Straight from the Heart

September 1, 2022



Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s the latest from Apollo: ‘Today I want to discuss the great awakening. You find yourselves in the middle of the great awakening. The temperature is rising, the truth is penetrating, the light is accelerating, and you find yourselves wondering where time has gone. These are all signs of the great awakening. Where it stops nobody knows. This rising consciousness moves into eternity, and nothing can stop what is happening with the ascension of the earth. All of creation is focused on you now. Can you feel the love? Can you feel the heartbeat of the earth? The earth is ecstatic, and we hope that many of you are feeling similarly. We hope you feel the clearing of the darkness and how much more peaceful the planet is. Wherever you live this is happening in breakneck speed. The Creator is playing his/her hand. The cards are on the table. There is no going back to the material world because it is collapsing in front of you. You have a magnificent future. It could be chaotic for a while, but you have the tools to maneuver through whatever happens. Find the strength within the love of Source, and Source’s love for you in your heart. You will have everything you need. We are with you and will see you through.”

Ground Crew, how are you doing? Are you beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel? It is there. The movie is just about over. By listening to nature you can feel the happiness it is holding. By standing and looking at the sun, you can feel the higher consciousness. It is like being fed from the stars. There are many signs that the truth will set you free. Let the signs nurture you out of the past three years. Release the past because you are past it. The dark ones are on a free fall. The earth will be freed from them forever.

Much more of humanity is awakening. This is necessary so that what happened to this planet never happens again. The forces of light are advancing. They are making huge strides. They are ready and they are doing a fantastic job, just like you. This powerful strength reminds me of the words that Clint Eastwood said in a movie called “Sudden Impact” in 1983: “Go ahead. Make my day!” He has always played a tough guy. 

We are the tough guys and gals working for the light. We get to feel the strength from the love and truth within. We are advancing and we’ll have a sudden impact on the freeing of the earth.

Every thought we have is important. Every move we make matters. Practicing kindness and love anchor in more of the fifth dimensional energy and higher. We are eliminating victim consciousness and imprinting victory. We have a right to be our unique selves. We get to practice our sovereignty. We are required to stand in the truth and the light. Holding this energy is our job. We do not have to fight those who think differently from us. We just need to be ourselves and love and allow others their own awakening.

There are signs in the sky and there will be more. I have come to realize there are cloud artists working diligently to provide other signs and to reassure us of the great awakening. I imagine these cloud artists are angels and that they make art to delight us. They know some of us are looking for what’s going on in the sky. People all over the world are looking at the sun and the sky. One day they made a big heart, and I could feel the love coming from them. I have seen letters, a golden dragon, and even a cloud that looks like Trump. I thought this was funny. No matter how you feel about him, they did some great artwork. There is a great art gallery in the sky. Please take a few looks. Here’s a couple pictures: 


God’s Art Gallery in the Sky

By Valerie Donner


Open your eyes 

And look up. 

The sky is the canvas

 And who knows what they’ll cook up?


There’s all kinds of artists

 Waiting to reveal,

How to use the sky as media

To make things more real.


There’s faces 

Of animals and other beings to boot. 

They’ll make you happy

 And you can have a hoot!


Looking up at the sky

 Can remove you from this world.

 It can take you to other places 

 Where you can feel bejeweled.


There’s a saying:

“As above, so below.”

They’re showing us what’s here

 So that we can know.


Their symbols and writings

Would be nice to understand. 

I’m looking for the dictionary

So I will know firsthand.


Look up everybody.

Have a blast.

This art in the sky

Is quick and fast.

Recent Trip

I recently took a long drive to visit my family in the Redwoods in Northern California. I am pleased to say that I saw Esko, my grandnephew who had the Redwood Tree branch fall on his skull and crush his skull last October. He miraculously survived and will be turning four in October. He still has some special needs but he’s playing and having fun like a normal child. We are so grateful for your prayers and support.

Since some of you have never been to the Redwoods, I’m going to show you a few pictures near where my family lives: