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Unless otherwise noted, all classes are held in-person in Walnut Creek, CA.
All times are Pacific time.
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2020 Classes


Valerie’s classes August 2020


Dear Friends of the Light:

Our summer is quickly coming to an end. This year has gone fast. It is challenging to keep up with the information with which we are bombarded. It’s like a drama a minute. Sometimes we simply have to remove ourselves from the input and regroup. That is why it is especially helpful to be with like-minded people, to meditate, and to stay grounded. It is necessary to protect ourselves from the dark input and to remain free from fear.

Humanity is learning important new lessons. Many are awakening. Although the shadows are lurking, we must keep our focus on the positive. To remain in higher frequencies of the fifth dimension or greater, we are required to keep our hearts full of love, gratitude, happiness and blissful feelings. Even when there are upsetting events like fires, volcanoes, floods etc. It is incumbent upon us to move through emotions so that you can clear them as quickly as possible.

Our issues will continue to surface as we release the old programming, which for some simply feels like many lifetimes ago. These patterns no longer apply. We are in the fourth dimension even though we’re still physically in the material world. When we clip the chains of the past we will release the stronghold and become free from the third dimensional prison in which we have lived. Everything will begin to be easier. The fifth dimension is about manifestation energies.

Please do not believe the fear-based prophecies and information that are flooding the Internet. We are the ground crew. We are here on special assignment for the Ascension of the earth and all who choose to remain with her. Let go of limitation, lack, and other core issues that you have held this lifetime.

Jared Rand’s daily meditations that start at noon Pacific time are powerful and important. He reports that over 100,000 people are meditating daily at this time. He has been doing this meditation daily since February. If you have not participated please give it a try. The number to call is: 641-715-0857. The access code is: 303471# There are also recordings of each meditation on YouTube so you can participate later. These meditations are making a big difference for the planet. Jared maintains that one person meditating can affect 1 million others. I believe this also depends on the meditator’s consciousness because if the consciousness is higher it has a greater exponential effect.


My classes for August are as follows:

Mira from the Pleaidian High Council Channeling, Wednesday, August 12, 7:00-9:00 PM Pacific time, $25. Mira gives us information from the Earth Council where she has been fully focused for the last five or six years. She also gives us the Galactic perspective. You can ask questions too. If you choose to take this class by teleconference, please let me know by contacting me at: or by calling me at: 925-287-8976 I will give you the call-in number.

Mother Mary Channeling, Wednesday, August 19, 7:00PM-9:00PM, Pacific time, $25. In this class beloved Mother Mary gives a presentation. The Master St. Germain comes with her and always has something to share with us. You can ask personal questions. I will do this as a teleconference class if you want to attend as stated previous paragraph.

Okay, ground crew. We have our assignments and they are becoming clearer. Let’s move forward, help each other and the planet. Stay aware and pay attention to everything that is going on around you and on the planet.

Blessings, love and delight,





7:00pm – 9:00pm pst

Wednesday – August 12th, 2020

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council Channeling

Mira usually talks for about 45 minutes and then you can ask her personal questions.

7:00pm – 9:00pm pst

Wednesday – August 19th, 2020

Mother Mary Channeling

The Master St. Germain also speaks to us in these classes. You will be uplifted and inspired by both of these Masters.


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