blessings, love and de-light,



Straight from the Heart

July 9, 2019


Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s the latest message from Apollo, July 6, 2019, “As things progress you will begin seeing what you are made of and how substantial you all are as light beings. You will pull out more and more magic, gifts and abilities from your “hat.” You will see your ability to adapt and will discover new ways of using your strength and light to assist others. You are amazing beings. Begin to get ready to step into a new reality where the streets are truly lined with gold.”

On July 1, Apollo said, “If you want to get anything done you will have to do it yourselves. Put your thought out there now and you will more easily accomplish what you want. Your manifestation skills are rising and the rapidity with which they are rising is much faster also. You are being helped from the many heavenly beings and energies of the unseen. You have the capabilities and power of the Most High. Now just get the work of the Ascension done. Work on it daily. Remember you are going Home and that this is the most important thing to do. Go about the Creator’s work.”

Here’s some ideas on how to focus on Ascension:

  1. Pay attention to what is occurring with the planet, the sky, earth and the people.
  2. Search for truth in your heart.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Be in nature.
  5. Find like-minded friends and do group work for Ascension.
  6. Listen to your body and its changing needs.
  7. Eat what your body wants and more lightly, if possible.
  8. Be mindful of your thoughts and your ability to easily manifest your needs.
  9. With your breath tune into your Higher Power and bring in your Higher Power into your heart. You are the power plant for the earth.
  10. Let go of the old. Don’t go back –release 3D.
  11. Study your dreams.
  12. Do your inner work and release old issues and 3D memories from the past.
  13. Trust the Divine plan is in action.
  14. Be ready for the new.
  15. Know that your own light work is the Golden Age.
  16. Watch the 3D material world implode upon itself.
  17. Know that there is something so much better and more beautiful that is awaiting you.
  18. Search the truth in your heart for significance and meaning.
  19. Imagine your new world.
  20. Realize the information that you get on the internet is confusing and skewed.
  21. Be open to a new reality.
  22. Focus on what is most important to you, family, friends, and let your heart keep opening to love-love-love.
  23. Applaud the successes and positive changes that are occurring daily.
  24. Walk through the gateway of illumination.
  25. Ask for help when you need it.

How are you feeling these days, ground crew? Are you feeling tired and needing to take lots of naps? Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, withdrawn, depressed, angry, intolerant or bored? Do you feel blissful and excited? Are you aware of how beautiful this planet is becoming? Is your heart full of gratitude? There are many energies that are impacting us and the earth right now. In a Vimeo on July 2, the day of the

Solar Eclipse, Patti Cota-Robles mentioned some of these energies: eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, galactic solar waves, plasma solar waves, shifts in the magnetic field, galactic alignments, plasma storms, solar winds, solar radiation, sonic impulses, and solar flares. These are a part of what she calls “cosmic moments.” She mentions they will come and they will go so we need to pay attention to when they come and work with them.

Here is a link to her Vimeo:

Mercury just went retrograde on July 7 until the 31st.We have a partial Lunar Eclipse on July 16th, as all of creation continues to move the earth forward. We are the ones who we have been waiting for. We are here in these earth suits to experience what Ascension is like in a physical body. Everything is shaking including the earth. We have had a couple of large earthquakes here in Southern California on July 4 and July 5, of 6.4 and 7.1 magnitudes. There is a chance the Big One is impending.

Big shake-ups are happening in governments and with darkness globally. The U. S. is a perfect example of unpredictability and uncertainty.Certain dark individuals (Like Jeffrey Epstein) who have harmed children and others, are being arrested. More will be revealed and those who have felt above the law may find themselves dealing with it. 

In our lives we need to be flexible and realize that it is not easy to plan as we did in the past. Going with the flow is more of the norm. We get to watch 3D implode upon itself so it is not functioning the way it used to function. Do the best you can and be open to the new.

Some people are going a little crazy. They are doing strange things, especially if they are imbalanced; they are not handling these myriad energies well. Some drivers here are definitely insane with the risks they take and their lack of consideration for other drivers. Please be careful wherever you live.

A Crazy World

By Valerie Donner


This is a crazy, whacky world.

It’s upside down

And all over the place.


Never has a planet

Been so topsy turvy

And falling on its face.


It’s lopsided

With the one-percenters.

When will see the biggest offenders?


They’re creating turmoil,

Imbalance and pain.

They should be off the planet never to be seen again.


How could such a small group

Control the rest of us

Like we’re in a chicken coop?


Wake up chickens.

Fly the coop.


Let’s pick up the offenders.

Take them out of the loop.


Soon it will be over.

We’ll have our planet back.

Then we won’t be out of whack.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, July 8, 2019


Greetings, I am Mira. I speak today through the screen of truth, unfiltered so you will have something with which to work. Gone are the days of distortion. There is no time left for that. The utter imbalances in the corrupt systems are playing out to their darkest demise.  The outcome will bode well for the light and the entire planet. The slate is being cleaned to the point where you will have a shiny new earth. You will be able to shine and sparkle in your true state of love and light. You are ready.

There is still some completion that has to happen. Some beings must be apprehended and moved elsewhere, not on the earth. Falsities must be erased for the truth to be seen and heard. Attempts at preventing the Divine Plan must be foiled. The script for the Reign of Terror must be destroyed. Everyone has to be in their place so that the shift can occur safely and peacefully. Stargates and escape routes will be closed and sealed. There is a long list of items that are being completed.

Meanwhile, humanity is being prepared for the inevitable. Some are beginning to consider that there is life on other planets and that the earth is not the only life form in creation. Many are awakening and coming to new realizations. Fear of the Galactics and other dimensional beings is being cleared with the help of the Light Alliance and the Galactics. Many complicated scenarios are ready to be activated. Truth is simple and you will be set free.

The beauty that is unfolding is beyond comprehension. You have worked so diligently for so long you deserve the very best of life. You will be given everything that you need for a new life in the higher dimensions. We will come and help you to adjust. You have many Galactics and other star systems that are all working together with all of creation for the Ascension. It is a powerful process that is being conducted with the utmost love.

Transformation is the energy of the day and the days ahead. It will happen at every level from your cellular structure to every hair on your head. Your brains will be completely changed and your hearts opened as widely as possible. The earth is being changed and her vibrations are being elevated just like yours. Some of you may find yourselves changing work, location, your entire being.

This is a most important project. It is relevant to all of life and all of Creation. Continue to bond with us with your hearts and your full intentions to do your part in the name of oneness and love. We are blessed to be with you now.


With love from Mira and the Earth Council

Another Chance to Come to Mt. Shasta


The energies were not right for me to do my retreat this month so I am now doing it September 12-15. After reflecting upon the energies with which we are being impacted, I can see why it is best to wait. We have other things to do.

We will be experiencing working with the Lemurians, the Galactics, the Masters, and will be out in nature where we can communicate with them. We will have channelings, and special moments in nature. Your hearts will be filled with the energies of the mountain, that’s why my retreat is called “The Heart of the Mountain Retreat.

We will bathe in the healing waters of Stewart Mineral Springs, visit Panther Meadows on the mountain and go to some lakes and sacred spots in the area. This is an area for rejuvenation, mysteries, magic and miracles. We go to the mountain at night for a sky watch so who knows what will happen when we look for ships?

If you are interested in joyfully experiencing Mt. Shasta, please contact me at: 925-287-8976 or e-mail:

Here’s a link to the retreat:   Mt. Shasta Retreat