Dear Ground Crew,

Has this past month or so been challenging for you? Are you feeling physical pain, having strong emotions, needing extra sleep or not being able to sleep at all? Do you want to crawl back into bed in the morning and stay there? Are people in your life getting ill, passing away and/or acting strangely? Is time moving fast for you?

Have you noticed that you are having dreams or old feelings about things that are unresolved or that you thought were resolved? Are you getting positive feedback from others about your impact on them?

These challenges could be from a number of things. For instance, the physical symptoms could result from your sensititvy to the Earth and the changes that she is going through. We are one with the Earth so we feel her energy. We are also going through what Archangel Gabriel (Benu channeled through Karen Cook calls “mini life reviews.” Our Creator is gracing us with the ability to look at our lives while we are physically present. This could afford us the opportunity to rectify our deeds or to perhaps even see how loved we are and how we have helped others.  

It is reported that around the planet “Mother Earth is ‘groaning’. People from many and different countries are reporting these strange and ‘weird’ creakings, groaning and bugling noises.” Is this from the tectonic plates shifting or from the poles shifting? What is the Earth telling us? We are all experiencing changes in our electromagnetic fields and so is the Earth. Mother Earth is speaking loudly and we need to pay attention.

On January 17 and 18th last week, I felt weird energies. It felt like the death of the third dimension. It also reminded me of the fall of Atlantis, or Lemuria. It did not feel good at all. The energies improved the next day. I wonder if any of you might have had a similar feeling on those days.

As ground crew we need to step up our work. That means we need to do our inner work such as meditation, prayer and journaling. Whether it is due to our own issues or something global it is our charge to lend our love and Light where it is needed. Some crucial areas are the Middle East, particularly Iran, Israel, and Syria. These are pivotal places where we can call for divine intervention. We have other focal points where work is needed like Japan, China, the Gulf of Mexico, the undersea volcanoes, and Haiti.

As we progress through the shifts and changes we still need to stay focused. We need to listen to our hearts because they will guide us about where to be at all times and what to do. By the end of 2012 we are bound to have cleared much of what is needed. We cannot take anything for granted. As I said in my December 27, 2011 update, much will be required of us. We will do it together. We stand united in our heart’s desires to see all of this go through for the highest good.

Sometimes due to the challenges we have faced in life it is easy to get discouraged and to lose faith. In my Mother Mary Channeling class last night Mary brought out the point that our Creator placed great faith in us when it was agreed that we could be here at this time. She asked us to think about how much Prime Source believes in us and our abilities to assist each other and the planet with this ascension process. Faith goes both ways. It is given. Life is a gift. Remember 80 years on the Earth is the equivalent of 8 minutes on the other side. We have made it this far. Even if your life has not gone the way you would have wanted it to you are still here. You have work to do and progress to make. It takes courage to move forward with faith. Even if you simply “Act as if” you will find that things will work out. Of course, this always happens in divine right timing and divine order. It is not necessarily the way we think it should be.


Act as if

by Valerie Donner


 Act as if you know it all
Even if the world is strange and you feel small.

No one knows exactly for sure
What is the problem or what is the cure.

We only know part of the facts.
To know it all is only our Creator’s act.

We are a part of the whole.
To be the sum of the parts is our role.

By acting as if we know it all
We place faith in ourselves and we can run with the ball.

Act as if and you will see
We’ll find peace, love and harmony eventually

© 2012 The Ground Crew

A Channeled Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner
 January 26, 2012

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. We meet you with our open hearts and are your family.

We come from the Pleiades and are close to the Earth. We visit in ships and are present with the Earth. We stand by with our ships for the time that we can physically present ourselves to the populace of Earth. Some of us actually live with you. We appear as you appear and we have different roles to play and jobs to do. We are resolved to create this part of our purpose, to become a part of you. We know there are still issues for some of you and your governments. We are patient but the time is coming when we will make ourselves obvious.

There are numerous components to prepare for and plan for prior to our visits. It will not just be us but many others from different planets and star systems. We ask you for your openness to our arrival and your welcome. We offer only the best of the Pleiades and in turn we will meet with only the highest degree of goodness from the Earth. This is the way that we work and we are certain that you understand our viewpoint.

We offer love, peace, communication and understanding. This will be our focus. This is our plan. Your governments are aware of us and other members of the Galactic Federation. We have been around for a long time however this is the point at which we have been aiming for a long time. Our relationship with the Earth is of paramount concern and importance. We continue to know the significance of our connection for your well being as well as that of the Earth. Much is going to occur with the earth changes. We know that you could need our assistance and we are ready to provide it.

We tell the governments of the Earth that they can no longer hide the truth from you. This is the evolutionary time when all masks will be removed. You will see each other straight on and we will be there too. The process in which you now find the Earth is complex and will require co-operation for success. It means that only the truth and the Light will come through. You will begin to see that this is all that matters. What matters is important.

The Light of a new day is upon you. We will make our advances together. You will know what unity and peace will be like.

We leave today in love and in anticipation of a magnificent future.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council



In Conclusion

Today we have shared a lot about what is going and how different the energies can be. Even though it feels like there is no foundation upon which to stand right now, we can ride the divine currents of our Creator’s plan. By having faith and trust in our Creator and ourselves we will accomplish what we came here to do.

I think we need to be committed every day to do our part. When we realize that our part plays a larger role in the divine unfolding we will be able to step into a larger roles.

Are you with me, ground crew?

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

©2012 The Ground Crew




Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, energy healer, channel, teacher, and intuitive reader. She is available for private sessions over the phone or Skype. She has been meditating twice daily for nearly 40 years. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to feel things, see, hear and know what is going on with her clients. The Masters and Archangels work with her to bring profound healing. She may be reached at:

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